Firmstrong Bella Classic Beach Cruiser Review

Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser Bike

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Design, lightweight, lots of options


Handlebar grips, price


The bike has a noticeable amount of durability that goes along with its smoother ride, so you know it’s built to last.

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Dubbing a cruiser bike as an “urban lady” bike is a rather lofty move by all accounts. Doing so means that you are claiming to have a bike that is feminine, easy to ride, and able to withstand the rigors that come with city riding, or changing terrain around town. Smooth riding, effortless pedaling, and a lot of fun characterize the Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

This is a fantastic ladies cruiser bike that is recreational for the casual bike rider who wants a simple bicycle that is both fun and easy to run.

Firmstrong Bella Classic Girl’s Single Speed Beach Cruiser lives up to the name, providing all the key things a woman could want with a high-end cruiser. The bike rides fun relaxing, feels great, and looks great, leaving some room for customization and other options as well.

Smooth riding, effortless pedaling, and a lot of fun characterize the Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This is a fantastic ladies cruiser bike that is perfect for the casual bike rider who wants a simple bicycle that is both fun and easy to run.

The result is a top-tier cruiser bike that is built to perform, while offering plenty of style as well. It may cost you a little more, but you’ll find it to be more than worth the money. The Bella Classic single speed women’s bike is simply one of the best beach cruisers you’ll find and still maintains a fair price.

Introducing The Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser Bike

FRAME: Steel

BREAKSET: Shimano Coaster Brake

SIZE: 13″ Frame, 20″ Wheels

TIRES:  20″ x 2.125-inch Knobby cruiser white wall

EXTRA FEATURES: Dual Spring Oversized Cruiser Seat for Added Comfort

Beach cruisers have evolved a little over time, but it sometimes seems like some bike makers have forgotten what they’re supposed to be about.

At its heart, a beach cruiser is simple as possible, incredibly comfortable, and versatile enough to be ridden on pavement and a little off the road as well.

The Firmstrong Bella Beach Cruiser retains the classic features and styling of vintage cruisers while using exceptional components and some strategic engineering to ensure a versatile, capable bike that is everything a cruiser should be.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Everything starts with the bike’s frame. The 13-inch steel frame has a female-friendly top tube design, and showcases some subtle curving throughout that gives the bike a throwback look with some modern flair.

The frame’s design also allows for improved shock absorption, but not at the expense of its overall stability. When fully equipped, the Bella Classic weighs around 23 pounds, which is definitely on the lighter side in terms of cruiser bike weights.

In fact, the lighter weight is one of the bike’s better advantages. This makes it easier to carry the bike whenever the need arises, and it also makes it a little more nimble when accelerating from a stop.

The drivetrain is your usual singlespeed setup that’s standard for a cruiser. The gearing is very efficient for speeds anywhere from around 3 to 15 mph. Acceleration is noticeably quick, and it’s easy to maintain a consistent speed when seated.

For those that would like more than one speed, the Bella Classic allows you to update it in a 3-speed and 7-speed version. As with most single-speeds, the bella classic uses coaster brakes for stopping, eliminating the need for brakes levers, cables, and any unwanted maintenance. However, if you get a multi-speed version, you will have either one brake so riding, depending on the model you choose.

The wheelset of the Bella Classic is impressive. 2.125-inch wide tires give the bike a softer ride, and handle bumps well. The smooth, knobby tread is a good mixture, giving the bike some added versatility on various surfaces. The white tire walls give the bike a classic cruiser look that’s in tune with the frame design and other components.

The saddle is very soft, with a lot of added cushioning to compliment the spring coils in the back. The saddle’s shape is wide and oversized, giving the bike a boost of comfort that makes longer rides much more bearable.

The Bella comes in many different color schemes, and you can even upgrade to other versions that include matching fenders, and a bell too.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

The different color and feature combinations are available in the different speed options as well, so it’s easy to pick out the perfect combination for your needs and style preferences.

In terms of quality, the Bella Classic has all you need. The numerous options for speeds, colors, and other features serve to only make this bike even better.

Regardless of which one you choose, you know you’ll be getting a well-built cruiser with precise attention to detail.


  • The Firmstrong Bella Classic is a practical cruiser that provides a comfortable and smooth ride. It has only one brake and one gear, making it simple to use for the rider.
  • This high-end cruiser has a robust construction and a lightweight steel frame. As a result, the Firmstrong bike is one of the lightest and most capable women’s cruiser bikes available.
  • The Bella has a beautiful appearance with 26″ Aluminum Wheels and a 15″ Steel Frame.
  • It’s a stylish and adaptable cruiser bike that weighs roughly 23 pounds and is built to last. In reality, the Firmstrong Bella Classic allows the user to upgrade their bike from Single Speed to a 3-speed or 7-speed version.
  • This women’s beach cruiser bike with gears comes with a coaster brake in order to erase the need for brake levers and cables that need to be managed.

Firmstrong Bella Classic specifications

  • Steel frame dimensions: 15″ x 26″ wheels
  • Synthetic leather grips with foam grips for a pleasant grip
  • Adjustable Classic Cruiser Handlebars Steel
  • Steel rear brakes are simple to utilise. Brake on the coaster
  • Recommended rider height: Fits most girls and women between the ages of 5 and 6.
  • The rider’s maximum weight is 300 pounds.

Interested in exploring other options? Check out the whole collection of beach cruisers to select the suitable bike.

What We Like

It’s hard to really narrow it down since we love everything about this bike, but we’ll try. The frame design is the first thing that stands out. The curves and color options are all very attractive, and serves as the perfect foundation to the rest of the bike.

The lighter weight of the frame affects the Bella Classic in all the right ways, but most importantly how it rides. The bike feels the exact opposite of sluggish, which is a common complaint with cruisers that are on the heavier side of things.

The numerous combinations and options is another aspect that stands out. It’s rare to see this many ways to personalize a beach cruiser to your preferences. Speeds, brakes, colors, fenders — it’s all there.

The handlebar design deserves some attention, as it adds to the bike’s comfort without taking away from steering ability.

What We Don’t Like

The Bike is suitable for women about 4′ to 4’4″ Tall. The handlebar grips are adequate for this bike, but with the price, and the overall high level of other components, it seems strange that the grips aren’t better than they are. You get the same standard foam grips found on every other cruiser. Oh well.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Buying Advice

Be sure to glance over all the options you have with the Bella Classic before ordering. Not only can you choose different speeds, colors, and features, you can get smaller tires as well. Consider your main riding environment, and how much you’ll be using the bike.


Firmstrong Bella Classic Single Speed can cost you around $300-$380. Even though the bike seems too pricey, purchasing it will be worthwhile, given the efficiency, features, feminine aesthetics, and performance.


The Bella Classic is a little more expensive than other cruisers, but it’s worth the price. The level of comfort and performance is unmatched from other cruisers in its class.

The bike has a noticeable amount of durability that goes along with its smoother ride, so you know it’s built to last.

If you have some extra money to spend, and you want a truly superior cruiser that looks as good as it rides, the Firmstrong Bella Classic is for you.

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