Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Cruiser Review

Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Cruiser

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Cohesive, handlebars, ease of adding accessories


Single color


For around $200, you can get a very versatile, durable, and comfortable cruiser bike that you will always love to ride.

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Cruiser bikes aren’t really that complicated when compared to other types of bikes, so that means the details all need to be just right in order to elevate the bike to a high level.

This means incorporating the right components, and incorporating it all with thought out engineering that creates a seamless flow that can be both seen and felt when on the bike.

Sixthreezero has made a name for themselves by doing all of the above. The Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser is a strong reference point to their standards.

This bike checks off all the boxes in all of the most important areas, delivering the best beach cruiser bike that is also very affordable.

This is an ideal men’s cruiser in every way, from the design and form, to its style and presence as well.

Introducing The Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Cruiser

FRAME: Steel


SIZE: 26”

TIRES: 2.125-inch wide semi-slick tires

EXTRA FEATURES: Sixthreezero Smooth Cruise Configuration, a setup that makes pedaling smooth and easy

Like we said, cruisers are not complicated bikes. The Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser is well aware of this, and delivers a smooth and stylish ride that provides the essence of what a cruiser bike should be.

Although it looks like your average cruiser bike (and there’s really nothing wrong with that,) this bike does have some small tweaks that have been implemented to give it a noticeably superior ride in more than a few ways.

The durable steel frame gives the bike all of the stability it needs, without weighing you down too much. At just over 40 pounds, the bike provides the center of gravity and push you need when coasting, but isn’t so heavy that you can’t pick it up and carry it when the need arises.

No, it’s not light like a mountain bike or road bike would be, but it’s definitely lighter than a lot of other cruisers out there, and you’ll notice it when you ride it.

The aptly named Smooth Cruise configuration gives the drivetrain a perfect ratio that is as versatile as a singlespeed can get.

Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Cruiser

The Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser is also available in a 7-speed version that utilizes a rear derailleur for quick, accurate shifting in a moment’s notice.

We really love this option, because you get all of the best parts about a cruiser, while adding some extra speed capabilities that turns it into a legitimate commuter or main form of transportation in the right environments.

Braking is done with the classic reverse pedal coaster setup, helping keep things nice and simple, with low maintenance. The 7-speed version comes with front and rear hand brakes by the way of v-calipers. This is very hand in busier riding environments, or when riding at faster speeds.

The wheelset consists of the usual whitewall tires, complete with a waffle tread pattern that gives you some added grip on the pavement and on smooth dirt paths when needed as well. The tires provide an added sense of durability, and help cushion the ride as well.

32 spokes support lightweight aluminum wheels that can take a lot of abuse over time, and support riders up to 300 pounds. The saddle is your average extra-cushioned, spring loaded variety that makes your ride much more comfortable.

The handlebars are an example of the subtle details we brought up earlier. They have a very intentional curve in a few spots, allowing your hands and shoulders to rest in a more prime position. You’ll feel it as soon as you get on.

There are a lot of extras to appreciate too. The black color of the bike works very well, but we’re partial to black cruisers after all. All of the components are blacked out as well, helping to add to the look.

The included rear rack is a nice touch, and Sixthreezero designed the Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser to be easily compatible with a number of extra accessories, including fenders, a babyseat, baskets, and more.

You can really deck this thing out if you want.

And you get all of this for incredibly fair prices for both versions of the bike.

Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Cruiser

It’s hard to ask for more when paying this low of an amount for a quality cruiser.

Overall, the Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser is a force on the cruiser market.

You get a very attractive design, solid components, and an extra smooth ride, all for a low price.

What We Like

It’s appreciated that Sixthreezero didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, they instead focused on all the right parts of the bike. Everything looks and feels very cohesive, and we are definitely big fans of how everything looks.

While it may seem odd to praise a cruiser bike’s handlebars, we’ll go ahead and do it. The slight bending before the grips makes the Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser extra comfortable to steer, allowing you to have a truly upright position, without straining at all.

The ease of adding accessories is great too, and the option to upgrade to a 7-speed for a small price is worth pointing out. You can add 6 more speeds and two hand brakes.

What We Don’t Like

Hey, we love black…but it would be nice to have some more color options to choose from. Also, why not add some accessories packages in as well?

Sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Cruiser

Buying Advice

Save some money for those accessories if you really want to go for it. Also, for a fee, you can have the bike fully assembled before it’s shipped, so you can hop right on when it arrives, and avoid the assembly process, which some may have an aversion to.


Sixthreezero knocked it out of the park with the Around the Clock Men’s Cruiser. The style, the ride, the options, there isn’t anything that got left off.

 For around $200, you can get a very versatile, durable, and comfortable cruiser bike that you will always love to ride.

Whether you’re just getting into cruiser bikes, or want to upgrade for a low price, this is where you should start.

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