Top 5 Electric Hunting Bikes – Into the Wild

Normally, when you hear “e-bike” the first thing that comes to mind is nowhere close to an off-road vehicle. Add “hunting” between the two words in the phrase and the term “electric hunting bike” starts to sound somewhat unorthodox. 

You’re not to blame! After all, that was not the intended idea when manufacturers began rolling out e-bikes a couple of decades ago. Any bit of moisture or debris could easily bring down the most powerful e-bike motor, so how are you going to hunt with something that wasn’t designed for off-road use?

Well, while the idea seems novel, electric hunting bikes are a thing and they mean a great deal to avid hunters. These bikes prove to be quite convenient in the wild when you want to check your snares or quickly traverse the rough terrains.

You get a functional product in the form of a modified mountain bike with all the features necessary to guarantee you a successful hunt…what more could a serious hunter ask for?

But given how unique electric hunting bikes are, finding a model that fits your requirements can be like going on a wild goose chase. With so many offerings in the market, you can easily get overwhelmed if you are not conversant with the desirable features to look for.

So, to save you the trouble, we have come up with models of electric hunting bikes that are generating the most hype in the market today. Our reviews will help you find a choice that offers you the greatest value for your money.

In a hurry? Check our top pick! 


Backcountry Mule

Why is it better?

  • Powerful ultra-mid-drive motor
  • High-quality specs
  • Great Range

90/100our score

Before we proceed to the individual reviews, have a quick look at the table below, which summarizes our best picks for the top electric hunting bikes 2022:

backcountry mule review Backcountry Mule Rating: 92/100 View Latest Deal →
Rambo R1000XP G3 Electric Bike Rambo R1000XP G3 Rating: 89/100 View Latest Deal →
QuietKat Ranger 750 Electric Hunting Bike QuietKat Ranger 750 Rating: 87/100 View Latest Deal →
WTVA Electric Bike 750W WTVA 750 Rating: 83/100 View Latest Deal →
Rambo R750 C26 Electric Hunting Bike Rambo R750 Rating: 80/100 View Latest Deal →

What Is An Electric Hunting Bike?

It’s not just a standard e-bike with a camo paint job, contrary to popular opinion; there’s a lot more to it than that.

The motor on the superb electric hunting bikes we’ll look at later in this article is powerful enough to handle a 300-pound rider while still towing a trailer loaded with supplies. After that, the bike is designed and built around the powerplant. The bike frame must be strong enough to survive severe terrain while yet being light enough to lift from your truck or trailer. 

Front suspension is critical for a comfortable ride. Nobody wants to secure their nicely tuned bow to their handlebars only to travel 10 miles into town swaying and trembling. Ebikes designed for hunting have fat tires ranging from 4″ to 4.8″ in diameter, providing excellent traction on soft and loose terrain.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on an Electric Hunting Bike to Buy

Before we start reviewing current models, we’d like to get you better acquainted with hunting e-bikes by taking a close look at the features that make these two-wheelers unique. 

While all the building blocks of an ordinary electric bike will be essential, there are a few other extra features that prove crucial once you venture into the wild.

You want to always lookout for the following when you go out shopping for an electric hunting bike:

Type of Motor

Simply put, the motor is the heart of an electric bike! The power it produces, as well as its placement on the bike, goes a long way to determine the level of performance you can expect from the vehicle on different terrains. As far as hunting bikes are concerned, we can categorize their motors into:

Rear Hub Motors

These motors are usually installed in the back wheel of the bike. They are cheap, easy to maintain, and give off a lot of raw power. It is no wonder that many manufacturers consider them as the go-to pick. The only thing is that they produce low torque, which diminishes their ability to climb hills.

Mid Drive Motors

These motors are placed in the middle of the bike, between the pedals. This setup offers a much stronger torque, allowing the bike to clear hills and ascends effortlessly. On the flip side, mid-drive motors are more expensive and require high maintenance.

Ultra Mid Drive Motors

This is an improved version of the mid-drive motor. It provides a notable boost in performance and greater control over the electric bike, and usually comes with a heftier price tag and maintenance requirements.


The range of an electric bike alludes to the power and efficiency of its battery. This determines the amount of distance that your bike can cover when running on a single charge. 

Usually, the longer the range that an e-bike offers, the better. This will ensure that you don’t resort to the tedious task of manually pedaling your bike when the battery dies in the middle of your adventure. A good range for an e-bike would be between 30-50 km.  

Weight Limit

If you are going hunting in the wild, you’ll have to contend with the immense weight of equipment that you’ll be carrying, especially if you a hunting big game. And we’ve not included the prey if you end up having a successful hunt. It does help to have a bike with a high weight limit, at least 120kg.

But you should also be willing to compromise on the bike’s range when you heap all this weight onto the bike. 


While speed may not be a crucial factor in a rough jungle terrain that won’t allow you to attain the top speed, you should have enough power in your bike to quickly bridge the gap between you and the prey when you are chasing after it. 

So, you want to look for a bike that will allow you to maintain a 25-30km/h speed range when carrying all your equipment.


For a bike that takes on the unforgiving terrains of the wild on a regular, durability cannot be overemphasized. This will entail every physical aspect of your electric bike components. Everything from the frame to the rims and brakes should have a rugged construction to ensure that they will serve you for the long haul.

Apart from the strength of parts, you also want to find a bike that comes with at least a 1-year warranty. This should allow you to assess the bike and see if there are any premature faults and hidden defects. 

Additionally, it will help to look for an electric bike with waterproofing capabilities, even though you won’t find a completely water-resistant unit. This will reduce the damage from all the mud and water puddles you run through in the wild. 


You can never tell how successful or unsuccessful a hunt will go. There are times when the hunting takes too long that you end up running out of battery before you catch your prey. In this case, having a lighter bike will prove crucial because you’ll have to do the pedaling manually.

Having said that, choosing a light bike model will be good for you.

Noise Level

The motors on electric hunting bikes tend to produce more than a bit of noise when running. You want to look for a bike with a low sound profile because you don’t want to startle the prey. Ask any successful hunter and they’ll tell you that stealthiness is a must! 

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Extra Features

Although not necessary, extra features on a hunting ebike make everything so much easier for you. Things such as detailed LCD feedback, hydraulic shock dampers, and extensive speed settings increase the likelihood of the hunt being successful.

The Best Electric Hunting Bikes 

By now, you should have a general idea of what to pay attention to when shopping around for a high-performance electric hunting bike. Let us delve deeper into our choices for the best hunting e-bike models.

Our Winning Pick: Backcountry Mule

Don’t be fooled by the name of the bike… ”mule” has nothing to do with how fast and agile this bike can be in the jungle.

This off-road beast packs an array of premium features packed on its charming aluminum body. 

There’s a lot to look forward to in this bike as far as performance in the backcountry terrain is concerned.


The Backcountry Mule comes with a strong aluminum alloy frame that is lightweight enough to keep you agile in the wild. It runs on high-quality tires that offer impressive traction to ensure that your ride remains stable on slippery paths. 

The pedals have been upgraded from the previous model and now spot a bigger size that can effortlessly accommodate hunting boots. Additionally, these bike parts are water-resistant, meaning they are not prone to rust and remain in good shape even after days of torture subjected to them in the wild.  

The Mule thrives when it comes to offering sheer power. This bike is available in two varieties, 750W and 1000W versions with ultra-mid-drive Bafang motors that offer some sweet core specs – steep ascends will be a pleasurable experience.

This motor allows the Mule to attain a top speed of 45km/h while offering you a range of 64km. These are quite impressive numbers for a hunting bike and make your experience in the woods much more efficient.

With a load capacity of 136kg, you’ll have little to worry about hauling your hunting equipment and the ultimate prize of your hunting efforts. A left throttle on the Mule ensures that the power of the bike does not overwhelm you and that you maintain control over the bike. 

Its hydraulic brake system will bring the bike to a stop on a dime and when you suddenly run out of battery power, the Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain will reduce the load of pedaling through different terrains. 

All these features work together to deliver a high-performance electric hunting bike that will make your hunting ordeal a walk in the park. They are the reason why the Backcountry sits firmly at the top of our list of best electric hunting bikes.

Once you have hauled a successful hunt on the back of the bike and you want to take things easy, you can set the bike into “walk-assist” mode so that the vehicle runs at pedestrian speed. 

Extra features include a full-color LCD, air fork suspension, and shock-absorbing saddle post that make the whole riding experience more pleasant. The Backcountry Mule has all the features to guarantee you a successful hunting expedition.

What We Like

  • A strong and lightweight frame
  • Replaceable battery
  • Excellent core specs
  • Replaceable battery
  • Powerful ultra-mid-drive motor
  • Range of exciting features

What We Don’t Like

  • The manufacturer could have used a better choice of materials in some parts

RUNNER UP: Rambo RX1000XP G3

Although we’ve placed this bike at the no. 2 spot, it surely gave the Background Mule a run for its money. The G3 boasts a slew of interesting features, but what proved the difference between these bikes was the lack of consistency in the R1000XP. 

This electric bike is powered by a very strong 1000W ultra-mid-drive motor that ensures you will breeze through any type of terrain you encounter in the wild. It allows you to get to speeds of up to 45km/h, so you’ll have an easy time closing in on the fleeing prey.


The R1000XP can carry a maximum weight of 136kg, which is more than enough to haul your hunting gear and the hunt. However, the range is not the strongest quality of this bike. It can only allow 32km on a single charge, which is almost half of what you get from the Backcountry Mule.

This number is not at all bad, but it sounds like something you’ll find on the best entry level electric bike. Fortunately, the manufacturer has made up for this with some impressive specs.

Let’s start with the aluminum alloy frame the bike comes with. It is strong enough to withstand the beating it’s cownstantly subjected to in the backcountry trails yet remains lightweight to ensure your agility in these tough conditions is not compromised. The G3 also boasts a charming look that few models on the market can rival.

The bike has a dual hydraulic disc brake setup with a front 203mm rotor and 180mm on the back. This results in a powerful braking performance that will give you the rider confidence you need in those tricky terrain situations.

The bike is equipped with tires that have been treated with Maxxis Minion to be rugged and durable while offering excellent traction to keep your ride stable. The tires can also handle a great deal of heavy lifting without yielding.

You also get an RST Renegade front fork suspension system on this bike, which ensures that rocks and bumps on the terrain will not come close to troubling your control of the bike. 

Another thing we look for in a great hunting bike is the presence of extra features, but there isn’t much that the R1000XP has to offer. Its LCD can only be described as standard and you get trailers and mounting backpacks, but that’s just about it.

Eventually, you are left with a functional electric hunting bike with a major flaw that undermines its legitimacy to be at the top of our list. It would be a great choice for a hunter looking for short powerful bursts on their hunting bikes.

What We Like

  • Dual disk braking system
  • Impressive build quality
  • Nice design
  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent performance

What We Don’t Like

  • They could add more special features
  • Short range for this price category

THE Budget BIKE: QuietKat Ranger 750

The first two bikes we’ve reviewed feature ultra-mid-drive motors, so it’s time to review a model which comes with a hub motor – Ranger 750.

This fact alone should already tell you that it is not in a strong position to compete against our two top picks.

But something you’ll be glad to know is that the QuietKat Ranger costs significantly less than the top two picks.


Let’s go straight to the specifications and look at the motor. Although it cannot compete with the ultra-mid-drive motors, you still get an impressive 30km/h pace from it. Add to it a 132kg weight limit that will suffice to carry more than enough hunting gear. 

What you won’t like about the motor is the feeble torque it produces, which can be a concern when you have to climb hills. Nevertheless, the motor does bring a level of power-efficiency, so it shouldn’t be a problem to squeeze around 30km out of it.

I’m not trying to throw you off, but that’s not the only drawback you’ll find on the Ranger 750. The bike is fitted with mechanical brakes, which are less powerful than the hydraulic disc brakes in the R1000XP G3. You also get fewer gears than its competitors at only seven. 

This is surely not a bike for the hilly terrains, but it offers you enough variety to enjoy your expedition. A great feature on this bike is the stainless-steel chain drive that is resistant to mud, water, and grime. This means you won’t have to worry about rust in the long run and maintaining the bike becomes an easy task. 

The bike also boasts a strong construction, with a water-resistant metal frame to go with impressive tires. This combination ensures that you have a breeze of an experience when you are out in the wild. 

Considering its entry-level pricing, you don’t expect much from the Ranger as far as advanced features are concerned. You won’t even find mudguards or a carrier on this electric hunting bike. 

In a nutshell, the QuietKat Ranger is a functional hunting e-bike that you can buy on a budget. While it lacks the range to take you further than 35km, or the torque to climb steep hills, you still get something that can work for you. 

If you are not a serious hunter looking for an elite piece of hardware, you have nothing to worry about the QuietKat Ranger. Just don’t expect it to thrive on steep gradients.

What We Like

  • Stainless-steel chain drive
  • Formidable build
  • Great value for money
  • Snappy and stable performance
  • Impressive core specs

What We Don’t Like

  • No advanced options
  • Short range
  • Low torque produced

THE Longest Range: WTVA 750

The WTVA 750 turns up the heat on the rivalry against the Backcountry Mule and R1000XP for the best electric hunting bike.

Unlike its sibling, the Ranger 750, price is not its strongest point when you compare it to our top two picks. 

The WTVA will cost you a good amount, but it does bring some great features to the table. Given the stiff competition that currently exists in the electric hunting bike market, Vtuvia has done more to get this bike at the top of the hierarchy.


Let’s consider its motor. The WTVA runs on a 750W brushless motor, that offers you the performance of an powerful ride. Nonetheless, the motor will get you to speeds of 27MPH while enabling you to get to a range of 22 miles on a single charge(electric only). Quite impressive, but you can find better!

If you ride too long that you run out of battery life, you can switch to manual pedaling and make the most of the 9-gear setting. This is exactly what you’ll get from the Backcountry Mule but falls short of the 11-speed setting that the R1000XP offers.

The WTVA is constructed with an aluminum frame, so you get durability, as well as agility while on the train. It also comes with a good set of tires that delivers a decent performance. It uses a safer Disc brake system that I can only describe as above average.

Now, I am sure you are almost concluding that the WTVA does have too much to offer, but that’s not entirely the case. It is a functional bike and you’ll develop a soft spot for it once you give it a try. 

What makes me skeptical of the WTVA is that it comes with a price tag that’s almost at par with the Mule even though it offers notably less as far as the motor power is concerned. Otherwise, you will enjoy what you get from it, as long as you’re not pitting against the top two contenders.

What We Like

  • Reliable performance
  • Solid core specs
  • Great design
  • Stainless-steel chain
  • Sturdy build

What We Don’t Like

  • The motor is not as strong
  • Few selling points in terms of features

 Best for heavy ridersRambo R750 C26

This is the last model on our list of top electric hunting bikes but this does not mean that it is the ultimate loser. It just happens to offer less than what you get from our top four contenders.

With that said, the R750 is one of the cheaper hunting e-bike models from Rambo.

But this shouldn’t take anything away from what it offers. The bike comes with a 750W mid-drive motor which, at this price point, is quite impressive.

Rambo R750 electric hunting bike

The motor produces a decent amount of power and will enable you to get to 30km/hr. The battery has a range of 30km, which comes close to what you get from QuietKat Apex 1000. You get a maximum weight capacity of 132kg, which should enable you to carry your hunting gear with relative comfort.

One area where the R750 does not shine is in the hub drive, especially when we compare it to the QuietKat Ranger. The Ranger’s hub drive is generally more refined and produces a smoother, and to an extent, snappier performance. On the other hand, R750 tends to have a loud and jerky hub drive. 

Other than that, there are a few impressive specs on this electric hunting bike that you’ll find in more expensive offerings in the market. For instance, the R750 features a strong aluminum alloy frame that will assure you of stability, as well as durability every time you subject it to harsh terrains in the wild. 

It runs on high-grade tires with a large width to give you the needed traction on the rough trails. You also get a dual disk braking system for a powerful braking performance. However, the gearing has been limited to a mere 3-speed setting, which is pretty underwhelming if you ask me.

Generally, the Rambo R750 is a legitimate electric hunting bike that will deliver when you take it to the wild. It has a strong build and powerful braking system. However, when you compare it to the products higher on our list, you’ll see that it has less to offer, especially with the bike motor and range in question.

What We Like

  • Quality tires
  • Sturdy frame
  • Impressive mid-drive motor
  • Dual disk brakes
  • Solid core specs

What We Don’t Like

  • Noisy hub drive
  • Twitchy performance
  • Short range

Common FAQs


If you are a serious hunter hoping to have a successful day in the wild, you must have the right equipment in place. The best electric hunting bike will make things easier for you and boost your chances of bringing down that big game you’ve been tracking for a while now.

Our review of the best electric hunting bikes provides crucial insight into what you can expect from a high-performance model. The five options we’ve given you will serve you diligently, depending on your hunting requirements and the budget you’ve set aside.

So, the next time you go out shopping for a hunting e-bike, let this review article will guide you in finding the best fit for you.

Enjoy your trip on hunting e-bike!

Happy Hunting Season!

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