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Stationary Bike Exercise Routine

Indoor Bike HIIT Exercise

This stationary bike workout is best for someone looking to significantly increase their fat burning results.  This workout is the best combination of a repeatable exercise routine but one that will constantly challenge you.

The secret is that that intensity will naturally increase as you get into better shape.  However, instead of plateauing the exertion scale will continue to challenge you.

The concept of progressive overload is an accepted truth in body-building and weight training.  This exercise routine introduces that concept into an amazing cardio experience.

The Basic of the HIIT Bike Exercise Routine 

We are going to start with a 7 minute warm-up.  Just watch some TV or your favorite YouTuber and let your joints and muscles get nice and limber.  After the 7th minute we are going to bump ourselves up to a level 7 in terms of exertion. For reference, at a level 5 you can talk but not easily, at a level 7 it should be difficult to carry on a conversation.

You will remain at a level 7 for 2 minutes.  At the start of minute 10, you are going to bring yourself back to a level 5 and stay here for 2 minutes.  

At the start of the 13th minute, you will now spring at a level 9, which is as fast as you can go while seated, and will do this for 30 seconds.  You will then back down to a level 5 for 30 seconds and repeat this 5 times (5 minutes).  

At the start of the 18th minute, you are going to bring yourself back to a Level 5 for 2 minutes.  

Finally, at the 20th minute, you will get out of your seat, and do an all-out sprint for 60 seconds to conclude the HIIT portion of your routine.

After this max effort you can pedal at your own desired pace until your heart rate returns to a normal level.

Benefits of Stationary Bike HIIT

Cycling will help you tax your cardio system without wearing out your joints.  Having a non-impact method to stress your muscles and heart will be very important as you age.

  • Low Impact: easy on the joints

  • Intense Exercise but non-body weight bearing.  This will allow you to focus your time and energy on stressing the internal organs without destroying your joints and ligaments.  This is a far superior routine and method than running.  

  • Scalable: you will be able to continue to challenge yourself by increasing the intensity as you get more in shape.  This will make this a dynamic routine that you can perfect over several years.

Make sure you have your doctor’s blessing before starting this form of HIIT training.  If you are not used to this type of routine the initial shock will impact your body and mind.   

Also ensure you have a good low intensity workout plan for the days not doing HIIT.  We have several in our training section.

Indoor Bike Area and Setup 

You will want to have your bike near a ledge where you can put your beverages.  If it is early morning and you still need caffeine to get you started, you will want a place to put your coffee or iced coffee.

Next you will want to have a fan setup to keep you cool.  I often place a small fan either on my handlebars or have it mounted on shelf next to the bike.  I definitely want to keep the air moving.

Also I have a TV right in front of me to keep my distracted during the low intensity portions of this routine.

Structure of the Workout

Perform this workout about 2 times per week–space at least 3 days apart. 

  • Challenge yourself by increasing the tension and/or pace for each of the segments detailed below.  Your body will quick start to change if you are in a caloric deficit and you are completing HIIT training.

On the days you are not performing this exercise ensure you are either getting in a nice long walk, or so low intensity training on the bike.

Stationary Bike Workout for Fat Loss



Exertion Level


Warm up a comfortable pace



Increase intensity, should be hard to talk



Take it back down for 2 minutes to prepare for the next 5 minutes of intervals


30 secs

Start interval sprints.  30 seconds hard, 30 seconds slow


30 secs

Slow it down to prepare for next sprint

Repeat this 9 to 5 @ 30 seconds 5 times



Decrease the resistance or pace back to a comfortable level to cool down.



Get out of your seat and go as hard as you can!



Relax and get yourself recovered

As long as needed

Total Workout Time: 21-25 Minutes

Changing and Growing with this Exercise Routine

Once you can complete the 25 minute challenge, then it is time to take the segments up  a level of intensity. Instead of baseline at a 5 level of exertion, try a 7.

Instead of sticking with a 30 second burst and 30 second rest, stretch up to a 60 second cycle.

Continue to honor the warm-up at the beginning and at the end, and make sure your body is ready before ratcheting up the intensity.

It is easy to let yourself slide on the sprint intervals by starting late or ending early, don’t let happen.  It’s also easy not to dial the final 1 minute sprint up to a true 10 (all-out) effort, but also, don’t let that happen.  Only you will know.

For other exercise routines, please see our very popular post 16 Stationary Bike Workout Plans.  Enjoy!

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