Mercedes Benz are using EV batteries in their latest Electric Bikes

It is no secret that the Mercedes Benz electric bike craze has taken over the world and many enthusiasts in the US and across Europe are making the shift from cars to these remarkable battery-powered two-wheeler as a primary form of everyday transportation.

With such a growing market, you’d expect manufacturers to make the most of it by coming up with more sophisticated products featuring improved specs.

Among the leading companies shaping the future of electric bikes is Mercedes Benz.

And if their latest announcement is anything to go by, there is a lot to look forward to from the company’s electric bike.

Any avid electric bike user will tell you that one of their leading wishes is that they would get longer battery life. This is an important feature that ensures riders get to enjoy extended fun on the road without having to work too hard on the pedaling. 

If you’ve ever laid your eyes upon the Smart e-bike from Mercedes Benz, you know that it ticks the boxes as far as looks are concerned.

The blend of white and black colors on its build stands out in a crowd and the battery has been thoughtfully integrated into the frame.

But just what does its battery bring to the table?

Mercedes Benz - Smart E-Bike


Well, the Smart e-bike battery will give you a range of about 60 miles when riding in optimal conditions, which is quite decent by industry standards, but there’s always room for improvement.

In an effort to improve the electric bike experience for their users and make it even more unique, Mercedes are planning to borrow the battery technology from their industry popular electric cars and apply it on their electric bikes.

This should be music to the ears to any e-bike enthusiast that has been praying and waiting for battery improvements!

To give you an idea of what this means, the Mercedes-Benz EQ technology involves battery pack options that can go over 70kWh, which will give you a range of 310 miles or around 250 miles in real-world conditions.

Anything remotely close to this on an electric bike will be an instant game changer!

That range will be enough for you to ride your bike hours-on-end without worrying about fatigue in your legs or the battery dying on you before you’ve had enough fun.

In 2017, Mercedes announced that it was planning to construct an EQ battery factory near their vehicle production site in Tuscaloosa.

This should assure you that they have more than enough capacity to deliver on the plans they have for their new smart e-bike batteries.


Riding the Smart electric bike from Mercedes has always been a head-turner. People react excitedly to the unique design and other cyclists tend to grumble enviously when it speeds past them on ascending road.

However, with this new development, you can expect that e-bike enthusiasts will be waiting with bated breath for this new line of Smart electric bike batteries to finally hit the market.

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