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RadRunner Plus - Rad Power Bikes

Over the years, e-bikes have evolved from being bulky, inconvenient, expensive with limited battery life to lighter, appealing, and more powerful than ever. Rad Power Bikes is on a roll with their brand new RadRunner Plus, a new age of revolutionary design that we were yet to come across in the electronic bike industry.

Among considerable e-bike reviews from our writers, RadRunner Plus is one of the best epitomes of recreation and transformation that our bike enthusiasts have ever come across. While a few features were kept the same as the RadRunner electric bike, such as the torque at 80-Nm, 750-W, 672-Wh battery unit, 48-Volt, 14 amp-hour, and 45 miles of maximum range, the RadRunner Plus has taken things up a few notches.

In this RadRunner Bikes review, we will discuss their upgraded version and shed light on the additional features over the base level RadRunner.

RadRunner Plus – The Most Efficient and Superior Version

The electric utility bike RadRunner Plus is the improvised version of the classic RadRunner that was first introduced in 2019. The latest version has a number of upgraded features, from a suspension fork to a proper LCD display.

Speaking of its build-up, in addition to their initial model, the RadRunner Plus has been elevated with fenders, footpegs, a padded rear seat mounted on the integrated rear rack, upgraded LCD display, a protective wheel cover, front suspension, and 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. This RadRseat mounted under e-bike offers a passenger package and can access almost everything you want a bike to do with extraordinary design and additional features.

Its step-through design and low frame make it easy for the rider to get on the bike. Whether you are of a short height or the rider has mobility issues due to their legs or hips, its adjustable seat, along with the improved design, fits riders of just any size. Even tall riders can scooch back to the long seat or lift their seat for easy commuting.


  • It is suitable for country and urban rides
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Rear and front lights
  • Elevated rear seat
  • 7-speed Shimano drive train
  • Pedal Assist
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Suspension fork
  • Throttle

Tech Specifications

  • Motor: 750W Hub Motor
  • Range: 45-72 km (25-45 miles); it depends on user input
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah (672 Wh)
  • Top speed: 20 mph
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Torque: 80 Nm
  • Tire size: 20″ x 3.3″
  • Max load: 140 kg (300 lb)
  • Weight of the bike: 33.7 kg (74.3 lb)
  • Weight capacity of the rear rack: 55 kg (120 lb)

In-Depth Knowledge of RadRunner Plus

When it comes to quick commuting, this e-bike is a 20 mph Class 2 e-bike that comes with a throttle and allows you to zip around it. At the same time, you can also utilize the five different levels of pedal assist when you are in a rigorous workout. 

The upgraded 7-speed Shimano transmission on this bike allows a steady grip even on steep hills. 

Coming to its power and range, this Rad power bike comes with a 750 watt motor and wheels of 20″ which offers enough torque and helps with its equation. The 672 Wh battery easily enables the rider to cover a range of 25 miles (40 km). With battery power like this and added pedal power, there is no going back from this. No e-bike can assist you in climbing hills like this one.

RadRunner Plus – The Electrical Utility Bike

When we say that this RadRunner electric commuter bike can do just about anything the rider wants, we literally mean it. Our technicians and bike enthusiasts grabbed this chance to experience this attractive bike and test its efficacy, feasibility, and reliability. 

Some of its impressive qualities acquired the title ‘Electrical Utility Bike’:

  • It comes with a passenger kit which makes it easy for your companion to tag along with you. You may as well use it to drop your kids at school. The same kit helps a tall rider to commute by adjusting it like a saddle.
  • You will come across the front suspension, which was initially not on the entry-level RadRunner. This front suspension fork and the large volume tires help you to easily ride on a trail or if you happen to ride off-road.
  • The upgraded LED lights enable a clear view during the night, even from afar.
  • The size of this RadRunner is small, which makes it quite portable. You can store it in a compact space or even fit it in your apartment, unlike the other RadRunner bikes like RadRover and RadWagon.
  • The middle of the bike frame and the back and front of the bike support accessories, racks, and a lot more add to its modularity

Well, the list goes on and on!

With these applications, features, and varied customization options, you can very well employ plenty of other accessory choices to grasp even more utility from an already capable e-bike.

However, people still ask – Why should we choose RadRunner Plus?

And, we answer, Why not?

For a better understanding, let’s discuss the new upgrades in brief:

  1. A Passenger Kit It consists of foot-pegs, a long rear seat, and a wheel skirt. The wheel protector will keep the person sitting at the back away from the rear wheels.
  2. 7-speed Shimano TransmissionMakes it a more pedal-friendly e-bike that also comes with a hand throttle. 
  3. The adjustable front and rear seatEnables short as well as tall riders to commute all around the city comfortably.
  4. A front suspension forkIf you are someone who is committed to riding on a smooth lane, the tires of this bike will give you a decent ride. But, if you are planning to up your game and enjoy a little adventure by going off-road or maybe traveling light gravel trails, that’s when the front suspension comes into the picture.This particular feature also puts less pressure on your wrists, if you go off-road.
  5. The LCD display Is not something everyone desires. But it is still a pretty cool upgrade in the RadRunner series. It enables the rider to track the range of miles covered and the miles per hour upfront, which seems to create a feeling of accomplishment for the rider.
  6. Full fenders and premium front headlightsThe full fenders keep the bike neat, especially during rainy days, and avoid slinging any grime or dirt onto you. The front headlight that comes with a removable rock guard gives a premium touch to your utility bike. 

We have done so many e-bike reviews, but we are pretty impressed with the RadRunner series. You see, Rad Power Bikes design their RadRunner bikes according to the precise features they want. They have set a pretty high level in the e-bike market with their innovative creation – be it the classic or the upgraded version since there is no other e-bike like the RadRunner.

What We Like

  • Front suspension fork that helps in riding off-road.
  • The elevated bench-type seat enables riders of any size to fit and commute comfortably.
  • The cost of the bike is worth the upgrade it offers. $1,799 is an affordable price that is not an easy amount to find when it comes to buying an electric bike with many applications.
  • Excellent maneuverability.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bike is pretty heavy, given its high utility frame, and suspensions, among other accessories.

To sum up, an innovation that can offer you varied types of riding and can do just about anything you like will be the best option on any day, over any e-bike. From comfortable and smooth rides to over-the-top espresso shade on the grips and saddle, definitely up the notches and portray a retro look. 

If you are planning on getting a new e-bike or purchasing an e-bike for the first time, you should definitely go for something unique and truly attractive, like the RadRunner Plus.

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