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RadCity 5 Plus Electric Commuter Bike - Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes has climbed to the top of selling the best e-bikes in the USA with its maximum sale in RadCity bikes. This bike series of RadCity recently got its biggest upgrade with new features, affordability and a solid balance of power. Our engineers, technicians and bike enthusiasts who review all kinds of bikes, got a chance to go hands-on with the RadCity 5 Plus, which is reasonably priced ($1799) in the entire e-bike market.

The changes are more or less similar to the changes seen in RadRover 6 Plus that received a makeover in July. The new design of the bike is sleek, trendy with a semi-integrated body.

Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through Build Details

Over the RadCity 3 predecessor, to the Rad Power product lineup, this RadCity 5 Plus is the latest addition with some big upgrades. The RadCity 5 Plus’ overall improved appearance and design is the first thing you notice when comparing the bikes. The new design of RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through is inspired by the various brands’ contemporary commuter bikes and also from European city bikes.

The new design is modern without the huge battery pack that took the maximum space on the front side of the bike just ahead of the seat tube. The semi-integrated clean battery is housed inside the down tube.

The remaining changes although are a little less visually noticeable, they are the primary key of the bike. The rear rack is now replaceable or even removable. The newly designed rack has a clean look, robust build and completely damage-proof.

RadCity Plus comes with a pile of new updates compared to RadCity. Rad claims a 40% increase in hill climbing speed and which we believe after testing and reviewing the bike.


Here are some of the other key highlights you should be aware of:

  • The bike for accessibility comes in both step-through and high-step designs 
  • 20mph is the speed limit of e-bike
  • Batter is rated 672 Wh or 48V X 14Ah
  • 60mm suspension fork is fitted in the bike
  • It comes with hydraulic disk brakes unlike previous versions that have mechanical disk brakes
  • When you brake the bike a bright headlight and a tail light glows with extra brightness
  • It provides a new custom dual-display system having excess information at a glance.
  • It comes along with Fenders
  • It is a water-resistant bike
  • The bike has a removable rear rack with front optional rack
  • The stem is completely adjustable to accommodate all kinds of riders
  • The bike comes with a wealth of other accessories
  • It has highly efficient custom puncture-resistant tires allowing for 11% more range 
  • The bike provides a twist throttle and 5 levels of cadence-based pedal assist

RadCity 5 Plus: Custom tires

11% boost is in range in the new designed tires of RadCity 5 Plus allowing riders to travel within the range of 28 to 50 miles on a single charge. For the commuting purpose, the tires are 27.5” with 2” width and the entire tire being puncture-resistant. There are reflective sidewalls installed in RadCity 5 Plus for increased visibility in city environments.


  1. The size of the wheel is 27.5″
  2. It comes with a Spring fork, with lockout, pre-load adjustment and 50 mm travel
  3. The  Rad Power bike has 6061 aluminum frame
  4. It has hub motor that is 750W and brushless with reduction of 5:1 planetary gear 
  5. Shimano SL-TX50 shifter with Shimano Altus derailleur drive train having a 7-speed
  6. 170 mm, 750W brushless geared hub 46T motor forged alloy crankset 
  7. It has a 14 Ah (672 Wh), 48V with Lithium NMC
  8. 7-speed freewheel cassette with 11-34T
  9. The bike has hydraulic disc brake with 180 mm front and rear rotors
  10. Double wall aluminum alloy wheel rims of 36 H
  11. Rad Power Bikes tires have custom 27.5″ x 2.0″ e-bike rated with puncture-resistant liner
  12. Rad Power Bikes saddle with lifting handle
  13. The seatpost is of Alloy of size 350 mm x 27.2 mm
  14. The handlebar is aluminium and custom formed 
  15. The stem is of zoom alloy with 90º angle adjustment and 90 mm length.

Tech Specification:

  1. The highest speed is 32 km/h that is 20 mph
  2. Based on the pedal assist and throttle a 45-72 km (25-50 mil) is the bike range
  3. Nutt hydraulic disc brakes are fitted
  4. Max load: 125 kg (275 lb)
  5. Extras with the bike:
    • Battery gauge with high accuracy
    • Dual displays
    • LED lights for both front and rear
    • USB charging ports with higher power (optional)
    • 5 speed settings
    • Half-twist throttle
    • Fenders included standard, motor with higher torque and redesigned battery
    • Mounting for front and rear racks

What’s New On The Bike Side?

1. New hydraulic brakes

In the new RadCity 5 Plus, over the standard mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes are installed that combine with the ceramic pads to provide ultimate stopping power. The hydraulic brakes offer light touch in comparison to the cable-actuated mechanical disc brakes along with an ergonomic design and adjustable levers.

RadCity 5 Plus - Hydraulics BrakesRadRCity_5_Plus_frame

2. Redesigned Frame

To accommodate a much wider range of body types the RAD redesigned the bike frame of RadCity 5 Plus including extra two inches on the step-through frame while five more inches on the high step model. 

The new redesigned frame size of both the RadCity 5 Plus bikes are as follows:

  • RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru height range: 4’8”-6’0”
  • RadCity 5 Plus High-Step height range: 5’4”- 6’5”

3. New Battery

The battery has got revamped with a semi-integrated design that perfectly tucks into the frame that gives a brilliant sleek look and style. To help you keep a better eye on the battery’s charge, there is a 10-LED display on top of the battery that will give you the exact status of the battery.

The battery is very convenient to pop out and insert back in. Unlike other electric bikes, the battery design is superior to the slide-on shark batteries that are generally inconvenient to remove.

New Battery Pack - RadCity 5 PlusRadCity 5 Plus - Motor


50 mm of travel is offered by the RadCity 5 Plus suspension and to adjust the stiffness of the fork a tool-free spring preload is attached.

When compared to the other RadCity bike variants it is just half the travel as for city rides, 50 mm is sufficient to help change the geometry of the bike, the changes were made to the fork likely to accommodate taller riders. The fork meets the EN-15194 standard.

New User Interface

A brand new LCD screen is seen in RadCity 5 Plus that offers a multitude of statistics. You can find, trip time, power output, mileage and current speed. There is a clock on the screen as well. Pedal-assist, light and power buttons are seen on the left side of the handle bars. Your battery capacity and pedal assist level is displayed on the screen too.

RadCity 5 Plus Interfce


  • Frame variation are available in RadCity 5 Plus – Step-thru and step-over
  • It has a reliable hub motor of direct-drive rear of 750W 
  • The battery capacity is extremely high and the range is also brilliant 
  • It has 100mm of travel with a front adjustable suspension
  • Detailed ride information is displayed on the LCD screen


  • The total weight is more of the e-bike
  • The maximum assisted speed is 20 mph 


RadCity 5 Plus bikes are simply the best e-bikes in the commuter style range and for the cost it is available. It is undoubtedly a value for money bike. This bike is a  Class 1 e-bike completely loaded with features and high level comfort in comparison to other highly priced commuter e-bikes. What else can we say, simply go for it, without having any second thoughts.

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