Trek Roscoe 8 Review- Meet the Hardcore Hardtail Mountain Bike 

 August 4, 2020

By  Max Shumpert

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Drivetrain needs to be fine-tuned


If you are looking for serious hardtail mountain bike fun in the dirt then you must read our Trek Roscoe 8 review that's decked with modern geometry, 27.5×3.0-inch tires, with an affordable price

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Trek bikes offer an array of amazing bikes that deliver outstanding performance. Key features of all these bikes establishes a high quality standard and satisfy customers' expectations in many ways.

Trek Roscoe 8 is one of the best hardtail trail bike in he Trek bikes line-up. Its extended technical features deliver a comfortable and smooth bike ride on mountain trails.

Even though Trek Roscoe 8 is specifically designed for mountain trails, its design flexibility makes it favorable for all trail types.

What's new with the Trek Roscoe 8 2023?

Trek Roscoe 8 review achieved the highest rating for its tech specifications. This bike has embedded all upgraded features that offer a phenomenal riding on mountain trails.

Along with the traditional specifications, Trek Roscoe 8 provides some unique and cost-effective tech specifications as detailed below:

Trek Roscoe 8 frame

Trek Roscoe 8 frame is the greatest feature of this bike. Trek Roscoe 8 bike is constructed with an aluminum frame that gives excellent performance in the hard trails.

The aluminum frame is a bit heavier than fully-carbon frames but the Alpha Gold Aluminium frame of the Trek Roscoe 8 bike is considered as the sleekest and most streamlined frame design.

Its tapered head tube offers confident and precise handling from the frontier. Also, it has 141 rear hub spacing that provides shorter chainstays for efficient handling at the back end.

Trek dropper post

Also, this frame offers extra space for long-travel dropper posts. However, dropper size differs according to the bike size. Bike with L, XL, and XXL size has 170 mm dropper, M and M/L frame has 150 mm dropper, while XS and S frame has 100 mm dropper.

Trek Roscoe Geometry

The overall weight of this frame is 14.5kg. However, weight differs according to bike size. Trek Roscoe 8 is available in various sizes such as 13.5, 15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, and 23 inches.

Trek roscoe 8 geometry

So, you can choose the most comfortable bike size according to the height and riding style. Along with the stylish frame, Trek Roscoe 8 offers the most attractive and efficient geometry.

The modern geometry of this bike has incorporated 27.5 ×3.0 inch tires at the lowest price. Its relatively long wheelbase and big tires give smooth bike ride on the mountain trails.

Trek Roscoe 8 Wheels Size

Modern geometry of this bike has incorporated Maxxi's Rekon 27.5 ×3.0 inch tubeless tires at the lowest price and sets the latest trend in biker's world.

These tubeless tires offer a lower pressure that enhances surface contact and boosts bike performance. Its relatively long wheelbase and big tires give smooth bike ride on the mountain trails. These tires provide huge grip and cushion while riding through the tricky trails.

These perfect grip let the rider feel 'glued' to the hard trails and enhance the rider's confidence to drive with the extreme speed.


As Trek Roscoe 8 hardtail follows all latest and upgraded technical trends, it offers a 120mm suspension fork

This fork lets you balance between bottomless feel and pedaling efficiency. Trek Roscoe 8 bike endeavors to eliminate all gaps of suspension performance and offers an easy-going ride on tricky trails.

Trek Roscoe 8 Specs

  • BRAKE TYPE: Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc
  • SHIFTER: SRAM NX Eagle, 12 speed
  • RIMS: Bontrager Line 40 28-hole Tubeless Ready
  • TIRES: Schwalbe Rocket Ron Performance, aramid bead, 27.5x2.80", TL Ready
  • BOTTOM BRACKET: Truvativ Powerspline, 73mm

Other components

Trek Roscoe 8 2023 has several upgraded components that boost bike performance through rough trails.

The bike has SRAM NX drivetrain that provides a suitable gear in mountain trials without the front derailleur. It's precise and quite shifting is another amazing feature of this drivetrain. With a low-cost option, it offers a smooth ride on hard trails.

Trek Roscoe 8 drivetrain

RockShox Judy Silver fork is another USP of Trek Roscoe 8 bike. It boosts spacing and features a tapered steerer. An effective working style of this fork at an affordable price range will amaze you for sure.

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What we Like

  • Strong and durable bike for mountain trails.
  • Great hardtail bike with the super caliber of handling tough environments.
  • Receptive brakes and a good level of control and friction.
  • Offers a comfortable ride across diverse terrain.
  • Affordable.

What We Dont Like

  • Drivetrain needs to be fine-tuned for the great performance.
  • The aluminum frame doesn't provide stiffness as the carbon frame.


Is Trek Roscoe 8 a good Bike

Yes. Trek Roscoe 8 is a good bike with upgraded specifications and an affordable price range. It performs well on the mountain trail and also offers a comfortable ride on a normal trail.

How much does a Trek Roscoe 8 weigh?

It weighs 14.22 kg / 31.34 lbs

What Is The Price Of Trek Roscoe 8 Bike?

This bike is available at $1,400

What Is The Trek Roscoe 8 Frame Made From?

The Roscoe 8 frame is made from aluminum which is a little bit heavier than the carbon frame.

What Tires Have Fit On Trek Roscoe 8 Bike?

The Roscoe 8 can support 27.5″ x 2.8″ or 29″ x 2.4″ tires.

Can I Use This Bike On Any Type Of Road?

Yes. Even though it is specifically designed for mountain trails, it offers a comfortable ride on normal roads too.

Is This A Gravel Bike?

Gravel bike and hardtail bike holds some differences. Trek Roscoe 8 serves the purpose of both bike types and performed well on any type of terrain.

What Warranty Will I Get From The Roscoe 8?

For frame and rigid fork, customers will receive a lifetime warranty and for other parts, the warranty period is between 1 to 4 years.

What Sizes Is The Trek Roscoe 8 Available In?

Trek Roscoe 8 bike is available in frame sizes of 13.5, 15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, and 23-inch.

Buying Guide

2023 Trek Roscoe 8 is a widely praised bike with effective key features. Its wide tires offer traction, stability, and confident ride on tricky trails.

This bike serves the purpose of both gravel and hardtail bikes. Its cost-effective range provides a gold aluminum frame which sets high expectations of smooth going ride on any terrain.

Also, RockShox fork and SRAM NX drivetrain boost the bike performance and make it the most favorable bike model for mountain riders. Along with all these details, Trek Roscoe 8 review is another reason to buy this bike model for you.


If you are looking for the best mountain bike at affordable prices, Trek Roscoe 8 is the perfect model for you. This bike has incorporated all latest specifications of mountain bikes and endeavors the best result

Trek Roscoe 8 2023 is available at various sizes, so it will be easier to choose the most comfortable bike for you.

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