Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Electric Mountain Bike


Weight, braking system, design


Handlebar grips, saddle


If you are looking for a proper entry into electric mountain bikes, and want a bike that can do more than one thing, the Ancheer Power Plus is a great choice.

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When electric mountain bike first started to become viable, the only ones that were really worth riding were highly expensive models that were well over a few thousand dollars. Thankfully, as electric bikes have become more popular, more manufacturers have started to put out quality models that cost much less than before.

Ancheer brand has been in the game for awhile now, and they’ve really honed in on creating versatile mountain bikes that also offer electric motors. The Power Plus electric mountain bike is a prime example.

This bike manages to give riders the durability and ruggedness needed for off-road use, while also offering some strong commuting qualities that give the bike expanded capabilities, on the road and off.

You still get a trail-ready bike with ample front suspension whenever you need it, coupled with a very powerful motor that can give you a lot of pedal assistance for those steep climbs and long rides, or the ability to kick back and let the bike ride for you.

The Ancheer Power Plus does all of this while keeping the price around $600, making it one of the better values out there for those who are wanting a solid hardtail mountain bike that can also get you around your town and neighborhood with ease -- or just pedal the old-fashioned way,


FRAME: Aluminum alloy frame

BREAKSET: Dual disc brakes

RANGE: 25-50 miles (regarding of model)

WHEEL SIZE: 26 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Bright LED headlamp and horn

The Ancheer Power Plus definitely looks the part. The bike comes in a striking black color scheme, and has a sort of minimalist appearance that gives it a sleek aesthetic. Some subtle detailing and graphics provide some edge as well.

The bike features an aluminum alloy frame, coupled with a carbon steel front suspension fork. All of this combines to give the Ancheer Power Plus some added flex and shock absorption, along with offering a more nimble feel in terms of handling.

When fully equipped, the Ancheer Power Plus weighs around 50 pounds, which is about where most electric mountain bikes are.

Curved handlebars, an extended stem, and an adjustable saddle and aluminum seatpost give it a more relaxed feel for city riding, with the option to increase the seating angle in a few seconds for when you are tackling off-road trails and paths in a more aggressive manner.

Motor of Ancheer Electric Bike

The drivetrain utilizes 21 speeds, giving the Ancheer Power Plus the feel of a standard mountain bike. Shifting is handled by trigger shifters on each grip end, also similar to a standard mountain bike.

The Ancheer Power Plus e bike comes with dual disc brakes on the front and back, which offers plenty of stopping power that is also more controlled than caliper brakes.

26-inch Wanda King tires have a versatile tread design that is more similar to hybrid tires, only bigger. Two Knives DX-3000 aluminum alloy rims give the Ancheer Power Plus a stable feel, with added durability and strength for handling bumps and landings off the road.

Led Lights on Electric Bike

The electric portion of the bike features a 250W high-speed brushless rear hub motor that offers three different speeds.

The controller is located on the handlebars, and easily lets the rider choose between three different assistance settings, including a full-throttle mode.

The motor is powered by a large 36V 8AH lithium battery that gives it hours of pedal assist output, and about 20 miles of full-throttle operation when you don’t want to pedal at all. Recharging takes around 4-6 hours depending on the power source.

There are a few extras as well. The Ancheer Power Plus comes with a kickstand, a very bright LED headlight, and a horn for use in areas with a high amount of other bike and foot traffic around, making it a very suitable commuter on the pavement, during night or day.


It’s impressive that the Ancheer Power Plus was able to build such a quality and versatile mountain bike, while avoiding many of the big brand components you find on similar models.

This obviously helps to keep the price low, but there really isn’t any noticeable drop in ride quality at all. The bike weighs what it should, shifts easy, brakes easy, and is very comfortable and smooth overall.

It has a great look as well, which is something we can always appreciate. The extra components and easy to operate motor help push the bike into the upper tiers of economical electric mountain bikes.

When you are not using the motor, the Ancheer Power Plus still feels like a well-built hardtail mountain bike, and offers decent pedal efficiency, and plenty of shock absorption on the front end. Yeah, it’s heavier than a conventional mountain bike, but that’s unavoidable.


The Ancheer Power Plus comes awfully close to being a hybrid bike on steroids. It has a more aggressive look and build than your average hybrid, but the lower quality front fork, casual handlebar design, and tire tread are more reminiscent of hybrids.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does take away from the more traditional mountain bike feel and maneuvering a little, that’s all.

As far as components go, the saddle and handlebar grips aren’t the best, but that can be easily addressed with some quick upgrades if it bothers you.

Great Looking Electric Bike

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While the Ancheer Power Plus is certainly a mountain bike, don’t purchase it thinking you can go and take it on some of the more advanced and treacherous off-road areas and expect it to perform as well as a standard mountain bike. Still, if you’re riding on easier singletrack paths, or some light off-roading, it’ll be just fine.

As always, we recommend you opt for the full-assembly option on Amazon, especially for best value electric bike. The fee is small, and you get a road-ready bike the moment you open the package.


The Ancheer Power Plus crams a lot of value into an affordable price range. It offers suitable performance for a wide variety of riding conditions, and is very capable as a main commuter as well. For a price of around $600, it’s hard to ask for more.

If you are looking for a proper entry into electric mountain bikes, and want a bike that can do more than one thing, the Ancheer Power Plus is a great choice.

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11 thoughts on “Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review”

  1. Hello Max:
    I have 2 ancheer power plus’s ..they are cheap ..had them for two weeks.. one is always down ..would you really recommend this bike?? the bikes are buggy . rear hub-cassette may need spacers, magnets coming loose.. noticed controller on one bike had bike slower than another..(looking for controller schematics when I ran across your review)…
    then try to find a spare battery..that fits the stock cradle..
    I get aprox. 17 mhp of pure throttle mode on an 8 amp hr. battery..
    I emailed Iancheer looking for jkba-fst battery .. no reply..
    their other models may have the same issue … This model comes to mind

    anyway their is not much standardization with battery packs (the bags are prob. not an issue.}

    about me:
    I worked in 3 bike shops in my early years. then went to American Motorcycle Institute and went to work for Honda of Tampa)

    Do You get a few bucks to assemble them for anhceer?
    I know you’ll stay busy fixing them..
    They are entry class ebikes and anyone buying one ( and wants to put more than a few miles on it) should expect to do a lot of tinkering..
    ..just my 2 cents max…
    73 (best regards)

  2. Amazing bike, quick. On the flat average 21mph full power, after 3-4 miles average 18mph. A lot of hills in SoCal so this 1/3 hp motor does it’s job well with pedal assist on very steep grades. With electric only mode and heavy, steep, long hills this bike does its job pushing through a 16 mile commute with some energy to spare with a 190lb load of me and my gear. This bike could do much more with flat and pedal assist modes maybe twice as far. Recommend you use smaller tires 1.75 vs the standard 1.95 to achieve my results. Continental contact travels work great!

  3. Bought Ancheer Power Plus mountain bike in Feb. Now in May the electrical portion of the bike went completely dead. Battery is fully charged but none of the e components work, display, horn, light and above all no rear wheel motor. what is the problem…..have tried Ancheer phone # contacts but never receive a call back after leaving message. Very disappointed!

  4. I bought the Ancheer Power Plus mountain bike about two months ago. I have been delighted with it. The battery seems to go forever, it’s plenty fast enough and just plain fun!

  5. Received the Ancheer 250watt bike and my friend (bike fan and repair guy) has been riding it on flats and moderate hills here in So Cal. He made some initial adjustments, but so far … so good, 2 months in. I have no idea how long the battery will last (lifetime recharge 500 times ?) but hoping it will keep going. I have read many reviews on this ebike … and there is nothing consistent here. Everyone belongs to the good, bad, or ugly … category. I am looking for buyer reviews that have had the bike for more than 6 months. And there is really not much anyone can do except to ride it and see what happens. I have learned a lot on the way … for sure. My buddy now has a 350 watt Mtn ebike he is also testing out. Initially he was very happy with 250 watt, and did not want to buy a 350. But he is enjoying the wee bit more power … esp up hills. Thanks for your write up … as I can appreciate y,all input !!!

  6. Hi Max:
    I’m overwhelmed by all the options available. My wife and I would like to go to e-biking. Both age 72. Wife has arthritis and needs hydraulic brakes. I have no preference. At a minimum front suspension. Also would prefer a bike on the lighter side for both of us. Step thru is a necessity since our agility is waning. Front and rear lights with fenders. Very difficult to decipher quality, pricing, and reputation with so many mfgs. Pricing seems to be all over the map. Can you provide a recommendation for quality e-bikes less than $1000 with the options I mentioned above.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi George,
      I don’t think you will be able to get all those options on an E-bike under 1000 W. Hydraulic brakes typically only come in on the more expensive Ebikes. I would recommend the Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent series. However they are going for closer to $1500-$2000

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