Top 5 Worst Cycling Clothes

To become a better cyclist, you have to at least take effort into the cycling clothes you wear. There are just some fashion mistakes that should be avoided. 

In this small blog post, we want to point out the top 5 worst clothes found in cycling. These cycling clothes should be avoided at all costs if you want to be a respected cycler.

You’ll learn how to have a stylish and professional appearance by the end of this article.

Aero Helmets

Are you wearing this helmet for a race? If the answer is no, then remove it immediately. Aero helmets don’t provide the same level of ventilation as standard helmets.

In fact, they look silly when paired with other aero kits. Avoid aero helmets unless you want to look like a fool during your daily bike rides.

Leader’s Jerseys

While wearing a leader’s jersey is a great way to support your favorite team, they should be avoided.

Cycling Clothes

Buying a leader’s jersey, no matter the color looks unstylish and won’t net you any style points after the race.

Leader jerseys are supposed to be earned through multiple years of training.

Unless you’re a lead cyclist in a professional team, you’re better keeping leader jersey’s out of your cycling clothes collections.

Pro Team Kit

In the past, wearing a pro cycling team kit was a huge problem. However, since there is a multitude of riders showing support for their team, it would be harsh to avoid wearing them completely.

Here’s a bit of fashion advice if you’re planning on wearing pro kits. Make sure you stick to one team per outfit. You don’t want to combine your Astana socks with your Team Sky jersey. It’s an amateur fashion mistake, and you’ll look like a bandwagoner by other cyclists. Not only will the colors not match, but you’ll look like the laughing stock amongst your group if you do it.

If you want to wear a single piece of pro cycling clothes, stick to a jersey. Pro shorts don’t look appealing or professional when paired with a regular T-shirt.

Cycling Socks

The length of your socks is important if you want to make a fashion statement on the road.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest getting socks that are 12 cm in the cuff. When it comes to the length, don’t get socks that cover the knee.

Keep them at a medium length to look like a pro cyclist.

Also, you don’t have to want to wear socks that are too low. Socks that have cuffs that sit below your ankle should be ignored.

Wearing a pair of long white socks is perfect if you want to be taken seriously.

Woman wearing cycling socks

White Shorts

This is one of the most common issues we see when it comes to cycling gear. White shorts look great, but it’s lycra material is see through. When it starts to rain, all of your body will be exposed leading into an embarrassing experience.

We suggest wearing a pair of black shorts. Also, add a bit of color with your jersey or a team kit of your choice. This will give you a stylish look and increase the number of compliments you’ll receive after a tough ride.


To conclude, we believe that having a great taste in style is a sign of a pro cyclist. Having the right cycling clothes increases your confidence and performance while out riding.

Treat your cycling clothes as important investments, and you’ll look like a Tour De France winner.


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