Awesome Custom Cycling Shoe Brands 

 July 11, 2017

By  Max Shumpert

Awesome Custom Cycling Shoe Brands

Our main goal is to help you get your first pair of customized cycling shoes.

These shoes fit your feet, which enhances your speed and overall cycling performance.

By the end of this post, you'll know what types of shoe brands can make the best shoe that fits not only your size, but it also adjusted to your riding skill and preferences.

Types Of Cycling Shoes

Road, BMX or Downhill shoes - there are many options for special use.

Road Cycling

This is the most common type of shoe for beginners. Road bike shoes have a smooth, yet robust sole made out of carbon fiber or composite. Road cycling shoes are made to be breathable, sturdy, and lightweight. All road shoes are compatible with 3-hole road cleats.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike shoes have a bit more thread than the usual road cycling shoes. Also, the sole is less sturdy so that the user can navigate through off-terrain surfaces with ease. The tread is increased to help the user ride through slippery and steep trails further. Get one if you need a pair of shoes that will help you once riding off the road.

BMX And Downhill Shoes

BMX and Downhill shoes look similar to skate shoes.

However, these shoes have a stiffer sole to keep the user's feet in optimized position.

This helps the user have maximum comfort and stability when riding downhill.

Indoor cycling shoes

Indoor Cycling Shoes

You'll usually see these shoes during a spinning class. Indoor cycling shoes for peloton have recessed cleat mounts which make it easier to attend class.

Also, the recessed cleats won't damage your hardwood or tile flooring. Buy this if you need a quick pair of shoes for your spinning.

Cycling Shoes Brands

When buying cycling shoes, you need to be sure that you are buying from quality brand.


Nike is of the leading brands of cycling shoes. Each of their shoes is designed and manufactured to accommodate the user's needs. Buying a pair of shoes from Nike ensures that you'll get a reliable pair of shoes that will help your perform during your first race.

One thing that we like about NIKE is their ability to let the user customize their own shoe. Simply login online and create your own shoe as desired. If you want a fully customizable shoe that's tailored to your racing needs, then Nike might be a great brand for you.

Man wearing Nike custom cycling shoes on a race


Since 1982, D2 has been one of the leading manufacturers of custom made shoes. Its main advantage lies in their design team; who will create bright and vibrant patterns for your new shoe. For an extra $400, the team will create even more complex designs for your first shoe.

Try out D2 if you need a team of creative designers to help you make your first pair of customized shoes.

Bont Cycling

Bont Cycling is a company that takes pride in creating the right sized shoe for their clients. For instance, Bont allows for users to send them their own molds (template) to help them create a shoe tailored to the user.

Give this company a look if you want your new shoes to fit the shape of your feet entirely. Their prices are affordable, and they deliver your customized shoes within two weeks.


Getting a pair of customized shoes is the first step into becoming a professional cyclist. These shoes will help you ride faster, safer, and more efficiently than lower quality shoes. Conclusively, try getting your first pair of customized shoes if you're serious about improving your skills and speed on future bike rides.