2 Worthy Water Bikes: The Exercise Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Instead of confining yourself to riding a bike on land, you now have the option to ride a bike on water.

Water bikes are slowly making a presence in the bicycle market, and more people are starting to see the benefits of using a water bike when compared to a conventional one.

While using a water bike, you can burn up to 500 calories on one trip since you have more factors affecting your biking.

Both wind speed and water pressure affect the strength you need to use to power the water bike, which is considerably more than the force needed to power a traditional bike.

Even though you require more power to use it, the water provides an even lower impact on your joints and knees than cement.

With traditional bikes, you can’t pedal backward or even move backward for that matter. With water bikes, you can bicycle backward, which helps to work out other muscles in your body such as your calves.

Since the water bike is ergonomically designed, you can even do pushups on the handlebars so you can work out your arm muscles as well.

You can even hold some light weights and swing your arms while you’re riding water bike. This provides a fuller body workout, so you make the most out of exercising.

Water Bike’s To Look Out For

The water bike market is extremely unsaturated since not a lot of companies are producing water bikes. The ones who are price their water bikes to cost at least $1000, which not a lot of people have lying around.

ItBikes on a pier

ItBikes Water Bike

One of the cheapest water bikes available is itBikes, which makes it the perfect starter water bike.

This water bike moves twice the speed of your typical pedal boat, so it’ll get you around the lake a lot faster and provide a more thorough workout.

Most people who buy it Bikes are usually either pedal boaters or cyclists who want to give water biking a try.

itBikes require close to no maintenance, so you don’t have to spend extra money getting parts fixed and cleaned. The frame of this water bike weighs around 35 pounds while the hull itself weighs around 57 pounds. Don’t expect to lift itBikes and place it in your room anytime soon.

itBikes are built from marine compatible materials so that you won’t be disturbing any of the wildlife found in the water.

Schiller Sports X1 Water Bike

For those experienced in water biking, and want a top-grade quality water bike, Schiller Sports is the brand you should rely on.

The unveiled their Schiller Sports X1 Water Bike a couple of years ago, and the water bike was an immediate success.

Woman riding Schiller Sports X1 Water Bike

Schiller Sports X1 Water Bike consists of a stainless steel frame, and 45-pounds of aluminum that navigates through water is if it were a fish.

You can also minimize the water bike within ten minutes so that you can fit it in your car trunk.

Keep in mind that Schiller Sports X1 Water Bike will cost you at least $6000, which makes this one of the most expensive water bikes on the market.

The reason for it being so expensive is that it’s made with such advanced technology that it converts the maximum amount of human energy when compared to other water bike models.


Hopefully, the water bike’s above will inspire you to give one a test run, so you can take advantage of the health benefits it has to offer.



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