Vilano Diverse 2.0 Hybrid Bike Review

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Considering the price tag, this is one of our top-picks for a starting budget-bike.

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Note: We recently reviewed an updated (and improved) version of this bike. You can read the review here.

If you asked any of the “bike experts” whether or not you could find a high-quality hybrid bike for less than $300, they would probably look at you funny, thinking you’re crazy for even asking.

In fact, step into any bike shop and ask this question and they’re either going to laugh you out of the store, or try to convince you that it’s impossible so they can sell you one for way more

That’s because some bike experts, especially those experts trying to sell you more, have been conditioned to believe that a quality hybrid bike is going to cost a significant amount of money.  Some of the “high end” bikes cost thousands of dollars!

When you have a smaller budget but still want a great bike, there is one hybrid bike that fits the bill, perfectly.  The Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike is an excellent mix of quality and high end features, at an affordable price tag.

Introducing the Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

FRAME: 6061 Aluminum Performance Hybrid Frame

BREAKSET: Alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes, Front, Rear

SHIFTERS: Shimano EF 51 3/8 Speed, 24 speeds

MEASUREMENTS: 8 x 29 x 54 inches

TIRES: 700c x 35c

EXTRA FEATURES: Front and Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney TX

Until now, you may have never heard of the Vilano brand before.  While they may not be as well-known as Schwinn or Diamondback, they are quickly building a name for themselves because of the quality they are producing.

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The Diverse 2.0 hybrid bike is a perfect example of that quality, and offers the type of performance you would expect from a high-end bike while keeping the price tag near the $300 mark.

This hybrid from Vilano is built using a high-quality, lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with 24 different gears to help you find the perfect gearing for the terrain that you’re dealing with.

On top of the lightweight frame and precise shifters, Vilano has also built in a front derailleur, rear derailleur, and shifters using parts manufactured by Shimano.  You know they’re going to last forever when you see the Shimano name!

Let’s take a quick look at other features you’re getting with the Diverse 2.0.

  • Linear pull brakes for added safety and brake feel.
  • Flat handlebar that allows you to ride upright and maintain excellent posture.
  • Comfort pedals included.
  • Aluminum hybrid frame designed for performance and lightweight portability.
  • Two-pronged fork engineered for stability and easy steering.
  • 700 C wheels.
  • High quality Shimano components.

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Vilano has shown they can do amazing things without jacking up the price tag in the process.

Customers that own the Diverse 2.0 have shown their excitement with the bike through a huge number of positive reviews.  The positive reviews are coming in from casual riders all the way up to everyday commuters.

What really makes the Diverse 2.0 so attractive is the fact that it is priced around $300, which puts it into direct competition with bikes that you can find at a big box department store, like Walmart, but blows away the competition.  It’s going to be hard to find a bike that compares to this at your local department store.

The quality and features that you’re getting with the Diverse 2.0 are so far ahead of the competition, that it really makes comparing this bike to the competition nearly impossible to do.

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what do customers say

While the reviews are primarily positive, they aren’t perfect.  If they were, we would be worried they were fake!

The positive marks we’ve read in other customer reviews match perfectly with what we’ve thought about the bike — it’s priced competitively and offers the features of higher-end bikes, giving you incredible value for your money.

It shows that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get a high-quality bike.  Vilano is changing the industry, one bike at a time.

What to watch out for before buying this bike

It’s worth noting that, while the bike is amazing at what it does, you’re not buying a high-end bike.  This isn’t a bike that you’re going to be able to ride professionally, and isn’t being built with 100% premium parts.

However, in the areas where those durable, premium parts are required, Vilano has left the manufacturing up to Shimano, who are known for their superior quality.  You get to call the bike a premium machine, without having a premium price tag.

We were only able to find one truly negative review, and the customer complained about the quality of construction.

This could have been due to the way they assembled the bike, or because of manufacturing faults.  Regardless what caused the issues, Vilano quickly solved the problem and provided great customer service.

We recommend that you look through all of the parts you receive before you start assembling the bike, and have Vilano replace anything that looks like it may have a manufacturing defect.

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Buying Advice on Low-Priced Hybrids

When it comes to buying advice, we sometimes advise you to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership so that you don’t have to pay the shipping costs.

Unfortunately, this bike does not offer free shipping with Amazon Prime.

What it does offer is a single shipping option – expedited shipping – with some extra payment added to the total which brings it just under $300, which is still a steal for as good of a bike as this is.

What Users Say

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It is probably obvious by now that we highly recommend this bike.

You can look at every bike that’s around $300 in a big box store or online bike shop and not find anything even close to this level of quality and customer support.

Whether you are looking for something casual that you can use for pleasure riding, a mountain bike that you can take on the trail, or a commuter bike that you can use to get to work or school, this is a great bike and the price is right for people that want high-end quality at a low-end price tag.

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