Review of Schwinn Discover 700c Hybrid Bike for Women

Schwinn Discover Womens Hybrid Bike

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Schwinn Discover 700c Women’s Hybrid bike matches incredible durability, with a smoother ride, so you know it’s built to last.

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Choosing a hybrid bike can be a challenging task. The lack of options for a high-quality women’s hybrid bike just makes it that much harder to do.

Contrary to what some so-called bike shop experts will tell you, bikes — especially hybrid bikes — are not unisex.

Bike that are designed specifically for men are going to be more comfortable for men, and bikes that are designed specifically for women are going to be much more comfortable for women.  This is compared to bikes that are designed to accommodate both sexes — unisex bikes.

Instead of spending days or weeks combing through product descriptions and customer reviews of the hundreds of hybrid bikes out there, trying to figure out which ones are best for women while still coming in around the $300 price range, we have pulled out the best hybrid bikes for women around $300.

Let’s take a look at this Discover women’s hybrid bike from the well-known bike experts, the Schwinn Company.

Introducing the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

FRAME: Aluminum city frame

BREAKSET: Promax alloy linear pull brakes for increased brake feedback.

SHIFTERS: 21 speed SRAM grip shifters for precise shifting.

MEASUREMENTS: 31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches

TIRES: 700c 28 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Upright handlebar that is swept back with a padded synthetic leather saddle seat.

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, you’re almost certainly heard of the Schwinn Company.  It’s impossible to be into bikes without knowing who Schwinn is.

They have been building high-quality bikes for over a century and deserve every single ounce of the reputation they have earned for excellence.

The Schwinn Discover 700c hybrid bicycle is a prime example of their research and development.

This bike features an aluminum frame and SRAM grip shifters with 21 speeds for precise shifts, so you can find the right gear no matter how steep the road or trail gets.

The Discover also features 28 inch tires; reverse sweeping handlebars and a padded leather saddle seat that gives you one of the most comfortable rides possible.

The fact that the price tag is just over $$$ just makes it even more attractive.

Let’s look at all of the features this Schwinn has to offer.

    • Aluminum frame designed specifically for a woman’s body.
    • Schwinn crank composed of metal alloy for increased durability.
    • Schwinn reinforced suspension fork for added stability over rough terrain.
    • Linear pull brakes by Promax for precise brake feel.
    • Gear rack on the back to help you carry extras.
    • Reverse sweeping handlebars that help you maintain great posture.
    • Padded synthetic leather saddle seat that’s comfortable for hours at a time.

Schwinn Hybrid padded seat Schwinn hybrid bike gears

what about the results?

From listening to existing customers and reading their reviews, the Schwinn Discover is an amazing bike.

The bike, depending on where you’re looking, has received 4 to 5 stars, with raving reviews from women that have purchased it and begun putting it through its paces.  Women are impressed with the Discover because of the advantages it has over most of the other hybrid bikes currently being sold.

For example, the Discover was designed to provide comfortable ergonomics, helping you maintain a riding position that will keep your neck and lower back from aching as you rack up the miles.  The sweeping handlebars and custom-shaped frame help fit a woman’s body perfectly.

When you’re looking for a women’s hybrid bike, the Schwinn Discover needs to be near the top of your list.

what do customers say

The Schwinn Discover has a large number of reviews, with most of them being positive, showing that the bike has been well-received by the community.

Nearly 8 out of 10 people that purchased the bike rated it at four stars and higher with approximately 75% of that number giving it a perfect 5-star score.

One of the reviews, from Vanessa, a 5’6” woman, said that she was able to keep up with her husband while he was riding his road bike which was a much more expensive model. Something she wasn’t able to do with her last bike.

She called the Discover awesome and commented on being able to find the right gear for the terrain, every time, and lauded how attractive the bike was.  She also said that riding the bike to work and commuting using just the Discover has become something she looks forward to.

What to watch out for before buying this bike

While the Discover is an amazing bike, some customers had a few negative thoughts about it.  A high percentage of the complaints that we found were based around putting the bike together once the customer received it.

Nearly every review that was 4-stars or lower was focused on the fact that the manual was somewhat difficult to understand, and that there were a large number of parts that made the bike harder to assemble than some other models.

While this isn’t the case for everybody that purchased, there were enough people that complained about the assembly process to help lower the overall rating of the bike.

It’s worth noting that most of the people who complained about the assembly process were able to get the bike put together with the help of a friend, while other customers had their local bike shop assemble the Discover for $$ to $$$.  A small price to pay for the level of quality you’re getting.

Schwinn Discover Womens Hybrid Bike on a pavement

Buying Advice

When it comes to buying the Discover, we have one piece of advice for you.  It may be worth it to pay the extra $$ to have it assembled before it is shipped. 

Of course, that depends entirely on whether or not shipping costs are increased because it has been assembled, and how confident you are that you can assemble it based on the manual Schwinn sends you.

If you’re trying to take advantage of Amazon’s free five day shipping through Prime, you’ll want to make sure “free shipping” still applies to an assembled bike.


At the end of the day, recommending the Schwinn Discover isn’t a difficult thing to do.

For everything that you’re getting, and still staying around the $300 price range, if you like the look of the bike, you should definitely get it.  Other customers have fallen in love with it, you will, too.

Even if you struggle getting it put together, or you encounter the rare instance where a part is missing, the bike is still well worth the money.  For a women’s hybrid bike, it’s at the top of our list of recommendations.

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