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The Trek Powerfly 5 is a powerful electric mountain bike that has been designed for both male and female bike enthusiasts looking for a little help on challenging trails.

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E-bikes are a ton of fun! But there are so many models available that finding one which matches your preferences ends up being quite the confusing endeavor.  It is important that you consider all the relevant aspects before choosing to purchase a specific model. Since an E-bike typically costs 3-5 times as much as a regular bike, it’s an investment and you don’t want to have buyers remorse after spending $3000 dollars plus on a bike.  Speaking of the best e-bikes under $3000…The Powerfly 5+ from Trek is a great choice of an electric mountain bike that has people talking about its versatility. The following review looks at the various features on the Powerfly 5 and the overall performance it offers.

FRAME: Alpha Platinum Aluminum, Removable battery with a tapered head tubeENGINE: Bosch Performance CXBATTERY: Bosch PowerTube 500Wh, Lithium-ionBRAKE TYPES: Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc BrakesRIMS: Bontrager Kovee 23, Tubeless Ready, double-walled, 32-holeTIRES: Bontrager XR3, 27.5 BY 2.35


The frame on the Trek Powerfly 5 is made of alpha platinum aluminum to give it a rugged build for the tough terrains. This is reinforced by the motor armor protection to enhance durability. The frame has been manipulated around the motor and features a battery slot on the right side of the downtube.  The low-lying frame gives the Powefly 5 a unique look that is suitable for both men and women.  The overall geometry of the bike ensures that you have a comfortable posture as you ride on the trail. This bike is also available in a sports hard-tail version that is fully accessorized with a kickstand, rack, and fenders, etc. Furthermore, Trek also offers a model of the Powerfly designed for women. This delivers a similar high-performance that you get from the hard-tail but the geometry is slightly different.

It has a curved top that lowers the standover height, making it convenient for female riders to mount. This is paired with a women’s saddle, as well as a narrower handlebar.


The Trek Powerfly 5 features a steady Bosch Performance CX motor to go with a 500Wh battery. The sleek mid-mount motor has been designed exclusively for off-road riding.

Its 75Nm of torque gives you the power to comfortably take on the most challenging grounds. It will also get you to a maximum speed of 20mph on pedal assist mode. The bike also uses Bosch’s gear-shift detection technology which holds back the strain on the chain of the gear set as it switches from one gear to another. The motor has been programmed to cut out at 25km/hr but still gives you ample pedaling force of up to 300% in turbo mode.  Another cool aspect that I liked about the motor is the intelligent E-MTB motor mode. This will automatically determine the amount of assistance you require depending on the trail, which makes sure that the ride will never be a struggle for you in challenging instances.


I must commend Trek for delivering a reliable e-bike that comes with a fully integrated battery. What this does is to ensure that the battery is safe from dirt and grime, which only increases its shelf-life. The powerful 500Wh Lithium-ion battery located on the drive-side of the down tube can easily be removed and slotted back into the frame.  This increases ease of access and convenience when you want to recharge it. The battery boasts a nice range that will get you to 130km in eco mode or 60km in turbo mode when fully charged, which is enough time to enjoy your adventure.  However, the exact run time will depend on a number of factors, including the terrain, your weight, and even riding style. The fact that the battery is waterproof allows you to enjoy your ride when it’s raining without the risk of damaging it. The amour further protects the battery from stones and other debris on the trail. The only downside is that the battery takes too long to charge. When fully drained of energy, you will need 7.5hrs of compact charge to fully power it.


The Shimano MT200 disc brakes on the Powerfly 5 enhance safety when you are riding at high speeds and going down descents. They have a good stopping power that will give you the riding confidence to tackle the most feared trails.


The Bontrager Duster Elite rims are sturdy enough to withstand the punishment while riding on rough surfaces. The tubeless ready wheels also make them stiff to offer better traction on the trail.


The Bontrager XR3 tires offer good friction on off-road trails. However, I noticed that my Trek Powerfly 5 kept on over-shooting corners a little. I credit this to the 2.35 wide tires, which don’t exactly give you the kind of stability you need in rugged terrain.  One thing I may suggest changing is the size of the tires. A wider set will definitely give you better control of the ride, especially during descends. 

What We Like

I like the Removable Integrated Battery system on the Powerfly 5. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the bikes but also ensures that the battery is protected from dirt and stones on the trail. You also get ample space to mount a water bottle cage if needed.  True to its name, the Powerfly 5 offers power when riding it. I was really impressed by the aggressiveness it showed when climbing inclines. Along with the pedal assist, I hardly broke a sweat as I rode the bicycle uphill. The Powerfly 5 is also a versatile bike. It is just as effective when used for commuting as it is on off-road adventures. There is no limit to where you can use it, which only increases the level of fun you can have with this bike. Finally, this bike will impress you with its durability. The alpha platinum aluminum makes it sturdy and the 500Wh battery has the longest range available from Bosch. It will serve you for the long haul and in demanding terrain without running the risk of getting damaged easily. 


  • Strong frame
  • Powerful battery
  • Nice Design
  • Can be accessorized
  • Suitable for both sexes

What We Don’t Like

I didn’t exactly like the feel of the tires while descending hills. I can’t say I had full control of the ride, especially when negotiating corners because the tires keep on overshooting. I believe a wider set of tires will solve this slight problem.  


  • Heavy
  • Tires not wide enough

Buying Advice

The Trek Powerfly 5 lives up to the expectations of delivering in mountain biking situations. It comes in a variety of sizes and frames that will surely suit your body size and riding style. Whether you are a male biker or female rider, this e-MTB comes with exciting features that won’t disappoint you when you are having fun in the trails. It is a great buy if you have the funds to spare.


The Trek team has done a good job of integrating the battery and motor into the Powerfly 5 frame, delivering a one-of-a-kind e-bike. It has a comfortable design and feel, as well as powerful battery and motor. All these quality specifications ensure that you enjoy the e-bike experience on a variety of terrains. If you are looking for an e-bike that packs extra power to increase the duration of your adventure, the Trek Powerfly 5 is a remarkable option that will take you through all manner of trails.

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