GMC Denali Road Bike Review

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GMC Denali road bike review

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Affordable, durable, stylish


Unassembled, brakes


Though more advanced riders should look elsewhere, new cyclists and non-picky consumers may want to consider the GMC Denali Road Bike.

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With the Denali Road Bikes, GMC created an efficient product for those in need of a sturdy, everyday bike.

The GMC Denali Road Bike is a solid choice for anyone in need of a transportation bike. The bike is built to withstand the everyday wear and tear of commuting.  

The bike itself is a bit heavy, coming in around twenty-seven pounds. However, it does have a slimmer frame compared to other road bikes in this price range, like the Merax Finish Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike or the Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike.

A quick word of caution, however - though they are available in multiple sizes -  riders under 5’ may have a difficult time.  

The Specific Details

Without wasting time, let’s have a look under the hood and get to the nitty-gritty details. 

Frame Size

The GMC Denali Road Bike comes in four different sizes. Its aluminum frame is durable and robust.

  • The largest model comes with a frame size of 25”/63.5 centimeters or 18 x 41 x 68 inches
  • The medium size is 22.5”/57 centimeters or 18 x 40 x 67 inches 
  • The small is 19”/48 centimeters or 18 x 40 x 57 inches
  • The x-small is 16”/41 centimeters or 9.2 x 28 x 51 inches

BIke sizing options

gmc denali sizing chart

Brake Type

Equipped with alloy caliper brakes and handle brake levers, the GMC Denali Road Bike has a reasonably responsive mechanical rim braking system. Caliper brakes are usually best for road bikes in case they need stop for traffic at the drop of a dime. 


The GMC Denali Bike comes with a 21-speed shifter. The Shimano Revo shifters and Shimano derailleur allow for smooth gear transitions. 

  • Rims and Pedal
  • High-profile allow Vitesse racing rims
  • 36 alloy spoke rims
  • Nylon pedals


  • High-performance 700c tires
  • 28-millimeter tires
  • Recommended tire pressure: 50 to 75 PSI

Price Range

The GMC Denali Road Bike is a viable bike for anyone shopping on a budget.

However, keep in mind that the GMC Denali Road Bike comes completely unassembled. You will need a Philips head screwdriver, Allen wrench, and flathead screwdriver to attach the parts. If you’re uncomfortable with assembly and willing the shell out an extra few dollars, you can order the bike wholly assembled.

gmc denali wheelset
gmc denali saddle
gmc denali shifter

What’s to Like About It?

Considering its reasonably entry-level price range, you can’t complain about not getting your money's worth with the Denali Road Bike — especially when you take into account the natural longevity of the product. This value is a good find for beginners interested in a good source of transportation or a starter racing bike. 

The versatility is a big plus as well. The Denali can handle roads, but it is also durable enough to brave more rugged terrain. Its unisex design makes it not-too-masculine and not-too-feminine, and the selection of colors allows for some cool customization. 

The Denali’s four different sizes also appeal to a broader selection of tall or short riders. Though the GMC Denali Road Bike is a starter, it contains the same gear and parts as a high-end race bike, which makes it a useful learning tool for amateurs. 


  • Affordable
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Versatile for different road styles
  • Nice tires
  • Good training bike
  • Stylish

What’s to Dislike About It?

Since the GMC Denali Road Bike comes unassembled, there may be some room for user error during assembly. It is unfortunate that it is so expensive to ship the fully prepared bike. It might be worth it for beginners to take their unassembled bike to a shop or contact an experienced friend.

GMC Denalie road bike

The alloy Vitesse rims are high profile, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best quality. Everything on the bike could indeed be of better quality, but, as mentioned, it is a starter bike. 

The brakes are also difficult to adjust and wear down after a while. This unresponsiveness may be a problem for riders who need a speedy stop rate. 


  • Comes unassembled
  • Possible user error
  • Cheap material
  • Brakes are hard to adjust

Who Should Buy this Bike?

As mentioned before, part of the reason the GMC Denali Road Bike appeals to an interested novice is the high-profile layout of the bike at a reasonably low cost. The bike would make the perfect gift a teenager or college student expressing interest in competitive racing. 

But, then the Denali is not confined to race scenarios. The versatility of the bike allows it to be a solid choice for transportation around a city or a daily workout in the country. 

When GMC designed the Denali Road Bike, they knew to make a product that would appeal to curious bikers—people who wanted a bike to dip their feet in the water, not jump right to an expensive custom bike. 


Though more advanced riders should look elsewhere, new cyclists and non-picky motorists will want to consider the GMC Denali Road Bike.

The versatility and longevity of the bike are reason enough to have it as a backup bike in case something happens, or someone else wants to ride. The affordable price makes it a significant fine. The amount has been known to rise, so anyone considering getting a road bike should buy quickly.


2 thoughts on “GMC Denali Road Bike Review”

  1. I had the cousin; Genesis Roadtech. Kent Int makes these bikes. The Pro model came with better parts, even it’s group was Microshift. Worth it, if you can find one. I find that many won’t like the bike because of the cheapness, but it’s a pretty stout frame and it’s downfall really is basically everything bolted to the frame, except the seatpost. Sadly my Roadtech(which mostly only differed by haveing stem shifters, interrupter brake levers and different tires) was stolen and I was lucky to get a Denali to replace and hopefully reclaim said glory. The only things left stock on it was the brake calipers, bars and handlebar stem, for it was stolen before I could replace those. The first problem I had with mine was the bottom bracket. I replaced it with a sealed unit(mtb size). Also, though they are aluminum, the fork is HiTen and gives a slight harsh ride. There is another variant of this bike, made of round tube, and I suspect made of steel, for it’s heavier than the aero frame bike.

    I really only bought mine for the frame itself. As I said, I knew it’d be tough and deal with the toils of city riding. It’s stiff frame and slightly long wheelbase lets it climb hills easy. Once I replaced the mountainbike parts and a lighter wheelset, it was a head turner, not to mention Lizardskin bar tape, satin chrome brake levers. It looked like any other 300+ dollar roadbike. I can’t wait to get the money to build the Denali I have now. I’m taking the extra step and repainting it and having custom labels done.

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