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Durable,  affordable, requires little maintenance, excellent on bike paths and streets


Pedals,  seat, heavy due to suspension


The Diamondback Wildwood is a bike of comfort, with excellent suspension and a stylish appearance it’s perfect for city dwellers.

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Diamondback has made a name for itself in the bicycle market for nearly 30 years. With the Diamondback Wildwood series, you’ll find a hybrid bikes that are favorited for their mid-range, affordability, and, most importantly, comfort.

The Wildwood models are comfort ride bikes, which means that it works best for riders seeking a smooth biking experience. That means no bumpy, off-road excursions.

Comfort rides typically share a few commonalities:

  • Comfort designed suspension fork that nullifies all road vibrations or shocks
  • Used for frequent, short commutes at a leisurely pace
  • All are single-speed — power or speed are not at work with comfort rides
  • Typically favored by women

This makes the bike best suited for casual biking on nearly all surfaces. If this sounds like you, then read on to see how the Diamondback Wildwood can fit your biking needs.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: S, M, L, Euro S, and Euro MBRAKE TYPE: ProMax Aluminum, Linear-pull BrakesSHIFTER: SRAM Twist MRX ShiftersRIMS: R-1000 RimsTIRES: Kenda Comfort Tires 26 inch x 1.95 inch

The Diamondback Wildwood series is designed with your comfort in mind; it comes equipped with front and rear suspension — or shock absorbers — to produce a smooth ride on pavement, trails, and city bike paths.

By function, Wildwood bikes can be ridden just about anywhere; however, these operate best on smooth, flat surfaces like bike trails, pavement, and commute paths in the street.

The Diamondback Wildwood weight is less around 40.9 pounds and has fewer specialized components than the Diamondback Outlook series, which gives it the advantage since it requires less maintenance or repair.

Women cyclists prefer the Diamondback Wildwood Classic, but unisex options are available, such as diamondback wildwood Citi as well.

Frame Size

The Wildwood bike comes in steel, wooden and aluminum frame. Frame colors consist of blue, gold, and red. The Wildwood bikes have a suspension fork that maximizes comfort. The shock absorbers of the bike soak up the bumps, jars, and vibrations to make your ride smooth. The Wildwood bike has a fork suspension measuring 44 millimeters.

The Wildwood bikes are also aesthetically pleasing, with a threaded headset (an internal cable) that cable courses through the twist of the bike, which keeps its appearance clean and uncluttered.

Diamondback offers the Wildwood in S, M, L, Euro S, and Euro M.

Brake Type

The Wildwood has a ProMax aluminum, linear-pull brakes — also known as a V-brake. Many users have expressed that they have more control over the bike because of the brake. The brakes have been reported to work in-sync with the Wildwood to create a smooth ride, whether in coasting or slowing down.

Diamondback Wildwood Linear Pull Brakes


The Wildwood series features a Shimano 7 speed to 21-speed drivetrain, accompanied by SRAM Twist MRX Shifters. The SRAM Twist MRX Shifters are high performance, responsive to touch, and fast. They make shifting easy for riders and are changed with a light brush of the finger.

Diamondback Wildwood Drivetrain

This is ideal for city riding, where a frequent stop may be required due to a speeding driver or sudden debris along your bike path. Having SRAM Twist MRX Shifters can quickly prevent an accident for riders.  Many users have reported the shifters as favorable and effortless.


The R-1000 rims on the Diamondback Wildwood are made of double alloy, which protects and increase the shelf life of the wheels.


Wildwood bikes feature Kenda Comfort Tires measuring 26 x 1.95”. Kenda Comfort Tires have light tread work to promote smoother riding. Kenda Comfort Tires also provide dependable traction on pavement or off-road trails.

Kenda makes tires that are accessible through most online retailers and specialty bike shops. Most carry tire protection for any punctures or damage. 

Price Range

The Diamondback Wildwood cost differs depending on model year. Potential customers may check out third-party sellers, online retailers like Amazon, or pre-owned bicycle shops to see if Wildwood bikes are in stock.

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What We Like

We like the simplicity of the bike and its focus on comfort riding. And the Suntour suspension is always there to absorb rougher terrain if need be. The overall safety of the bike also deserves some recognition.


  • Users agreed to that the Avenir’s bicycle seat is the most comfortable bike seat
  • Little to no maintenance required for the Wildwood series
  • Exceptional bike for bike paths and streets
  • Tires are durable for frequent comfort suspension riding
  • Easy shifter promotes the safety of the rider
  • Affordability

What We Don’t Like

As a basic comfort bike, the Wildwood series offers riders a pleasant riding experience at a great value. But that comfort does not seem to translate into some of the components of the bike.


  • Riders have reported that the Avenir Anatomic Comfort pedals have needed to be replaced often
  • The bikes can be difficult to find at a consistent MSRP price
  • The 21-speed shifter seems unnecessary with a comfort bike
  • Heavier than most comfort bikes due to suspension

Buying Advice

The Wildwood series is great for anyone seeking a basic comfort bike for a good price. 

You’ll get a smooth, dependable ride out of the Wildwood. It has a stylish appearance that increases its resale value and can be assembled easy. It can get you to your destination without headache, and requires little upkeep.

The durability of the Wildwood may be appealing for city dwellers or commuters. The suspension system can also handle a bumpy ride, or if you navigate into a bike trail or path. Also, the frame and handlebars promote good posture. What’s not to like?


The Diamondback Wildwood is a bike-lovers choice for riding.

It’s a fun, healthy way to spend an afternoon bike ride, and doesn’t subject your bike to nearly as much wear-and-tear as cyclist bikes. The advanced suspension underneath the seat ensures this.

Whether you have never purchased a comfort bike before, or desire to simply enjoy the world from your cycle, the Wildwood series is a great place to start. It’s affordable, offers clean shifting, maximum comfort, and safety. You’ll drift effortlessly through those commutes to work or on leisurely rides around your neighborhood.

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