Diamondback Catch Review 

 June 21, 2019

By  Max Shumpert

Diamondback Bicycles Catch


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The Diamond Catch is an off-road warrior that provides you with exciting specifications. It makes for a fhttp://trailun ride on the trail without having to break the bank.

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Most people tend to get it twisted when it comes to trail bikes vs. cross-country bikes. The danger lies in going to a bike store and walking out with a bike that doesn't fit the bill just because you missed out on a basic specification. 

You don't want your bike giving up on you in the middle of an adventure just because you are using it on the wrong terrain. If you are looking for a good trail bike, the Diamond Catch is a great example of a trail riding machine that comes with the right specifications.

The Diamondback Catch 1 27.5 bike is on the cutting edge of mountain bike technology, with a Level Link rear suspension platform and 130mm of front and rear travel to make your day on the trail.

Take a look at this review of the Diamond Catch and learn about what different features it offers:

Tech Specs

FRAME: Hydroformed aluminum alloy Frame with Level-link pivot suspension
BRAKE TYPES: SRAM Level Hydraulic Disc Brakes
RIMS: Diamondback Blanchard 38R, tubeless compatible, 32h
TIRES: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5” by 2.8”, Tubeless Compatible


The Diamondback Catch is made of a hydroformed aluminum alloy frame. It has formed tubes that boost durability while keeping the bicycle lightweight. The size of the frame varies depending on the size of the bike, which is available in "small," "medium," "large," and "extra-large."

The Diamond Catch is a bulky bike that weighs in at around 32 pounds. It can comfortably accommodate individuals in the height range of between 5'4" to 6'6". The first time I saw the Catch, I was quick to conclude that it would be heavy, slow, and lagging, considering its size. But once I tried it, I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

This bike is actually decently swift on the trail and even more impressive on descents. The level-link suspension on the bike reinforces the smoothness of the ride, especially when coupled with the 27.5" plus-size tires. The fork RockShox Yari RC, 130mm travel, with rebound and compression damping; 15mm thru-axle

However, pedaling uphill is a different story. I had a hard time tackling the hills, and by the time I got to the top, I was almost running out of breath. Aside from the uphill climbs, the bike has a nice frame and overall geometry.

suspension for the catch

Credit: Bicycle Blue Book


The SRAM hydraulic brakes provide efficient braking, which ensures you have enough riding confidence on slopes. These brakes are super consistent... they don't stop the bike abruptly, and neither do they feel jerky like the cable brakes I'm used to.

However, if you aren't used to these types of brakes, I should warn that they may require a bit of time to get used to like I find out. At first, I would apply too much pressure and get jostled around. But once I wrapped my head around it, the braking system proved to be a huge plus.

They perform well in all forms of performance demands while showing no fade. Not to mention that they are very quiet.


The SRAM GX shifters are quite smooth. I don't remember experiencing any difficulties when shifting between gears in the different demanding trails I encountered. Also included on the Catch is a KS Supernatural dropper, as well as a SouthPaw remote and external cable.


The Catch wheelset comes with tubeless-ready DiamondBack Blanchard 38R rims, coupled with Schwalbe 2.8" tires. This fierce setup promises to perform exceptionally well on downhill and in wet and slippery conditions like snow. However, you will definitely feel the weight of the wheels during climbs, and there may be some flex under a heavy load.


The 2.8" width of the Schwalbe tires will make you feel like you're riding on 29" tires instead of the 27.5". The increased air volume as a result of the tire width allows for more cushioning on the ride when you push your suspension to the limit. These tires are will easily roll over roots and rocks without making your ride bumpy.

rims and shifter

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What Do We Like?

There are a number of exciting features on the Diamondback Catch. I was really impressed by the ReadyRide box this bike came in. I opened it to find that it's 90% assembled and tuned. Furthermore, there are still tools like wrenches and a shock pump included in the pack.

It took me roughly 30 minutes to get everything assembled, and in no time, I was hitting the trails. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Another great thing about the Catch is the 27.5" tires it runs on. Their 2.8" width lets me run at 15-18 psi with no worries. I feel like going tubeless might drop the pressure and weight even further, which can prove to be more beneficial in the winter months.

My typical ride from the house starts on about one mile of pavement before switching to a gravel road and finally singletrack. What I like about the Catch is its versatility in all these different surfaces. While varying terrain can expose the inefficiencies in a bike, the Catch demonstrates that it is equally great on gravel as it is on the tarmac and rocky roads.


  • Includes dropper post
  • ReadyRide simplifies assembly
  • Convenient plus-sized tires
  • Leve-link suspension
  • Durable
  • Impressive downhill handling
  • Comfortable overall geometry

What Don’t We Like?

The greatest challenge I face when riding my Diamondback Catch comes when I have to scale inclines. Riding the bike uphill is just exhausting! You might even want to take a break and catch a breath when you finally get to the top. This is despite the existence of the level-link suspension that should apparently reduce the stress of going uphill.

Another letdown is that the Catch has no bottle cage mount on its front frame triangle. The alternative- an underside-mounted bottle cage- is an E. Coli tragedy in waiting. The first time I rode, I had cow poo all over my water bottle.


  • Exhausting/inefficient on the climb
  • No bottle cage mount on frame triangle

What Users Say

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Buying Advice

This bike comes with a powerful mix of features that are designed for the ultimate trail adventure. If you are a fan of technical climbs followed by insanely fun descents, this is the bike for you.

At a reasonable price of just under $3000, the Diamondback Catch is a great buy for a top-quality trail bike.


Generally speaking, there’s more to enjoy than there is to complain about the Diamondback Catch. Its aluminum frame holds steady during descents, and its level-link suspension system performs nicely with a “bottomless” squish.

Aside from the wheel-weight penalty you get and the tough climbs, the Catch is a high-performing and affordable trail bike that will provide you with the riding confidence to take on feared trails.