Merax Finiss Fixed Gear Review

Fixie From Merax

Price Around $$$ – Available on
Pros Equipment, design, handlebar, saddle
Cons Pedals, front reflector, color options
Summary If you’re on a budget, or just want to give fixed gear riding a try without sinking a lot of money in, this is by far your best option.
Our Rating 84/100
Manufacturer Merax

A true fixed gear bike with solid components, all for under $$$? You bet. The Merax Finiss fixed gear bike is all about value. And while you are obviously not going to get elite-level performance or durability out of the Finiss, it’s still incredibly impressive for what it does offer.

Geared towards fixie beginners and recreational riders who don’t want to spend a lot, but still want an efficient and simple bike for cruising around, the Finiss is perhaps the best choice you’ll come across.

Merax takes a slightly different approach to a traditional fixed gear in the process, giving the bike some truly unique qualities that are rare to find with this type.


FRAME: Fixed Gear Tig welded (120mm rear spacing)

BREAKSET: Front Disc Brake

SIZE: 54 or 58 cm

TIRES: Kenda 700*28C

EXTRA FEATURES: Rubber BMX-style grips

PRICE: Check latest price on Amazon

Looks are always an important part of the equation with fixed gear bikes, there’s just no way around it. The Finiss may be on the lower tier of prices, but that doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.

Available in two colors, the Finiss shines in either. The black version present more of a simple, low-key aesthetic that won’t attract a lot of attention, which may be ideal for some. On the other hand, the red color option provides some pop.

It’s amazing what a little detailing makes. The red model is essentially still black in terms of frame, with the rims and handlebar grips outfitted with red.

This gives the bike a totally different look, and one that’s more in line with current fixed gear styling trends.

Front of Merax Fixed Gear Bike

The frame itself is tig-welded from aluminum, and fitted with a steel front fork for added stability. The other metal components are made from aluminum alloy as well, such as the seatpost, handlebar, stem, and pedals.

The generous use of aluminum material helps keep the bike’s weight to an adequate level of around 24 pounds, depending on the frame size you go with.

The Finiss’ saddle provides a good level of comfort, and has a lot of adjustability on the rails underneath too. This goes well with the riser style handlebars that allow for aggressive steering, but with a little elevation so the rider isn’t hunched all the way forwards.

Innovative Bike Seat Post

Rubber BMX-style grips give the bike a comfortable and controlled feel, and the handlebar’s design allows for full 360-degree rotation.

Braking is a little different with the Finiss. Instead of going brakeless, or using standard caliper brakes, this bike opts for a front disc brake instead. This isn’t something you see all the time, especially with bikes in a lower price range. We’re into it.

The rear hub of the Finiss has a gold-like finish, just as the front. This gives the bike more of a unique look that helps it stand out more. The rear hub can be reversed fro freewheel riding whenever you see it fit.

The crank uses 46 teeth, giving the Finiss a standard 46:16 gear ratio. This is a bit more supportive of higher speeds as opposed to acceleration.

For the wheelset, Kenda 700 x 28C tires are teamed with super deep-V double wall rims and stainless steel spokes, offering some extra quickness and durability that is definitely suited for true urban and city riding. The tires’ understated tread design ensures adequate grip while deflecting moisture.


It’s hard to understate the value here, and the strategic options with the color choices.

Getting an disc brake, a solid drivetrain, nice wheels, and an overall weight of around 24 pounds for under $$$ really is something. The price range makes it easy for beginners to get started riding fixed gears, or for someone who just wants another bike choice in their arsenal.

The all black color is great for someone who wants a true fixed gear, but doesn’t want to announce it to the world. For whatever reason, the all-black color allows the bike to just kind of blend in for the most part.

On the other hand, the red detailing option completely changes the look with just a few splashes here and there. In turn, this gives the bike a real fixie look, which will definitely prompt some comments from passerbys.

The handlebar setup and saddle are worth mentioning again. Not only is the saddle surprisingly comfortable, it has more adjustability than usual. The handlebars are short and elevated to the proper position, which is largely due to the extended stem and its angle.

This results in not only a more comfortable riding position, but also adds a bit of snappy maneuverability to it as well. It’s a good combination.


It’s really hard to even think of any real issues with a bike this well-made for this cheap of a price. The usual suspects apply; the pedals could be a little better, the bike could be a little lighter overall, etc. These are minor issues that don’t really affect much. Again, it’s under $$$.

One thing that was a bit perplexing was the front reflector’s position on the handlebar. Rather than place the reflector above the front wheel, the reflector is just sitting there on the handlebar. A little odd, but again, not a big deal.

Although we like the all black and black with red, a few more color options would be appreciated for sure.

Fixie Bike


The bike is fairly easy to assemble, but you’ll still want to take it to a bike shop to make sure everything is properly fitted and in tune. This includes the spokes, which have been known to be out of true after shipping.


The Merax Finiss is the cool fixie  you can get for around $$$, no doubt. The style, the ride quality, and even the front disc brake are all solid, and perform way better than we thought they would.

If you’re on a budget, or just want to give fixed gear riding a try without sinking a lot of money in, this is by far your best option.

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