Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Review

Pure Fix

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Pros Style, frame, freewheel hub option
Cons None
Summary The Pure Fix Original is a versatile and well-rounded fixie that hits all the right things.
Our Rating 96/100
Manufacturer Pure Cycles

When compared to most other types of bikes, fixies have minimal components, which means they have to make the most out of what they do have in order to stand out and create a superior ride and feel.

This simplicity places an emphasis on not only the components, but the build and design as well. If one is favored over the other, you could end up with a mediocre bike that doesn’t perform to its fullest potential.

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike is a great example of what modern fixies should be, combining a strategic design with ideal components that help the bike to offer a high amount of efficiency and comfort.

This makes the bike a great intro for those that are just getting into fixed gear bikes, or for advanced riders who simply want affordable versatility to add to their bike collection.


FRAME: Hi-ten Steel

BREAKSET: Optional

MEASUREMENTS: 31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches

TIRES: 700cc x 28 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: Upright handlebar that is swept back and padded synthetic leather saddle seat

The Pure Fix Original has an authentic fixie look and feel that you notice immediately. The frame build, wheelset, and handlebar assembly all combine to give the bike the hip style and appearance of a true custom-made fixed gear conversion bike you see on many urban streets.

The Original is actually available in 30 different color schemes, which range from an all-black look, to the more bold and bright color combos preferred by many riders today. Image is a part of the fixed gear world, so the ability to choose colors that best fit your own preferences is appreciated.

The frame of the Original is made from high-ten steel, and uses urban geometry with a straight fork, and horizontal drop outs.

When fully equipped, the bike weighs anywhere from 22-24 pounds, depending onthe size. This isn’t the lightest you’ll encounter, but still very much acceptable.

A velodrome-style saddle offers a good mix of racing feel and comfort, making it a hybrid seat of sorts. This is coupled with an alloy 30mm riser handlebar that allows the rider to maintain an aggressive riding position with some added back comfort.

Pure Fix Original Bike

The Original’s drivetrain consists of an alloy hub with sealed bearings, keeping the inner workings free of dirt and moisture. For the times when you want freewheel riding, simply flip the wheel to the other side, utilising the freewheel cogset.

Oury rubber grips provide an appropriate amount of softness, while also ensuring a strong, secure steering feel.

The bike features a very nice 44:16 gear ratio, which is perfect for urban riding, especially with this type of drivetrain. A 74.25 KMC Z-410 chain keeps it all moving, along with tough BMX-style platform pedals with some added foot coverage. ProMax caliper brakes hold down the stopping aspects.

The wheelset of the Original provides plenty of performance to back up its looks.

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Pure Fix Original Rear Wheel

Kendra WTB Thickslick 700cc x 28 tires pair well with the 40mm deep dish 32-hole spoke wheels. They team up to give the bike a very nimble feel, with plenty of speed, toughness, and maneuverability as well.

As far as extras go, Pure Fix has designed this bike to be compatible with a wide range of accessories, all of which can be easily affixed to either the frame, or a handlebar. 

Overall, you get an amazingly economical bike that provides an authentic fixie experience, while also offering a true fixie look. The result is a well-rounded and versatile fixed gear bike with an ideal gear ratio, smooth ride, and secure braking method — all for under $400 max.

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Not to be superficial or anything, but we love the way this bike looks. The frame, the tires, the handlebars; all of these aspects give it an instantly recognizable fixie style that’s true to form. The massive amount of available colors is a nice bonus. Anyone should be able to find the right color combo.

Not everyone prefers steel frames, but the build and shape of the Original’s frame allows it to still keep the weight to a manageable level, while getting the additional stability and push that a steel frame offers. So, all of the benefits, and none of the negatives.

The freewheel hub option is showing up on more fixed gear bikes these days, but we still like when it’s included. The Original rides just as good when being used as a freewheel version.


The design and size of the tires is just fine, but they can be a bit flimsy when being used on urban streets that aren’t as smooth and free of faults. Sharp objects will definitely cause you some problems, and they aren’t very good at handling impacts.

You can always upgrade the tires later, or get durable best road bike tubes. If the streets and paths in your area are fine, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Pure Fix Orignal


We strongly recommend getting the bike assembled by Amazon before it’s shipped. This is not only for convenience reasons, but the warranty as well. The Original does come with a full one-year warranty, but it has to be assembled by professionals in order for it to be valid.

As we said earlier, Pure fix does offer a lot of accessories that are compatible with the Original, so be sure to check those out.


The Pure Fix Original is a versatile and well-rounded fixie that hits all the right things. It features an efficient and lightweight drivetrain, a freewheel option, and a ton of colors to choose from. It’s very durable, nimble, easy to navigate, and most of all fun.

The overall quality and riding feel of the Original makes it one of the few fixies that is appealing to both beginners and seasoned riders who can appreciate a well-built fixed gear. The low price is just the cherry on top.

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