Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Review

Golden Cycles Fixie

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Pros Price, design, color options
Cons Saddle, pedals
Summary It has the overall feel of a mid-level bike, and enough durability to handle frequent rides and commutes.
Our Rating 84/100
Manufacturer Golden Cycles

Part of the appeal with fixed gear bikes is the value that most of them provide. Since there are les components, and a much more simplistic build, fixies are usually in a very affordable price range for most. This has led to a crowding at the bottom in regards to entry-level fixies.

Golden Cycles’ fixed gear bike is yet another great example of a value-priced fixie bikes that offers much more than it initially lets on. While fixed gears are relatively inexpensive in general when compared to other bikes, this particular bike offers as much as you can for under $400.

This bike aims high for its price, but manages to hit on all of the essential aspects, while also proving a lot in the way of style and color choices, which is always a plus.

We do realize that it’s not necessarily that hard to make a fixed gear bike that looks good, but it’s certainly another thing when it comes to manufacturing one that can actually perform well. This fixed gear from Golden Cycles backs up its looks.


FRAME: High Tensile Steel Fully Tig-Welded

BREAKSET: Front and Rear

SHIFTERS: 21-speed SRAM grip shifters

SIZE: 41-59 cm

TIRES: 700c x 25 Kenda

EXTRA FEATURES: 21 available colors

PRICE: Check latest price

This bike seems inconspicuous enough when you first see it. You get the standard fixie look — a road bike type of frame, platform pedals, a riser handlebar, skinny tires, etc etc etc. Further examination and actually riding the bike reveals its high level of performance.

Back to the looks thing for a moment though. If you like having a lot of color choices, you’ve got it with this bike.

Golden Cycles gives you 21 different color combinations, which range from all black, to various neon combinations.

There’s something for everyone. We’re partial to the “Blaze” color, which is a chrome frame with orange rims.

Golden Cycles Fixie Frame

So, about that frame. The frame and fork have been crafted from high-tensile steel that has been tig-welded to create a smooth, seamless look. Horizontal dropouts give the bike a more aggressive aesthetic, and a more stable ride. The weight stays reasonable, at around 25 pounds.

A racing-style saddle provides a sort of racing/aggressive feel to the bike, which is actually a good match with the riser-style handlebars, 1-1/8″ Neco headset, and BMX-style rubber grips. You’re encouraged to lean forwards a bit from the seat, which is tempered by the handling.

Golden Cycles Pedals

Braking is a sure thing with this bike, as it provides caliper brakes on the front and back wheels, which are both controlled with well-placed hand levers that don’t get in the way. Cables are secured on the top tube for a cleaner look.

The 68mm sealed bearing rear hub powers the back wheel, and also offers the option to switch to a freewheel whenever you feel like coasting and relaxing more on your ride.

This is paired with an alloy 130BCD crank with a JIS square taper spindle, and color-matched, 46 tooth, 1/8th” chainring, which ensures a proper 46:16 gear ratio that is more conducive for higher top speeds. 9/16” pedals wide ample foot coverage round out the drivetrain.

For the wheelset. You get 700c x 25 Kenda tires and 45mm deep alloy rims. The tires come with an understated tread design that keeps your ride nice and smooth, while also offering some added traction on wet and dry pavement. As mentioned earlier, the rim colors depend on the bike’s color choice.

This bike is easy to upgrade in several ways, and comes with two water bottle mounts just in case as well.

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In a lot of ways, this bike outperforms some fixies that are similar, but cost more. While there is some priority on looks, Golden Cycles backs it all up with a selection of good components that not only offer a great ride, but hold up over time too,

We like that the bike has smooth welding, and is paired with a fork that actually makes for a cohesive ride, unlike some others we’ve ridden. The riding stance is a good mix, as it encourages aggressive riding in a lot of ways, but can also be relaxed just as easy.

The weight is kind of pushing it a little, but the 25-27 pound range is still fine. For whatever reason, the bike feels lighter than that when you’re riding, and you still get the extra-stable feel that steel offers.

We’ve touched on it some, but we’ll say it again: the color choice are awesome, and more varied than you’ll see with other bikes. Metallic finishes, neon colors, all-black, all-white, it’s all there, and most of them look amazing.


There is some room for improvement, as this is an under $400 bike after all. The saddle is a little thin in the padding department, and at times feels like it’s on the wrong bike. If you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting or cruising, the saddle won’t ‘feel too good.

The pedals are a little flimsy as well, and will likely need an upgrade sooner rather than later.

Girl ON Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike


If you aren’t into racing style seats, you might want to keep some cash on the side for an upgrade, or a saddle that’s more to your preferences. If you have the budget, a pedal upgrade can make a big difference too.

Professional assembly is recommended as well.


We are big fans of this fixie from Golden Cycles.

You definitely have a lot of choices when it comes to entry-level fixed gear bikes, but this is one of our favorites. It has the overall feel of a mid-level bike, and enough durability to handle frequent rides and commutes.

The styling and color options are a nice bonus too. Bottom line, the frame and main components are very quality, so if you want a bike to invest in as you upgrade over time, this one is an excellent choice. The low price makes it accessible to most any budget.

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