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Around $500 For Talon (Rincon 2019 Upgrade)


Design, tires, price, brakes


Saddle, shifter


This mountain bike is perfect for a budding mountain biker, or enthusiast that wants an economical ride option.

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Available internationally, the Talon (formerly known as Rincon) line introduces the new and improved entry level mountain bike from Giant is just a improved version of Giant boulder Mountain bike for 2019.

The Rincon is no longer available, but you can read our full review of the Talon (the 2019 update, selling for the same price as the Rincon) here.

The release of the Rincon Disc expands color options, and offers alternative components for those looking to upgrade their ride.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: XS, S, M, and LBRAKE TYPE: Tektro 832 AL BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano RD-TY300RIMS: Rincon 26”-27.5″ TiresTIRES: Wind resistance via the frictionless fanPRICE RANGE: Around $500 for Talon (2019 Upgrade of the Rincon)

The Rincon and Rincon Disc offer some great features for an entry level mountain bike. Giant’s more recent Rincon Disc 2018 model got an update to the wheel size, and both models are upgrade friendly to give riders a custom fit.

Frame Size

The ALUXX Grade Aluminum frame used for both the Rincon and the Rincon Disc come is sizes XS, S, M, and L.

The ergonomic design of the frame, made from well joined alloy, make it capable of taking on beaten paths and rougher trails with ease.

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While both frames are visually similar, the Rincon Disc uses the springier Suntour XCT HLO 27.5” fork, while the Rincon has the standard suspension fork. The extra shock absorption in the suspension fork of the Rincon Disc means that the rider will feel very little shock from impacts while riding.

Brake Type

The Rincon uses Tektro 832 AL brakes in its design, and the Rincon Disc uses the slightly newer Tektro HDM 285. Both Rincon and Rincon Disc use hydraulic disc brakes that will give hours of performance when both wet and dry.


The standard Rincon uses Shimano RD-TY300, Tourney, shifters which offer smooth performance similar to the newer Rincon Disc.

The Rincon Disc uses Shimano SL-M310 shifters which are placed slightly farther from the handle bars than usual, and may take some getting used to for the rider.

While the shifters on each model may be different, in terms of performance, they are very similar.

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Part of the major update for 2018 was the transition from Rincon 26” tires to the larger 27.5” wheel size that the Rincon Disc features. The rims are aesthetically pleasing, and sleek while still considerably strong and functional. With stainless 14G spokes, the styling of the rims makes for a more aggressive and rugged look.


With the upgrade of the wheel size came an upgrade to the tires as well. The Rincon uses the Kenda K1104 26×1.95 tires, while the Rincon Disc uses the larger Kenda K1137 27.5×1.95.

The increase in size definitely provides a performance boost to the Rincon Disc. With a larger wheel size comes increased control and stability when handling rough terrain. It also improves the efficiency of the bike, and the tread grips both wet and dry surfaces well.

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Price Range

Currently, on the Giant website, you can find older Rincon’s for around $400, and the Rincon Disc is available internationally for now, however there’s a new version of the Rincon,The Talon, which you can read all about in our in-depth review.

What We Like

The Rincon and Rincon Disc were well designed bikes that had a lot of things we liked about them. With the recent changes made to the 2018 version of the Rincon Disc, there’s even more to like, and more performance for the rider to enjoy.

The larger tires are the biggest change for the Rincon Disc, which not only improved performance and made it a more efficient bike, but also helped out with control and stability. If you find your current bike lacking, the Rincon Disc may be an affordable alternative.

After examining both the Rincon and the Rincon Disc, these are some of the things that stood out most:

  • Well designed, with eye catching style
  • 27.5” Tires with great tread (Rincon Disc 2018)
  • Braking system is efficient, and has good stoppage
  • Affordable, entry level MTB
  • Easily upgradeable components

What We Don’t Like

The design of the Rincon and the Rincon Disc is definitely top notch, but there are a few items that could see some improvements. The change in shifter placement has some riders reaching farther than they’d like, and many riders felt that components needed to be upgraded before they could get the desired performance out of their bike.

There have also been some issues with the shifting, despite the precision shifters on both models.  Others report that the handlebar grips weren’t durable enough, and that the whole package felt a little on the heavy side.

Some of these items are expected given that this is an entry level bike, but here’s what stood out most to us:

  • The saddle on the Rincon Disc is a little hard
  • Shifter placement is slightly far from the handlebars
  • For better performance, components will need to be upgraded
  • Feels a little heavy overall to most riders
  • Users report some issues shifting with the Rincon
  • Grips could be more durable

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Buying Advice

This mountain bike is perfect for a budding mountain biker, or enthusiast that wants an economical ride option.  The components and design have been updated for the 2018 Rincon Disc, and the larger wheel size means riders can go father and get more performance on each ride.

The Rincon Disc is also easily upgraded so for a reasonable price you can start riding and find what upgrades best fit your needs. The Rincon Disc has impressive performance, even without upgrades, and many riders rave about it.

If you’re looking for an entry level mountain bike that can handle rugged terrain, but can be upgraded to grow with you, then the Rincon or Rincon Disc would be a great choice.

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Overall the Rincon and Rincon Disc deliver a high-quality mountain bike that is loaded with features and won’t break the bank. Many riders love it for the versatility, performance and durability that they get out of this bike.

There were several updates made for the Rincon Disc, and many riders are opting for the newer version that has the newer components before they consider making changes.  

The Talon (or upgraded Rincon) is an upgrade friendly ride that could be the answer to your next great adventure – check it out for yourself!

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