Best Cycling Gifts For Christmas – An In-Dept List

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Buying a present for a cyclist can be difficult, especially when you are not a cyclist yourself.  If the intended gift recipient has been riding for a long time, they have probably accumulated all of the basics. 

We put the below list together with a focus of going beyond the basics.  However, there are a few items included that everyone with a riding addiction would love to have.  Plus, sometimes the basics wear-out or need an upgrade.

We hope this list helps make your shopping easier.  We love encouraging people to pick up biking, sometimes a great gift is the motivation needed.

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists from Online Bike Merchants

We heard many complaints from riders cycling in the cold weather, and so we set out to answer the question:"what should I wear?" 

Best Cycling winter Gears like thermal tights, gloves, toe warmers, shoes, jerseys, winterproof jackets help you to stay warm when you ride in the cold. 

Cycling is a very interesting sport, your lower body is constantly working while your upper body is stationary. And your upper body is the mass that continues to take the beating from the cold wind.  So, when it comes down to staying warm while riding you need to start with your core and layer your way out.

Here we have rounded up the best winter cycling gears and apparels to help you combine the best cycling gear kit for winter.

1.  Amazon

Amazon is known for its products and service. You get an amazing range of gifts for cyclists from amazon. This Christmas, Amazon can get your gifts delivered at your doorstep with free shipping if you shop for more than $25.

Amazon Logo

They have amazing cycling tools and gadgets that will work with every bike rider with 20- 30% discounts on a Bike phone front frame bags and bike multi tool kit etc. Check out the best gift options on Amazon

2. REI

You have the holiday cheer but with some dirt this Christmas from REI. The brand is known by many cycling lovers and they would love to have some of the best products from here this Christmas.

Rei Logo

They have various bike products, tools, and gadgets that are worth buying. The site also offers 11% off on a few products like GoPro cameras, Bike lights etc. Get your cycling lover some amazing deals and discounts from the REI this Christmas.

3. Competitive Cyclist

Competitive cyclists have a lot to offer this Christmas. They have a sale going around with around 42% off on base layers for winter rides along with bike accessories up to 10 - 30% off.

Competitive Cyclist Logo

These gifts are an amazing option for road riders. You can check out more exciting products that you can give to your to a road cyclist this Christmas eve. Find out gifts for road cyclist on Competitive Cyclist.

 Also, they have a great range of gifts for gravel riders. They offer specialized butcher tires, cycling shoes and other accessories and gadgets under $50.Grab the gifts under $50 on Competitive Cyclist  .

Best Christmas cycling gifts for commuters 

1. Cycling Gloves - C5 Gore-Tex Infinium Gloves

C - Gore tek winter cycling gloves

Gloves are an essential part of cycling in cold weather. This C5 Gore Windstopper Glove is very light in weight and keeps your fingers functional and warm in bad weather.

These winter cycling gloves are built with an ultra-thin Gore-Tex Windstopper membrane for sharp winds. The gloves offer maximum dexterity for moving, shifting, and braking your bike. 

The fabric is highly breathable and allows heat to trap inside the gloves without getting your hands sweaty. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for cyclists.  

2. Bike Lock - Hiplok Spin

Hip Lock Bike Lock Christmas Gifts For commuters

Hiplock SPIN is a lightweight bike lock that is wearable with a combination of the integrated lock system. It fits easily on the rider's waist without the "locked to the body" feeling.

It offers you to carry the chain safely. It weighs around 800g which is very light and is built with a nylon sleeve for more comfort and durability.

It is a fours digit reset combination lock so you don't need to carry any key. You have to just create your unique code for locking your bike every time.

It has hardened steel of 6mm which is of premium quality so that you are at peace with the security.

Best Christmas Gifts For Road Cyclists 

1. Water Bottle - Hydro Flask 24oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro flask Bottle Christmas Gift

When you go out for a ride, drinking up your liquids is very important. The best part of road trips is the snacks that you can munch throughout the ride. However, it can dry up your mouth.

This Hydro Flask Water Bottle is here to help you with this. It is a double-walled 18 inches stainless steel water bottle that can keep your hot liquids hot for 6 hours and cold water cold for 24 hours.

The design is sweat-free and is also slip-free.

2. Classic Book - The Rider by Krabbe, Tim

Rider By Krable cycling Book

If you are thinking of giving the cyclist a book this Christmas, then get the best classic novel, The Rider by Tim Krabbe. 

The book is about how the writer travails on a beginners cycle race in summer 1977, Southern France. 

This book has developed a following among many cyclists due to the angst, observations, and dry humor. 

It is a great book to give your friends or relatives who are into reading.

Best Christmas Gifts for Gravel Bikers

1. Aerobars - Profile Sonic Ergo 50a Aerobars

Sonic ergo aerobars

Aerobars help a fearless cyclist to drive much further and faster without adding much effort.

These Sonic Ergo 50a Aerobars are specifically designed for triathlon races.
It is created with a minimal presence so you can get into a position and travel as fast you can.

The Ergo armrests can be adjusted in full length, width, and rotation for a customized fit.
The aero bars are built with aluminum to offer a secure and stable handlebar attachment. Overall the bars are outfitted with Sonic brackets for improvised rider comfort.

Bike Tires - WTB Resolute 700C Tire

2. WTB Resolute 700C Tire

Wtb Tires - Christmas gifts For Gravel  Riders

Gravel riding is one of the best and popular forms of cycling. You need a great set of fun tires that can help you to push your limits. 

WTB makes one of the best performing and stylish off-road tires. 

This WTB Resolute 700c Tire is an ultimate gravel rider. It has wide-spaced knobs for consistent traction, and the tire is tubeless so that you can leave the tubes behind and reduce the tire pressure for smooth rides. 

The tire has tan walls that look great with every ride. It is an outstanding all condition gravel tire. 

Like Wtb Tires, Jenson usa has unique gifts for Cyclists under $50. Check out here

Best Christmas Gifts for Cyclo-Crossers

1.  Cycling shoe - Crossmax SL Ultimate Cycling Shoe

Crossmax Cycling shoe for Gravel rider

These cycling shoes are designed to apply low weight and high-performance efficiency to the world with their yellow and black colors. The Crossmax SL Ultimate Cycling shoes are lugged cycling shoes that are made for cross- country racing.

They are designed with an innovative energy grip of Terra Carbon SL for optimal power. The Rego bond upper and 3D tongue offers comfort for the riders and keeps your feet in a comfortable position.

It is designed with Energy Lock Carbon Comp to keep your heel secure and the Mavic Ergo Dial makes sure that the rider gets a precise fit. The shoes work best with cross country and cyclocross riders. Also, these shoes are the best gifts for bike lovers.

2. Bike Light - NiteRider Swift 300 Headlight

Night Rider headlight

Nightrider Swift 300 Headlight is a front bike light that is strong enough to get your home in dark conditions. The headlight consists of LED lights and can last for a long time.

The light can last up to 11 hours straight if you have it in a low light setting. You get 3 modes in this headlight: 3 steady, one flash, and 1 walk.

it can be easily mounted in 35mm handlebars without any extra requirement. You get a handlebar mount with the device along with a USB charger for the light.

Cycling Gifts For Men 

Bike Shorts - NiteRider Swift 300 Headlight

Baleaf Mens Bike Under Wear Cycling shorts for men

These cycling shorts are amazingly designed for riders. The shorts are designed with polyester and spandex for maximum comfort and breathability. 

The fabric is moisture-wicking and has an elastic closure that makes it a true fit.

The shorts are lightweight and the moisture-wicking keeps them dry and comfortable. The waistband is wide enough to a snug fit and makes you cool and fresh.  

The shorts have a 3D padding surface for decent protection on the bike for long distances. It is a great indoor- and outdoor underwear shorts.

Gifts For Cyclist Dad

Vintage Tshirt Cycling Gift For Dad

This is the perfect vintage cycling gift for you to give to your father if he's a cyclist. The T-shirt is made up of 100% cotton and is currently available in 10 colors.

This Tee is Lightweight and styled with a Classic fit to give you room to breathe. Check Out the sizes available before ordering. 

Cycling Gifts For Women

Bike Pants For women - 4ucycling Women 3D Padded Bike Pants

4ucycling women 3d padded bike pants

These 4ucycling women padded bike pants are great for exercise and training. The tights are an amazing solution for comfort, ease, look, and fashion. 

They are built with premium nylon and spandex quality that makes you feel nice and comfortable. The tights have a close-fitting design at the foot so that they don't roll up while riding. 

It is designed with 3D padding for cushioning and fits nicely around the hips for prolonged periods. It is made lightweight and molds nicely along your hips. Perfect  best cycling gifts for her!!  

Funny Cycling Gifts

Bike Pants For women - 4ucycling Women 3D Padded Bike Pants

Funny Cycling gifts amazon

Gifts are welcomed by everyone, and if they are useful then they are even more appreciated.

But how about a few gifts that make you laugh and raise a smile?

If you feel gift-giving has become serious, then check out these amazing funny Cycling gifts for this Christmas for your loved ones.

If you are looking out to take some stress out of people's life then these gifts are the best options.  Perfect birthday gifts for Bike Lovers!

Cycling Gifts Under $25

Bike phone mount - Vibrelli Universal Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli universal Bike phone mount

This is an amazing bike phone from Vibrelli that automatically fits phones of 3.7 inches wide. It has an adjustable strong wide clamp and 3 silicon bands that grip your smartphone firmly. 

It easily fits your bike handlebars and is great for road and mountain bike rides. With 3 silicone bands and side clamps, this phone mount is very safe and secure.  

It looks great and is a perfect option for a phone holder. It can be rotated up to 365 degrees and is easy to adjust to a specific position. 

Cycling Gifts Under $10

1. Bike basket - HITECHLIFE Handlebar Bike Basket

Hitechlife  Handle Bar Bike Basket

This is an exquisite bicycle basket designed with woven technology. You can decorate your bike with this wood color wicker bike basket. 

The basket is safe and wear-resistant and is built for durability. The basket will never leave its shape. The basket is made up of leather straps and can be easily installed on your bike with adjustable position and firmness. 

It is strong and big enough to hold weights of books, bags, and grocery.

You can also find many more exciting gifts for cyclists this Christmas that are below $10. Check them out here.

2. Bottle Opener - Kate Aspen Lets go an Adventure Bicyle bottle opener

Kate Aspen Bottle Opener

If a person likes to enjoy every new drink after a ride, then this is the perfect gift. This gleaming pewter bicycle bottle opener from Kate Aspen has an attached tag of "Let the adventure begin" to embrace your adventure.

It is also a great return gift for guests as they leave. It is built with metals and comes with a fabric tag. The grommet in the back wheel acts as a bottle opener. 

People Also Ask

What should I get my cyclist for Christmas?

If you are looking for personalized cycling gifts then there are many products which you can gift a cyclist: 

  • Cycling Clothing: Baselayers, Shorts, Tshirts, Jackets, Shoes, Gloves and more
  • Accessories: Bike lights, Tools, Tires, and more
  • Jerseys
  • Camera's, Computers, Phone mounts, and more
  • Turbo Trainers
  • Mugs for coffee lovers
  • Vintage bikes

What is a good gift for a cyclist?

Here are our few top picks: 

  • C5 Gore-Tex Infinium Gloves
  • Hydro Flask 24oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle
  • The Rider by Krabbe, Tim
  • 1280ef Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer
  •  Vibrelli Universal Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount
  • Stans Dart Tubeless Tire Repair Too

Best Gifts For Cyclist Amazon Recommended

[amazon bestseller=”cycling gifts for christmas” items=”2″]


So, now it's over to you! We have listed the Best cycling gifts for Christmas that you can afford. Make sure you buy something useful this Christmas that will lit up the smile on the recipient's face.

What are the best gifts you have selected for your cycling lover this Christmas? Let us know!

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