Schwinn Ic3 Indoor Cycling Bike Review – Things You Need To Know

Looking for a mid-range Indoor Bike? Then Read our Schwinn indoor cycling bike review here. Know about its pros, cons, customer reviews, & its enhanced features

Schwinn Ic3 Indoor Cycling Bike Review


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Lightweight, high quality components, great performance


Tires wear and tear easily


Schwinn Ic3 Indoor cycling bike is designed for serious indoor cycling riders who are passionate about fitness and cycling and is more reliable in terms of weight capacity, sturdiness, quality, and features

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Indoor cycling bikes not only beat the bad weather but also keep your exercise and fitness goals on track. If you are looking for a serious indoor cycling bike then, Schwinn IC3 is the best choice.

It is one of the newest exercise bikes from the brand and was released in 2017. It is a more solid and advanced version of Schwinn IC2 and is much more reliable in terms of weight capacity, sturdiness, quality, and features. 

It is the best choice for high-intensity spinning compared to others when it comes to the comforts of your home. 

Let’s take a much deeper look into Schwinn Ic3 indoor cycling bikes.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle Trainer Specs

One main highlight of this bike is the drive that it is 40 pounds heftier than the normal indoor bikes. The bike is equipped with a good basic design and features that can satisfy a serious fitness rider. 

Let’s a close look at the Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike assembly and parts. 


The bike is designed with a steel frame and is designed to support all types of spin workouts. It offers great sturdiness due to the joint between frame bars. 

All the parts in the bike are coated with durable finish paint and corrosion-resistant. The basic color used in the overall bike is black

Most of the steel bars are ovalized that adds toughness to the bike and improves its visual. 

You have a small bar welded between the seat and the frame that acts as a step-up bar. 

Schwinn’s IC3 is not a large trainer. It is around 124 cm long and 54 cm wide when fully set up. This bike can fit easily into small or compact places.

Make sure you keep it at a distance of 2 feet from the wall so that you have enough space around it for entry and exit. 

This bike is considerably much heavier than any road or mountain bike. When fully assembled, it weighs around 46 kg and this weight improves the stability of the bike. You get even more stability with additional adjustable levers on both sides of the frame’s base bar.

You have wheels at the front base bars. Hence, locating your trainer is easy when you are done with your workouts. 

Adjustable saddle

The saddle supplied by the Schwinn is almost similar to every trainer bike saddle. Although the bike offers integrated cushioning and has superior airflow, the seat is not built for comfort.

You may find it discomforting for a few workout sessions if you are new to spinning. You have the saddle in the attachment system. You can find more comfortable seat options from the market.

Schwinn IC# saddle

You can also find a seat cover to improve your comfort while using Schwinn IC3. The seat is adjustable in 4-way and offers 7 different adjustment positions. 

The bike can accommodate 153 to 196 cm users without any issues and offer full leg extension. 


The handlebars are designed for multi-grip. They are well padded to provide extreme comfort and secure grip while working out. It is designed with a hollow aero bar loop in the middle of the bars to which the console and bottle holders are combined. 

This area offers a more parallel and close grip. Just like the saddle, it has 4-way adjustable modes, up and down, forward and back. 

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Drive and resistance

The bike’s drive is powered by a poly-v, durable and resistant, highly stretchable rubber belt. Like every other trainer bike’s drive system, it also comes with many benefits.

First, it generates fewer vibrations compared to a chain drive. Second, it does not require frequent lubrication, and third, it offers silent pedaling motion.

Another main feature you get to see with the drive system is the crankset. Schwinn IC3 consists of 3 heavy-duty cranksets with steel arms.

Schwinn Ic3 Indoor cycling bike drive resitance

This is designed to support 300 lbs of the user’s weight and all types of spin workouts. If you don’t exceed this weight, you can easily enjoy pedaling while standing up on the pedals.

The resistance of the bike is manual. Meaning, it does not require a power source. Schwinn IC3 is equipped with a friction resistance system that has a felt brake pad connected to the mainframe bar and attached to the turn knob above it. 

Pad draws contact with the flywheel when you tighten the resistance dial, and then it starts to develop more friction and increases overall pedal resistance. 


The Schwinn IC3 includes a fitness meter that is more than a basic unit. You have a 6-panel LCD display that tracks your RPM, time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. 

 Schwinn touch screen feature

The console is designed with an internal sensor that can track your heart rate

You can set fitness goals for a specific time, distance, and calories. These features help you to track the progress of your fitness.

It is very easy to use and has only 4 buttons: mode, reset, up, and down.


The pedals are designed amazingly and are also highly durable. They are built with metallic alloy and have shoe clips and toe cages from Shimano. They are designed to avoid the fear of slipping so that you can keep on working at top speed.

They have standard 9/16 threads. If in case you feel like replacing them, there are many other options available in the market. 

You have high-quality pedals on Schwinn IC3 that you might not find on exercise bikes under $500. 


The IC3 model has a much heavier flywheel compared to IC2. It weighs around 40 lbs and has an inertia-enhanced flywheel.

It delivers excellent momentum, smooth ride, and steady motion while pedaling.

The flywheel is also bi-directional that allows you the possibility of riding in the reverse direction if you like.

Schwinn Workout programs

Schwinn as such does not offer any other workout programs. Changes made to the drive and resistance are done manually and are controlled efficiently with the dial. 

Schwinn IC3 has a dial that controls all your operations.

Schwinn ic3 Indoor cycling bike assembly and Maintenance

The Schwinn IC3 bike is partially assembled. You get a flywheel, crankset belt, and resistance elements attached to the frame. Parts that need to be attached are the seat, bases, handlebars, pedals, and the fitness unit

The assembly of the bike does not take more than 30 minutes. The company provides the essential tools kit with the bike.

You also get a Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike manual with easy step by step instructions.

Since the bike is designed with the best drive system, it has no use for lubrication. However, the brake pad may need some silicone lubricant when it squeaks while riding. 

Other than this, the bike is easy to maintain. However, it is essential to keep the bike clean and keep on checking the wobbly parts.

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Schwinn IC3 warranty

Schwinn IC3 is one of the lowest price spin-bikes from the brand. 

With the price of $499, you have few warranties on the bike. You get 5 years of warranty on the bike frame and 2 years of warranty on the bike parts.

You can get a 2 years warranty on the electronic parts of the bike. You can get a 1-year warranty on the wearing parts of the bike. 

The brand also offers 6 weeks of money-back guarantees on the spin-bikes

Buying Advice – What users Think Of Schwinn IC3 bike?

People have high expectations when it comes to Schwinn fitness bikes. Schwinn IC3 did not disappoint people. 

We say that many people were happy with the bike. The users found out that the Schwinn IC3 is the perfect spin bike with its soli build, steel design, and non-plastic anything. 

The users said they had an amazing experience with the high weighted flywheel. The bike was adjustable and fun to ride.

The users loved the fitness aspect of the bike. They are also happy with features like console and the computer, iPad holder, shoe clips, and water bottle holder.

Users found the bike very quiet and easy to ride and assemble. It is a heavy-duty spin bike, they said. They liked the build quality of the bike.

Many users received defective pieces of the bike, but the issues were handled perfectly by the company. There are also many complaints regarding the console, speed and distance accuracy. 

Some users are also upset with the Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike with tablet holder as it shakes off the bike when riding.

On the whole, the users loved the bike and found it very comfortable for other bikes. They were pleased with the bike and mentioned that they would definitely recommend this bike. 


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Schwinn ic3 indoor cycling bike is a top-bargain for your home fitness goal. It is a well-equipped spin bike at an amazing price range.  Schwinn IC3 is the first choice for many people who do not require workout programming on their bikes. 

You will get solid, affordable equipment that will help you get into shape. 

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