Firmstrong Bruiser Review

Firmstrong Bruiser Review

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Easy assembly, simple design, adjustability, handles well in sand


Single speed, not designed for long distances or races, no handlebar breaks


This simple yet elegant beach cruiser from Firmstrong lives up to its name with excellent sand handling and an amazing large frame designed to fit anyone.

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The Firmstrong Bruiser single speed bike is part of a Firmstrong Bruiser family which includes the Firmstrong Bruiser 3.0 – 3 speed bike, and the Firmstrong Bruiser seven-speed bike. There are also Firmstrong bikes for women and children. This review is focused on the single speed bike.

The Firmstrong Bruiser single speed bike is one of the best cruising bikes, made for people who want to ride in the sand.

The bicycles are manufactured in Hermosa Beach, California and sold all over the United States and online.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: One Fits All Men SizeBRAKE TYPE: Coaster BrakesSHIFTER: No Front Shifters, Self-Shifting Rear GearsRIMS: Front Alloy 26H, Rear KT Coaster 36HTIRES: Kenda Tires

The Firmstrong Bruiser is named to sound like a manly man bike, and advertising of the bike follows that mentality. It is designed to be a recreational cruiser for men.

It is single speed and is a simple gear system with no hanging cables. It is considered to be a no-frills bike because it is traditional in design and easy to use in the structure. 

Riding the Firmstrong Bruiser should be relaxing and comfortable with an effortless feel to it. The bicycle is designed with comfort in mind, with broader tires and a spring saddle.

Even though it only has one gear, it is intended to serve the differing speed needs of its riders. Whether you want to go 5 or 15 mph, the Firmstrong Bruiser is exceptional. On hills, a bike that can change speeds is easier; however, inclines are doable with the single speed bike. 

According to the website, the bike is able to accommodate men between 5’4 and 6’4.

Frame Size

The frame of the Firmstrong Bruiser is excellent for men of all sizes and is designed primarily to be a comfortable ride for taller men, or for men who want a longer arm extension. With a 17-inch extended length frame, the extra 2 inches create more space between the handlebars and the rider. 

Firmstrong Bruiser Frame Size Review

The frame is a thick top tube design which gives the bike a “beefy” look. They are painted all black, and the handlebars have synthetic leather on the grips.

Brake Type

Just like original beach cruisers, the brake system on the Firmstrong Bruiser is a coaster brake, which means the rider merely has to pedal backward to stop. There aren’t any handlebar brakes. The KT coaster brakes make operating easy and braking smooth. 


The single speed version of the Firmstrong Bruiser does not need shifters. On the 3-speed and 7-speed models, all of the shiftings occurs inside the back wheel, meaning the chain doesn’t have to move in order for the bikes gears to change. Having a shifter within the rear wheel reduces the potential for future problems and also means less maintenance for the user.

Firmstrong Bruiser Rear Gear Review


The rims are 26 inches and made of painted aluminum. Its specific dimensions are 26×2.125x36H. The front hub is Alloy 26H, and the rear hub is KT Coaster 36H. The spokes are made of stainless steel. 


The tires on the Firmstrong Bruiser single speed bike are 2.125 inches wide, all black, and provide extra cushion for easy rolling and a relaxed ride. The brand of the tires on the cycle are Kenda. Its grooved tread pattern is designed to shed water, making them perfect for wet weather and beach riding.

Kenda is a well-known brand and finding replacement tires, if necessary, is not difficult.

Price Range

Prices for the single speed Firmstrong Bruiser is consistently under $250, both on the manufacturer’s website and also on sites like,, and the Bed, Bath & Beyond website. While the single speed bike costs $250 on most common websites, the three-speed and seven-speed bikes cost a little more. Here are the prices on the manufacturer’s website:

  • Firmstrong Bruiser Single Speed: $250
  • Firmstrong Bruiser 3 Speed: $280

What We Like

The Firmstrong Bruiser Single Speed Bike is great for riding on the beach. It weighs 40 pounds and will arrive mostly fully assembled. For people who want to ride 3 to 15 mph, and travel between 0 and 20 miles, the Bruiser, is a great bike.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable.
  • Great for sandy and wet terrain.
  • Simple design.
  • No wires to worry about.
  • Seat and handlebar tilt and height are easily adjusted to fit riders.
  • Larger frame adds comfort to larger men.
  • Option to purchase color matched fenders.

What We Don’t Like

For a simplistic beach cruiser, the Firmstrong Bruiser is a great bike all around. It is well designed, with tires that repel water, making it safe and effective in the sand.


  • Not good for racing.
  • Single speed can make it a small challenge on inclines.
  • No handlebar brakes.
  • Not designed for long distance racing.

Buying Advice

The Firmstrong Bruiser Single Speed Bike is great for people who want to ride their bike on a beach. The intensity of riding in sand gives a good workout, and beach riding is a fun sport for many.

The Bruiser is good for people who enjoy high-intensity bike rides, but who are not interested in riding it cross country. For people who want to ride on the beach or wet terrains, for less than 20 hours, the beach cruiser is a good bike.

The Firmstrong Bruiser series of bikes offer something for most people. With the kid’s edition, women’s edition, and the three different editions of the men’s bike, people who are interested in a solid beach cruiser, can find something they like.


The Firmstrong Bruiser Single Speed bike is a sturdy and thick beach cruiser that markets to men who want a tough and manly bike. It is durable, easy to assemble, and affordable. 

It is available for sell at many different stores and is a popular choice. For people who are looking for an upgrade from a mountain bike, and who need more comfort or support, the Firmstrong Bruiser single speed bike is a great option.

Biking in the sand near the ocean is easier with the Bruiser, and they are available to order now from many different stores. If you are thinking about a Firmstrong Bruiser, check it out on now.

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