Diamondback Viper Review

Diamondback Viper Mountain Bike Review

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Sturdy, durable, perfect for kids


No kick stand


The Diamondback mini Viper 16 is one of the premier beginner kid’s BMX choices out there, with a sturdy frame material and a durable design it’s perfect for beginners.

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The Diamondback Viper is a first-step bike for kids to get their initial BMX riding experience.

This bike celebrates a true BMX bike in its purest form. The Diamondback mini Viper is a 20-inch boys’ bike is ready to roll to school, cruise along park paths or hit the BMX park.

For reference, BMX is an abbreviation for a term that means bicycle motocross or bike motocross. BMX is a favorite style of sports biking performed on BMX bikes. This type of riding is either in competitive BMX racing or as freestyle BMX which is about stunts and tricks. The BMX model of bicycles is also famous for general use or off-road recreation

When starting out in the sport or just the casual enjoyment of BMXing, experts and pros agree, your kid needs a good, reliable entry-level bike. This legendary model Viper BMX bike is where it’s at for beginners. The bike has everything you need at an affordable price and delivers a renown BMX experience.

The Diamondback Viper has been a viable model for well over a decade. It has helped thousands of young BMXers in the sport and around countless neighborhoods.

As a historical footnote, Diamondback began by designing BMX models and grew to be a highly regarded brand. After a few years, the brand made a natural progression mountain bikes.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: Small, Medium, LargeBRAKE TYPE: Rush RX2.1 Brake LeverSHIFTER: Single-speed SADDLE: DB BMX Padded SeatRIMS: 30mm Wide Black RimsTIRES: BMX style 20×2.125” Tires

The Diamondback Viper bike is designed for all kind of BMX experiences. Out of the box, the bike has everything except front and rear pegs for the axle hubs which are used for stunts.

Handlebars are Hi-ten steel 2-piece 24″ wide x 6″ rise Grips DB Icon Grip w/ Nylon End Plug.

Resin pedals are standard, but it’s not unusual for BMX enthusiasts, as they become more experienced and aggressive with their riding and stunts to add more specialized pedals.

Frame Size

Hi-Ten steel frame and fork

Bike Size

Boys/20″ Age 4-9 Rider Height: 44”-54″

S    M    L

Height Range

 5′ 4″ – 5′ 7″    5′ 7″ – 5′ 10″    5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″

Brake Type

Rush linear rear w/ coaster hub with Rush RX2.1 Brake Levers plus brakes coaster to help ease the transition to braking with their hands,

Diamondback Viper Breaks


The Diamondback Viper is a single-speed bike with18t cog chain KMC Z410 1/2 x 1/8


The Diamondback Viper is equipped with a Diamondback BMX padded seat with a steel pillar Seatpost that looks aggressive with black paint.


The Diamondback Viper features aluminum, 30mm wide black rims which are designed for all the abuse it comes with BMX riding.

Diamondback Viper Rims and Tires Review


On the Diamondback Viper are BMX style 20×2.125” tires that provide a balance of grip and smooth rolling quality.

Price Range

The typical price in the market for a Diamondback Viper is around $150

What We Like

This seems to be the ideal bike for boys and girls who are around ten years of age. While the Diamondback Viper may not be as lightweight at some BMX models, those are usually $300 or more. So, the Viper is a tremendous value at around half the cost.

Also, the Diamondback Viper has a chain guard which helps protect the skin and clothing of young riders. It’s also a feature that gets overlooked I’m many of the other BMX models built for kids.


  • Sturdy steel frame and fork are built to handle the rigors of riding
  • Single-speed drivetrain offers simplicity, value and low maintenance
  • Linear-pull rear brake provides stopping power when needed
  • Stout BMX 20 in. wheels are outfitted with Comp III style tires for all-around performance

What We Don’t Like

Some parents have mentioned they’re nervous about their kids adjusting to a handbrake. So that’s a learning curve you must address with young riders.


  • No kick-stand
  • No pegs for front or rear hubs

Buying Advice

While there are cheaper styles of mountain bikes from big-box retailers, most parents who bought the Diamondback Viper felt it was well worth the extra money. They emphasized that you get what you pay for and that you will not be disappointed with the quality and the way the Diamondback Viper holds up to the abuse.

And it just makes sense, because of Diamondbacks longstanding and robust leadership in the BMX category. In the Diamondback Viper, you’ll sense the engineering heritage that made this brand a top performer for years. And it’s nice to know that that same care and concern has been brought to their kid’s bikes.


Taking on that first big kids bike is quite a leap for most children and it takes a fair amount of involvement and research from parents, guardians or relatives. The Diamondback Viper is designed to transition young riders into a more sophisticated form of bike riding, notably the BMX style. This bike has a rock-solid steel frame and forks, along with beefy rims and tires that can withstand all the abuse that comes with BMX riding.

But this bike is also great for casual riding, hitting the trails, traversing the neighborhoods and more. In fact, some buyers claim their kids immediately found a new form of independence with the freedom their Diamondback Vipers provided!

Many Diamondback Viper owners feel the frame sizing and crankshaft position along with the handlebar location make it an exceptional big kid bike that’s ideal for most youths age 9 through 11. And many have found the bike so durable that they’ve been able to pass along the bike down to other siblings, other family members or to neighbors and friends. That’s the sign of a bike for all kids!

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