Diamondback Sorrento 27.5 Review

Diamondback 2016 Sorrento Review

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Updated The Diamondback Sorrento was replaced by the Overdrive in 2019
Pros Sizing options, lightweight, great price
Cons Weak chain, sub-par pedals, durability
Summary While being an excellent affordable beginner bike, it does not hold up to the stresses of use as good as other, more expensive bikes. Essentially, you get what you paid for.
Our Rating 76/100
Manufacturer Diamondback

The Diamondback 2016 Sorrento and Sorrento Hard Tail are both bikes that are branded as Diamondback’s all mountain bikes.

The Sorrento is a versatile bike, geared specifically for mountainous trails.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: S (with a 16″ frame), M (a 18″ frame), L (20″ frame), and XL (22″ frame)BRAKE TYPE: Tektro Alloy Linear or V-Line Pull BrakesSHIFTER: Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 7 Speed ShiftersRIMS: 32h Diamondback XC260TIRES: Chaoyang Hornet Tires

The Diamondback 2016 Sorrento offers the user a serviceable bike for tough trails. The Diamondback offers models with differing wheel sizes at 27.5, 26, and 24 inches.

All the bikes provide similar size options for the frame and the wheels. The Sorrento come in S (with a 16″ frame), M (a 18″ frame), L (20″ frame), and XL (22″ frame).

People consider the Sorrento a great, inexpensive entry level bike. The bike requires some Do it yourself assembly after buying it.

Many users remedy this by taking the bikes to a shop for assembly. . The bike model offers a frame of parts that you can replace if you don’t mind spending a bit more money. The Diamondback Sorrento line is versatile, offering serviceable performance at a reasonable price.

Frame Size

The Sorrento bikes feature a heat treated and butted 6061-T6 aluminum frame. The frame and the SR Suntour suspension fork help maintain control when trails get bumpy. Users remark about how few limitations the build offers on the trail. Some deem the replaceable derailleur hanger necessary for rougher hikes.

The heat treated aluminum frame makes for sturdier lighter ride. It says something when Diamondback uses the same treating process for its $$$$ bikes as well.

Brake Type

The Sorrento and Hard Tail bike lines feature Tektro Alloy Linear or V-Line pull brakes. Riders state that the brakes are suitable for beginners or average bikers. While advanced bikers may desire more responsive brakes, you can replace some parts. Specific braking upgrades can be overkill, though.


Sorrento bikes feature Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 7 speed shifters. More advanced riders complain about the limited gear shift. The gear doesn’t serve as an issue for beginning bikers wanting to hit the trail.


The Diamondback Sorrento line comes with 32h Diamondback XC260 wheelset. The wheelset also comes in other sizes like 26″ and 24″. The rims are also double walled, which should make the bike sturdier and able to take on more. The mountain bike also offers quick release wheels. The wheel size and build offers less rolling resistance without giving up maneuverability.


The Sorrento use Chaoyang Hornet tires. The tires for the 27.5 measure out to 27.5″ x 2.1″. They are very beneficial tires for people trying to ride with tubeless ready bikes. The tire sidewall gives the defense against cracks and bumps on mountain trails.

Price Range

The Sorrento vary in prices from site to site. You can buy any model online without having to visit a local third party dealer.

Users can check the Diamondback website for their prices. If you look on other sites, like Amazon, you may end up paying less.

Paying extra for same day shipping is always an option on the Diamondback site. Diamondback also offers free assembly for bike orders at a certain price.

What We Like

The Diamondback Sorrento offers an excellent build for bikers on a low budget. The wheels offer a cushy ride over hiking trails. The frames are lightweight, but also provide a significant amount of control.

The bike works well for beginning or entry-level riders.


  • Looks great and excellent lightweight aluminum frame
  • Varied sizing for younger and older bike riders
  • Great, affordable low price

What We Don’t Like

Reviewers and users have cited a couple of significant issues. Despite how effective the bike is, Diamondback made this bike more for early bikers. The bike has a seat post that discourages longer bike rides. The bike requires a bit of constant maintenance.

Diamondback didn’t build this bike to be a trail bike that is used daily. Certain bike parts reportedly break and don’t hold up under more rigorous conditions.

Users have also complained quite a bit about the brakes and how they break after a few uses.


  • Pedals made from cheap, easily broken plastic
  • Weak chain
  • Not as durable as other bike brands
  • Still needs assembly after sale

Buying Advice

The Diamondback Sorrento offers a solid product for the low price tag. However, it has been replaced by the Overdrive in 2019.

The bike is excellent for simple back and forth commuting and recreational biking. The tire and wheelset create a sturdy and comfortable ride. The double wall on the tires makes them more durable against a lot of harsher landscapes.

The bike is suitable for anyone at any age. The bike does have some issues with chains, seating, and brakes, though. Customers have complained that these break soon after a few days of repeated use.

The bike requires you to assemble and maintain it yourself which is not too difficult. Many users replace the brakes or seats on their own. You can do it yourself if you don’t mind expanding your bike spending budget.

The frame and suspension of the bike are still lightweight and easy to maintain.


This bike is definitely not for more advanced bikers. The bike suspension can only handle so much on a trail. If you can find it in the right size, though, this bike is a great buying option for children or older entry level bikers. The price tag makes it affordable and it has some great benefits for the price.

The bike is great for casual trail biking or urban commuting. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and suspension that allows for great speed biking trips. also durable and built to allow for solid maneuverability.

The Sorrento has issues because it has many cheap parts, but they can be replaced. Ultimately, the Diamondback Sorrento is a casual trail bike that gives you your money’s worth if you’re purchasing it for the right reasons. 

Although discontinued and not sold in stores, it is still a great pickup if you can get one secondhand. If you are looking for the latest version, check out our Diamondback Overdrive Review, as this bike replaced the Sorrento in 2019. You can also check diamondback edgewood bike price.

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