Best Walmart BMX Bikes in 2023

If you are buying a BMX bike for a child or just getting started with BMX riding as a hobby, Walmart is a great place to start.  Walmart carries a decent array of BMX bikes.

At BikesReviewed we are analyzing BMX bikes for Style (race, freestyle or dirt jumper), SUSPENSION (right front and rear suspensions), Wheel size and Rims and most importantly, the body material-aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and steel.  

Walmart BMX bikes gives us options in these categories at very competitive prices.

Below we present a list of some of the best BMX bikes that can be found conveniently and inexpensively at Walmart.

How do we review it?

We made several trips to Walmart and often could not find more than one or two bikes in stock.  We then went to a few Regional SuperCenters and found 5 BMX bikes at one, and 3 at the other.  

Our assumption is that these bikes move pretty fast, and you will be lucky to find them in the store.  Your best bet is to stick on-line, and start your search at where there is currently listed 204 BMX style bikes.

Here are the 5 best after researching manufacturing process, customer reviews, and few rides on the ramps. 

Best cheap BMX bikes in 2023

1. Hyper Bicycles 20″ Jet Fuel BMX Bike, Kids

Hyper Bicycles 20" Jet Fuel BMX Bike, Kids:

The Hyper Bicycles 20″ Jet Fuel BMX comes with a fabulous jet fuel color finish which is best for beginner to intermediate riders ready to improve their skills all while having fun riding with friends.

The Hyper Bicycles 20″ Jet Fuel BMX consists of platform BMX pedals, micro drive front and rear sprockets, and a 360° handlebar rotation rotor.

Hyper Bicycles 20" Jet Fuel BMX Bike, Kids frame

Riders can perform all sorts of stunts in the park style with the Hyper Bicycles 20″ Jet Fuel BMX.


Frame: Steel BMX frame with Jet Fuel finish.

Handlebars: Alloy BMX handlebar with 360⁰ rotation.

Gear: Micro Drive single-speed gearing for improved ground clearance.

Wheels:48 spoke alloy wheels.

Pedals: Alloy BMX platform pedals.

Brakes: Front and rear U brakes.

Weight: 30.86lbs

What We Like

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Fun to ride.
  • 360° rotating handlebar.

What We Don’t Like

  • Jet fuel is funky in the box color, which might not be acceptable to everyone.

Final Verdict:

The Hyper Bicycles 20″ Jet Fuel BMX overall is a fantastic bike fit for beginners, and its 360 rotating handlebars provide sturdy control over the stunts.

2. Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike

Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike

The Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike is one the best entry-level bike that can perform efficiently in any surroundings such as streets, dirt, and park.

Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike parts

It is a challenging and sturdy bike as its frame is made of high tensile steel and stealth alloy top load stem, and it weighs considerably less than other bikes in this price range.

Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike frame


Frame: Hi-tensile Steel (20 In Top Tube)

Fork: Hi-tensile Steel

Headset: In Standard Unsealed

Stem: Alloy (50 Mm Reach)

Bars: Hi-tensile Steel (8.75 In Rising)

Cranks: 170 Mm Chromoly 1-pc

Bottom Bracket: Unsealed American 19 Mm

Pedals: 1/2 In Threads Plastic Platform

Sprocket: 25T

Hub: F 3/8 & R 14 Mm

Pegs: Pair Included

Driver: 9T

Tires: 20 X 2.5 “

Brake Lever: Alloy Stealth

Brakes: Alloy Cease U-brake

Weight: 26.2 Lbs

What We Like

  • Very lightweight.
  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Wide tires perform well on dirt surfaces.
  • Very affordable.

What We Don’t Like

  • Tools required for assembly are included.
  • Uncomfortable seat.
  • The U brakes are not the best quality brakes.

Final Verdict:

Elite BMX Stealth Black Gum Trick Bike is one of the best bikes for entry-level riders. It is constructed with high tensile steel, which makes it extremely tough and durable. But some users find the U brakes unresponsive, and the tools required for assembling are not included. Overall it is beneficial for beginners, and even children can use it.

3. Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro Bike, Aluminum

Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro Bike, Aluminum

The Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro Bike has a matte black frame and liquid blue graphics, providing a sleek and relaxed look. Moreover, its aluminum body makes it extremely lightweight and easy to handle and manage.

Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro Bike, Aluminum frame

The rear alloy V brakes provide extremely high grip on the surface, and its alloy double wall rims provide extra strength to the bike. A stitched ATB saddle offers comfort and a cool look to it.


Frame: Sleek, lightweight black aluminum frame.

Recommended age: Ideal for ages 5 to adults.

Rims: Double-wall rims.

Seat: Padded ATB saddle has a premium BMX style.

Tire: 20” x 2.0” tires provide excellent grip.

Handlebars: Hi-rise handlebar.

Grips: Comfortable Kraton grips.

Brakes: Rear alloy V-brake.

Kickstand: Removable Steel bolt-on kickstand.

Price: $198

What We Like

  • Sleek and cool.
  • Suited for riding on all surfaces.
  • Dual rims provide extra strength.
  • Lightweight.
  • Krayton grip offers a different performance.

What We Don’t Like

  • Braking may be too weak.
  • Geometry feels unstable.

Final Verdict:

The Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro is a very cool-looking bike because of its matte color and highly lightweight because of its aluminum composition. And most importantly, it is suited for riding on almost all surfaces. Overall The Huffy 20-inch BMX Race HX-Pro is a very sturdy BMX bike.

4. Eastern 20″ BMX Lowdown Freestyle Bicycle – white

Eastern 20" BMX Lowdown Freestyle Bicycle - white

The Eastern 20″ BMX Lowdown Freestyle Bicycle is one of the best bikes for beginners level riders. It is a perfect bike to introduce riders to the BMX world.

Eastern 20" BMX Lowdown Freestyle Bicycle - white

It consists of Tubular Chromoly 3-piece cranks and a sealed hub. It is crafted from tough hi-tensile steel with some dialed Eastern aftermarket grips, pedals, and sprockets giving this beginner bike an expert look.


Cranks:3pc Tubular Chromoly Cranks.

Hub: Sealed Front & Rear Hubs.

Frame: Hi-Tensile Steel Frame.

Fork: Hi-Tensile Steel Fork and Bars.

Grips: Eastern Riblet Grips.

Pedals: Eastern Atom Pedals.

Sprockets: Eastern Sprocket.

What We Like

  • Available in various colors.
  • Affordable price.
  • 3-piece tubular Chromoly cranks.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Padded seat for additional comfort.

What We Don’t Like

  • The paint chips easily.
  • Some users found issues with tires and tubes and had to replace them shortly after purchasing.

Final Verdict:

The Eastern Bikes Lowdown is a very affordable alternative with sealed hubs. It is available in seven colors, though the paint may easily be chipped off. Its frame is made from durable steel, which makes the bike extremely tough. Most riders found the 20″ wheels and tires smooth rolling.


Hopefully, we provided you with the necessary information to help you find and select the best BMX bike available at Walmart. All the bikes mentioned above are the best in some ways in their respective price points.

Some specific bikes are fit for beginners, some run smoothly on all surfaces, and some are best for stunts, but if you are looking for an all-round performer, then Eastern 20″ BMX Lowdown Freestyle will be a suitable choice.

Lastly, all bikes have pros and cons; most importantly, everyone should choose their bikes according to their preferences and areas of activities.

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