Best Cult BMX bike in 2023

Cult BMX bikes are known for their wide range of entry-level and mid-level BMX bikes that are reasonably priced. The bikes weigh around 25lbs-27lbs and are best bikes suited for beginners, kids and intermediate-level riders. 

The bikes are built in Taiwan; so, we are getting good quality at a good price.

Its bottom bracket height, chain stay length, and price distinguish a Cult BMX. If you are looking to buy a decent-priced, overall good-quality BMX bike for your children or you are just starting out, this is the BMX bike for you.

How did we review it?

After going through all the BMX bikes by Cult, we settled down on the best four of them that provide the best value for money in terms of top-tube height, chainstay length, bottom bracket height, frame quality, wheelbase, overall quality and durability and price. This unbiased list shall provide you with a detailed comparison of the best Cult BMX bikes in the year 2023.

Here are the Best Cult BMX bike in 2023

1. GATEWAY / raw w/ red camo Cult BMX bike

GATEWAY / raw w/ red camo Cult BMX bike

They are loaded with awesome parts like Cult Match rims. Cult Heaven’s Gate grips, a top load stem, and Cult X Vans tires; the Gateway BMX bike by Cult is a great option for entry/intermediate-level riders.

Cult Match rims

Chromoly Frame

The frame is made up of 100% Chromoly steel front triangle for weight savings and features fully sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and durability. 


20.5” TTCROMO Front Triangle9″ 2-piece BarsHeaven’s Gate Begin GripsTop Load StemIntegrated HeadsetCULT Nylon PedalsHeat Treated CROMO 3pc 170mm cranksSealed Mid Bottom BracketCULT 410 ChainSealed Front HubSealed Rear 9T Cassette HubCULT Match Rims25T Member style Sprocket1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo2.40 CULT x VANS Tires990 U-Brake

What We Like

  • The tires are of decent quality.
  • The chainstay is one of the longest in this segment and provides control to newer riders.
  • The tall bottom bracket provides for a snappy ride.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bike’s front end is made up of Chromoly, but the back end is made up of cheaper high tensile steel that tends to bend after prolonged use.
  • Bars are made of high tensile steel only.
  • Not made for intermediate to advanced level bikers.
  • Comes with single-walled forks.

Final Verdict:

The Gateway BMX bike by Cult is a good bike if you are a beginner. Due to its mellow frame geometry and single-walled forks, it is best suited for more stable street style riding or bumpy dirt riding but can not take the stress of a park riding circuit.

2. DEVOTION / black Cult BMX bike


The DEVOTION from Cult BMX bikes comes in a panzer white, a calvary blue and a black colour options. The Cult went all out on this BMX bike, providing 100% Chromoly frame and bars; they also have upgraded the rims from single to double walled Cult mach rims that provide unmatched strength and durability to the bike.


 The bike features integrated foot pegs that allow the rider to perform some of the advanced stunts. The bike has long 9-inch handlebars and a very long chainstay that makes the bike perfect for fast riding and entry-level use on dirt tracks. However, due to the long chainstay, the bike doesn’t feel responsive enough to ride on the streets.


DEVOTION 21” TT100% CROMO Frame100% CROMO Fork9″ CROMO 2-piece BarsHeaven’s Gate Begin GripsCULT Forged Salvation V5 Top Load StemIntegrated HeadsetDAK PedalsHeat Treated CROMO 3 pc 175mmSealed Mid Bottom BracketCULT 510 ChainSealed Front Female HubSealed 9T Cassette HubCULT Match Rims25T Alloy Member Sprocket2.40 CULT x VANS TiresRemovable 990 U-Brake [installed]26.8lbs

What We Like

  • Comes with a 100% Chromoly frame and handlebars.
  • It has integrated foot pegs for stunts.
  • Good bike for entry-level BMX bikers.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bike is not street specific.
  • The top tube is 21″ long and maybe a little high for short riders.
  • The bike can not be taken to ride in BMX park circuits.

Final Verdict:

The DEVOTION is one of the most premium bikes from the house of Cult bikes. This bike is built to last with a 100% Chromoly body, frame, and double-walled rims. The long chain stay adds to the stability and helps the bike go faster. The tall handlebars allow a dirt rider to ride comfortably.However, due to the long chain stay, the bike is not appropriately responsive for riding in parks.

3. 18″ JUVENILE Cult BMX bike

18" JUVENILE / blue

Equipped with the famous Cult x Vans tyres, the 18” Juvenile BMX bike by Cult is an 18-inch BMX bike with 18-inch wheels and an 18-inch top tube featuring a short rear end. Because of its aluminium frame, the Cult “Juvenile” BMX Bike is lighter when compared to other 18″ BMX bikes.

Cult x Vans tyres

The bike is a perfect fit for those with a body height from 140 cm to 150 cm and weight not more than 50 kg.


JUVENILE 18”Lightweight 6061 Aluminum FrameUpgraded Geometry (18” TT)Short Rear EndIntegrated HeadsetMini CULT Dehart GripsTop Load StemCROMO 3 pc 140mm CranksCULT Nylon PedalsSealed Mid Bottom BracketCULT 410 Chain9T Cassette HubCULT Match Rims25T Member style Sprocket1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo2.30 CULT x VANS Tires990 U-Brake

What We Like

  • The headset and the stand are durable.
  • The frame is made of high-quality Chromoly and is built to last.
  • The wheels are good and provide strong grips.
  • The drive train is one of the most durable.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bar caps fall off pretty quick.
  • The brakes tend to loosen up even after tightening.
  • The bike gets noisy when jumping or riding down the stairs.

Final Verdict:

The 18” Juvenile BMX bike from Cult is great for short riders and kids or anyone who is not taller than 150 cm and weighs not more than 50 kgs. It is one of the most durable bikes you can get at this price on the market. The bike’s key highlight of the integrated headset, the drive train, wheels, and the overall stability and durability. However, the bike can get a little noisy on stairs or uneven surfaces, and the brakes are not of good quality.

4. ACCESS Cult BMX bike

ACCESS / black

Formerly known as Gateway Jr., the ACCESS BMX bike by Cult is built from sturdy hi-tensile steel and a 20″ Top Tube length – a great choice for beginners. The standard 25-9T gearing, which is the perfect ratio for all types of riding, and the Cult X Vans tyres underfoot provide the best gripping power.

Cult X Vans tyres

The sealed bearings bottom bracket and integrated headset provide for a compact and stable design with assured and unmatched durability. The Cult Chain, Cult Match Rims, Cult Pedals and Cult Grips add to the overall awesomeness of the bike.


ACCESS 20” TT Frame9″ 2-piece BarsHeaven’s Gate Begin GripsTop Load StemIntegrated HeadsetCULT Nylon PedalsThree pc 170mm Cromo CranksSealed Mid Bottom BracketCULT 410 Chain9T Cassette HubCULT Match Rims25T Member style Sprocket1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo2.40 CULT x VANS Tires990 U-Brake26 lbs

What We Like

  • The bottom Bracket height is good.
  • The long chainstay combats the weaker geometry and provides some stability.

What We Don’t Like

  • The quality of the bike’s frame is not very good.
  • Has single-walled rims.
  • The top tube is small and made for smaller riders to get on BMX
  • Has unsealed bearings at the rims and wheels.

Final Verdict:

The ACCESS is one of the most budget-friendly bikes options from Cult, its longer chain stay and higher bottom bracket provide for stability and responsiveness, and this bike is made for an absolute beginner who wants to get started with BMX bikes. The bike is made of high tensile steel and is not as durable as other bikes on this list; it is suited for streets and dirt tracks but not for riding in BMX parks.

Is Cult a good bike brand?

Since they have built up a cult-like following over the past few years, they have become insanely popular. Essentially, they have one of the best reputations in BMX, and we recommend their complete bikes for new riders. Only because they make good quality stuff for a good price.


To wrap it up, Cult bikes are good mid-ranged bikes mainly targeted toward entry-level riders who want to enter the world of BMX. The Cult BMX bikes provide decent quality bikes at a good price range, surely they are not suitable for riding in parks and performing heavy stunts due to their geometry, single-walled rims and high-tensile forks, but to combat all of these, Cult bike has the longest chainstays and the highest bottoms brackets in this price range that provide stability and responsiveness to the bike.

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