6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

6KU Aluminum Fixie

Pros Riding experience, lightweight, double brakes, design
Cons Pedals, saddle
Summary This bike can really fly, and you have everything you need to control it when it does. It feels quick, rides even quicker, and offers incredible pedal efficiency and rhythm that really makes you feel more in tune with the road below you.
Our Rating 92/100
Manufacturer 6KU

6KU is a big name in the fixed gear bike world now, and it’s understandable. The company’s goal to manufacture affordable and accessible fixies is definitely appreciated, and they’ve been very successful with it thus far.

The 6KU Urban Track fixed gear bike is one of our favorites. As the name says, the bike is an appropriate blend of track and street, resulting in a hybrid of sorts that offers the best aspects of each bike type.

Fixed gear bikes have their origins with track bikes, after all, something that 6KU is well aware of. While most wouldn’t be comfortable using an actual track bike on city streets, 6KU altered a few characteristics to make one that can handle it, and thus the Urban Track was born.

Light, quick, and durable, the 6KU Urban Track is a force on the streets, and it won’t cost you all that much.


FRAME: Aluminum frame

BREAKSET: Front and rear brakes

SIZE: 47-61 cm

TIRES: Kenda 700c 25 inches

EXTRA FEATURES: 10 different colors

The Urban Track’s look stands out as soon as you see it. The frame has an obvious track design to it, with flattened tubes and a slightly angled rear chain stay. All of its color options opt for a sleek look, rather than the bold colors some other bikes go with on the frame and rims

The frame is made from 6061 double-butted alloy and features smooth welds that give the frame a very very sleek and high-end look.

Stainless steel dropouts and a 1 ⅛” alloy fork alloy for some added shock absorption on bumpier paths. The overall weight ranges from 18-22 pounds depending on the size.

The Urban Track’s saddle displays some minor racing influence, with a sport-style design and minimal padding. The coverage is optimal however, and it is surprisingly comfortable.

Handlebar of 6KU

The bike’s riser handlebar design does stave off some of the track feel that it has, but this is a good thing. The riser handlebar allows the rider to sit a little more upright, which makes it easier on the back. Soft and durable rubber BMX-style grips improve steering and comfort.

The Urban Track’s drivetrain is one of our favorite parts. The sealed cartridge rear hub is made by Novatec, providing worry-free riding by preventing dirt and moisture from getting inside. Like many fixies these days, the hub can be flipped around for freewheel riding when desired.

6KU Fixed Gear Bike

A 3D forged alloy 46T crank makes up the rest of the drivetrain, utilizing a very efficient 46:16 gear ratio. This gives the bike a little more top-end speed, making longer rides a little easier.

6KU urban track was careful to ensure plenty of stopping power as well, implementing both front and rear brakes.

This makes the bike much more suitable for dense urban areas and allows for easier speed control in tight situations. Riders can easily remove the brakes if needed.

The Urban Track has an impressive wheelset. 30mm deep V double-wall alloy rims are paired with 700cc x 25c Kenda tires and a minimal tread design, providing improved grip, and making the ride smooth.


6KU urban really nailed it in terms of what they were going for. The Urban Track bike like a true urban fixie, but also offers some increased speed and handling for those who really like to fly down the road.

Because of this, we appreciate the double brakes. Sure, some fixie purists will end up taking them off anyways, but the Urban Tracks heightened speed capabilities need to be controlled somewhat if you are darting around busy streets and sidewalks.

The low weight really gives this bike a nimble feel that is very easy to maneuver. You really feel like you’re getting the most out of each pedal, and brakeless stopping is much very accommodated as well. The drivetrain is set up perfectly, and of course the freewheel option is good to have as well, especially with twin braking ability.

6KU was sure to focus on the style aspect as well. The frame design looks great in any color, and offers that classic track look. The all-black look works very nicely, and gives it a sort of rugged urban look very in tune with its name.


The pedals on the Urban Track are a little disappointing. They seem to be unnecessarily large, and have a cheap feel to them. The pedals may be fine to start with, but upgrading them will give the bike a much better feel that makes a huge difference overall.

Saddles are always a concern on bikes like these, as everyone is shaped differently and has different preferences. That said, while we do understand the design and feel of the Urban Track’s saddle, there will undoubtedly be some who want something different.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike


This is a single-speed track bike so there are going to be less components, but we still recommend having the bike assembled by a professional. This not only ensures that it’s set up right but also tuned up as well, which is very important with things like brake cables and levers.

Set aside a little extra money for the assembly, you’ll be glad you did. Also, as we mentioned before, getting some new pedals at the same time would be a good idea as well.


The 6KU Urban Track is easily one of our favorite bikes. We try not to focus on style too much, but hey, this is a fixie, so it’s going to come into play. The bike looks amazing in any color, and truly offers a track-like look on an urban cycle. Check out our best urban bikes 2020 for the best city rides.

That being said, the Urban Track is about so much more than looks. This bike can really fly, and you have everything you need to control it when it does. It feels quick, rides even quicker, and offers incredible pedal efficiency and rhythm that really makes you feel more in tune with the road below you.

All of this for under $375 max? Sign us up.

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