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Fixed gear bikes, also known as “fixies” are more popular than ever.  

This trend led to the creation of dozens of small manufacturers who wanted to help these bikes go mainstream by providing limitless choices at cost-effective price points.  

6KU is most known for the “Fixie” style bike. This style of bike was built with simplicity in mind.  Instead of having multiple gears these bikes have just one and allow you to pedal forward or backwards.  

6KU Fixies – Our Reviews

Who is 6KU?

One of three new brands under the parent company Avant Sports, 6KU was created as an answer to the growing demand for high-quality fixed-gear bikes at affordable prices.  The company founder, JW, started his journey back in 2012 and was disappointed with the quality that factories delivered on his designs.  

Rather than build a sub-par product, he decided to start his own shop to have complete control over the process and has since created three lines, 6KU, Aventon, and Populo Bikes.

Today, the 6KU company mission reflects those original values.  They offer bikes at affordable prices thanks to owning the manufacturing process, and they believe that “everyone should own a bike without breaking the bank.”

6KU – Popular Bike Models 

While they started as a company with a focus on single-speed bikes, 6KU offers several models in addition to the fixie.  

Here’s the roundup.

Single Speed Fixie

6KU’s single speed, fixed gear bike is built with a durable steel frame and fork, and as the name suggests, it has just one gear.  You can configure the best fixed gear bike, meaning you are in complete control of your rear wheel and as long as the wheel is moving, so are your pedals.  

You don’t have an option to coast if you choose a fixed gear.  Alternately, you can leave the bike as a single speed, which means it will allow you to ride and coast just like you would on any other model.

Single Speed Track

The Urban Track bike model by 6KU can also be ridden as a single speed or a fixed bike and features aluminum construction which makes it both lightweight and durable as an everyday commuter. 


If just one gear isn’t enough for you, 6KU’s line of commuter cycles might be a better fit.  They offer a simple eight-gear design to give you some options.  The Euclid is an 8-speed model with a straight top tube that you typically see on men’s bikes.  Its counterpart is the Odessa which has a diagonal top tube, making it an ergonomic step-thru design.


If you love the 6KU aesthetic, but want a more traditional bike set up, their Road bike models might be the right fit.  Featuring steel construction and a Shimano 16-speed drive train, they give you a smooth ride with lots of shifting options.  Troy is the model with a horizontal top tube, and Helen is his counterpart with a diagonal top tube design. 

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