Couples Should Ride a Tandem Bike — Here’s Why

The first time I rode my husband on the back of our tandem bike, it was like riding in an entirely new world. The sensation of being suspended above his body and feeling every bump as he moved with me through traffic made me feel invincible. It also gave us something to do together that we both enjoyed: biking!

I had been thinking about buying a tandem for some time before finally doing so last year. My husband and I were looking at different models when we came across an online review site called “BikesReviewed.” We liked their sleek design, comfortable seat position, and easy handling. After checking out several other bikes, including Schwinn, Trek, Giant, and Specialized, we decided to go ahead and buy Schwinn’s Twinn model because it seemed to be well built and the bike fit into our budget.

We bought ours used but have since replaced all parts except the tires. Our original set included two wheels, pedals, handlebar grips, a comfortable saddle, and even a rear rack. All these items are easily replaceable if needed or desired.

Why You Should Ride Tandem Bike Together

Couples who desire to improve their bond usually buy each other similar jewelry or apparel, a party knapsack or basket, or his and her bathrobes. These products demonstrate your love and total harmony to the rest of the world, but if you’re having trouble working mutually as a couple, consider buying a tandem cycle.

Although regular bike riding dates on single bikes can improve your health and well-being, there’s something about riding side-by-side on one bike that pulls a couple closer together. When you ride a tandem bike side by side, you force yourself to converse with one another.

You have to coordinate your movements so that you stay upright, keeping the bike balanced. If either person falls off the bicycle or loses control of their speed, the stronger rider will have to slow down or stop until the slower rider behind them catches up. The riders slowed down instead of just one!

Tandem Bike

Tandem Bike

There are many other reasons why couples might choose to ride together. Some may simply enjoy being outside and getting some fresh air; however, this can also serve as a great way to bond over something fun and exciting. Those who live close enough to each other, with similar riding style, together provide another chance to spend quality time together without worrying about schedules or plans.

It allows you to share experiences like trail rides, bike maintenance, and racing events. And if one person has more experience than the other, it gives them a chance to teach their partner everything from proper technique to advanced techniques. Riding together also helps build trust between partners by showing that you care about what happens when you go out into the world.

How To Choose A Tandem Bike

Our experience has taught us many things about tandems. Buying a bicycle requires careful consideration because there are so many options! Here is what you need to know before purchasing your own:

1. You will want to consider how much space you can devote to keeping your bicycle. If you plan to keep your tandem inside your home, make sure enough room to accommodate it. Also, think about where you intend to park it; most cities require parking permits for bicycles.

2. Make sure you get a reasonable quality frame. A poorly designed frame may not hold up over time. Look for a frame that features welded joints rather than riveted ones. This type of construction makes them stronger and more durable.

3. Consider whether you prefer having front suspension or no suspension. Front suspension allows you to pedal harder while maintaining control. However, it does take longer to stop. No suspension means less resistance during pedaling but requires greater skill to maintain balance.

4. Be aware that the body weight distribution between the rider and passenger varies depending upon which style of tandem you choose. For example, a heavier person might find them-self sitting closer to the ground than someone who weighs less. In addition, the height difference between riders can affect their ability to see each other.

5. When choosing the most comfortable seat, look for padded backs, and adjustable leg rests. These features allow you to adjust the seating positions according to your preference.

6. Choose a color scheme that matches your personality. Some people enjoy bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, etc., whereas others prefer muted tones such as black, gray, brown, tan, white, silver, etc. Whatever you decide, remember that the color of your bike reflects your taste.

7. The best way to learn how to operate a tandem is to practice on an empty road with friends or family members. Once you feel confident in riding alone, try taking turns around a track or along a bike path. It takes only minutes to master basic skills like stopping, starting, turning, braking, accelerating, shifting gears, and changing speeds.

8. Always wear protective gear. Helmets protect against head injuries, knee pads prevent knee injury, elbow guards guard elbows, and shoes help keep feet safe.

9. Never leave children unattended near moving vehicles. Even though they cannot yet drive themselves, young drivers still pose a danger to pedestrians and bicyclists.

10. Keep your eyes open for loose objects that could cause damage to your vehicle. Bicycles often come equipped with reflectors, lights, bells, horns, and mirrors. They also carry warning stickers indicating that they are considered low-speed vehicles under local laws.

11. Don’t forget to check tire pressure regularly. Overinflated tires increase rolling friction and reduce traction. Underinflated tires decrease performance and safety. Check your tires every month and top off the air whenever necessary.

12. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask questions. There are plenty of resources available online and through magazines and books. Just do your research first.

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t regret investing in a tandem bike. You will have fun learning new things about yourself and enjoying time spent together.


Riding a tandem bike with your significant other can assist in building your connection. Try going on a tandem bike ride with your partner to see how much of a difference it can make in your relationship.

Have Fun Together!

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