Scott Silence Evo Hybrid Bike Review

Scott Silence Evo Review


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Design, belt-drive system, rack




If you are looking for a safe, low-maintenance stylish bike for your commute than this might be just the right bike for you.

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The Scott Silence Evo is a bike created for general purpose riding which is great in urban environments during daily commutes. 

It has durable road tires and is built with an award-winning belt drive system rather than a chain. It’s an affordable, low maintenance bike for a rider who wants smooth, worry-free about-town capabilities.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 42.6 to 44.7-inchBRAKE TYPE: Shimano BR-S700 Hydraulic Disc Brake SystemSHIFTER: 11-speed Shimano Alfine Rapidfire ShifterRIMS: X15 Disc RimsTIRES: Maxxis Re-Fuse 700x47c tires

The Silence Evo uses unique technology, including a drivetrain system that you won’t see on many other bikes.

Frame Sized For General Purpose Riding

The Scott Silence Evo’s 42.6 to 44.7-inch wheelbase, which allows for a comfortable upright riding stance for many body types.

The frame sizes range from small to extra-large, which means the bike could work well for short and tall riders alike. It has a bottom bracket center to top of seat tube length of 17.3 inches to 22.4 inches, depending on the size frame that you buy.

Scott Silence Evo Frame

The upright geometry is designed for general purpose riding, not winning races.

Composed of Silence alloy, the frame is durable and resistant to damage. It holds up against impact better than a carbon frame, yet is lighter than a steel frame. Aluminum alloy bikes are sometimes said to have a stiff feel.

Brakes Fit For City Commutes

This bike is fitted with a Shimano BR-S700 Hydraulic Disc Brake system.

This brake is ideal for the sophisticated city biker, who wants complete control and smooth stops on a dime. The brakes have a clean look that adds to the modern style of the bike. Hydraulic technology is more reliable in variable conditions — a critical factor for riding alongside cars in city traffic.

 We love the design features and appearance. Are you excited to learn more about the Scott Silence Evo? Head over to the Scott website and read the detailed specs on this impressive machine.Scott Silence Evo Font Wheel

Hydraulic brakes can be more massive than traditional rim brakes which used to be on many general purpose riding bikes. Hydraulic brakes also require some maintenance. If you have never owned a bike with hydraulic brakes, you’ll need to learn how to take care of them properly so that they don’t start to feel mushy over time.

Shifter On The Silence Evo

The Shimano Alfine Rapidfire shifter gives the Silence Evo’s rider effortless shifting capabilities between eleven gears (check). The shifter has an above-bar display which makes it easy to see what gear you are in out of the corner of your eye. This is helpful when you are in traffic and want to keep your eyes on the road.

The shifter operates a Shimano Alfine 11 Speed rear derailer, which is capable with the belt drive system. The Continental belt drive system has advantages over a chain system, and one of them is that you don’t need to apply grease as you would on a chain system.

Lightweight Rims

The Silence Evo features X15 Disc rims which are designed to absorb the high impact of the Shimano disc brakes. The rims are 32h. They are lightweight which is great when you want to power yourself up a hill with minimal resistance.

Scott Silence Evo Back Wheel

Puncture Resistant Tires

The Scott Silence Evo is fitted with Maxxis Re-Fuse 700x47c tires. This is the Maxxis manufacturers most robust road tire, which facilitates flat-tire-free commutes and adventures. The casing has a high puncture resistance and is suitable for roads that may not be entirely clean and polished.

Mid-Level Price Range

The average price for this bike is around 1,800 dollars to 2,200 dollars.

When thinking about this mid-range price point, consider the fact that the bike is low-maintenance. Once you get it, you won’t have to put considerable time or money into it for years.

It may be more than the average commuter bike, but it has sophistication and finesse that cheaper models don’t have. It is also much more affordable than many other road bikes

What We Like

The look of this bike is super fresh, and we love the fact that the rider will feel stylish as they cruise. The grey and orange colors are sleek, and the design is modern.

It comes with a convenient rack over the back tire, eleven gears, and a quiet, low-maintenance belt drive system for smooth riding.

  • Continental belt-drive system is quiet and low maintenance
  • Sleek, modern look
  • Stylish colors
  • Rack over back tire for running errands or packing items for the work-day
  • Highly visible gear screen so you can quickly tell what gear you are in
  • Shimano hydraulic braking system is reliable in all kinds of weather including rain or snow
  • Integrated lights
  • Mudguard so that you arrive at your destination splatter free

What We Don’t Like

The Silence Evo doesn’t come with many downsides. One of them is that the bike is designed in Europe where blinking lights are not popular, so the integrated lights have a steady setting only.

Another downside is that there is no Contessa model, so female riders have limited frame options and may have to swap out the saddle.

  • Lights have only one setting
  • Female riders may need to swap saddle
  • Hydraulic brakes require maintenance

Buying Advice

This bike is made for the rider who will stick to paved paths, paved roads, and possibly smooth dirt roads. It is not made for someone who wishes to trail ride or tackle rugged, rocky terrain.

It is ideal for city traffic due to the durable tires, reliable hydraulic brakes, and integrated lights.

If you are looking for a safe, low-maintenance stylish bike for your commute than this might be just the right bike for you.

If you want a commuter bike that you can ride with minimal exertion, consider checking out the Scott E-Silence Evo, which comes with motor or petal capabilities. Those who live in snowy climates may want to consider getting a general purpose bike with wider rims, as the Silence Evo’s rims will not support burly, snow-capable tires.

The Scott headquarters are in Switzerland, and this stylish bike has a chic European feel.

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