Scott Spark 730 Mountain Bike Review

Scott Spark 730 Review


From $1850


Suspension, brakes, shifter, carbon frame


Costly maintenance


Besides speed, the bike offers the rider an enjoyable experience on descents with plenty of control.

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Competitors and recreational riders alike are fans of the Scott Spark 730, due to the light frame and travel modes that the bike offers.

This bike has front and back suspension when can be changed remotely, and a carbon mainframe which makes it incredibly light on uphill climbs.

Great for enduro riding, cross country, racing, and playing on the single track. We’ll cover the specs as well as pros and cons here. Discover whether this might be the right bike for you.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: Spark 700 Alloy SL 6011 13.6 inches – 18.7 inchesBRAKE TYPE: Shimano M396 disc brakesSHIFTER: Shimano Deore SL-M6000-I Rapidfire PlusRIMS: Syncros X-30S TR RimsTIRES: Maxxis Rekon 60TPI Kevlar Bead

The Scott Spark lineup is well known for being competition worthy.

Top athletes have chosen this model, which gives us an idea of the quality inherent in the bike. Let’s go over the different components that make the Scott Spark 730 a favorite for race day or a fun day out in the woods.

Carbon Alloy Frame

The designers crafted a Spark 700 Alloy SL 6011 frame composed of a light carbon mainframe and an alloy rear hub. The bottom bracket (BB) center of the bike to the top tube center measures 13.6 inches in the small frame option, and 18.7 inches in the XL frame option.

Scott Spark 730 Handle Bar

The wheelbase ranges from 44.4 inches to 48.7 inches, making it a long bike which is stable at speed. This is one of the features that make this an excellent cross country option.

Reliable High-End Brakes

Shimano M396 disc brakes are a well-trusted part with a  strong reputation for being durable and high-performance. They are an affordable brake option, which contributes to the reasonable price of this bike. But the low cost of the brakes doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing performance or strength.

Scott Spark 730 Breaks

The resin pads on these disc brakes shimano, make for quiet braking and reduced heat. The one way bleeding caliper is easy to maintain for non-experts and those who will be doing their bike maintenance, though you do have to learn the steps initially.

Two-Way Release Shifter

For the shifter, we see a Shimano Deore SL-M6000-I Rapidfire Plus. Another high quality part manufactured by Shimano, the shifter is light and smooth.

The shifter moves precisely through twenty gear options, allowing the rider to shift into the right gear at just the right moment of the ride.

Scott Spark 730 Gears And Shifting

The two-way release system gives you the option of shifting gears with your index finger, using a pulling motion, or with your thumb in a pushing motion.

This is an excellent way that Shimano has catered to the different hand gripping styles at various portions of the ride, or for different riding styles. Both movements will control the derailer to make it do the same exact thing.

Tubeless Ready Rims

The Scott Spark 730 has Syncros X-30S TR Rims. They are tubeless ready, which is an excellent feature for riders who want to have the option of riding tubeless tires at a low pressure for more tire contact with the ground.

The semi-wide rim (not fat-tire bike wide, but in the broader side non-the-less) is 30 mm. This width gives you the option of slightly lowering the psi on your tires, and having good traction with the trail.  If you love riding singletrack and want to be able to stick on loose dirt or scrabbly uphill climbs, you might like the rim width.

Aggressive Trail Tire

As for tires, we see Maxxis Rekon 60TPI Kevlar Bead that is 2.8 by 27.5 inches in size. This is a bold trail tire that won’t disappoint you when you want to bite into the ground during an ascent. It has full trail casing which is optimized for the 30 mm rims of the Spark 730.

Designed especially for cross country trails, this tire functions well on all kinds of terrain. It has L shaped side knobs to give you steadiness on your downhill turns, especially when the surface is loose, and you don’t want to skid out.

Dual compound tread gives the tire lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip, so you will be able to move fast when you want to yet remain in control.

Mid-Range Price Point

The price range of this bike is anywhere from just under 2,000 dollars to 4,000 dollars.

This mid-range price-point is well suited to the bike because it shows that the bike is made for a rider who takes his or her riding seriously enough to invest in a high quality bike but isn’t looking for a top-of-the-line racing bike. This bike is affordable for the recreational rider, yet made with parts that a racer wouldn’t scoff at.

What We Like

This bike offers many features to love including front and rear suspension that can either be firm, semi-firm or open which gives you many options for your ride. It is made with high-end Shimano parts including disc brakes and twenty-speed shifter. The long frame makes it capable of moving fast, and the stiff, light frame gives it playful qualities.

  • Front and rear suspension can be remotely operated
  • High-quality Shimano parts
  • Brakes are one way bleed so easy to maintain once you learn
  • Shimano shifter has two-way release system
  • Long frame gives you stability and speed
  • Carbon and alloy frame is lightweight

What We Don’t Like

There are a few downsides to this bike regarding design, and the all-round cross country feel won’t be right for every rider. Here’s a quick roundup of the cons of this bike.

  • Long frame not ideal for quick cornering or tight trails
  • Carbon fiber is brittle so repairs can be costly
  • Left side of the handlebar syncros is busy

Buying Advice

If you’ve already started researching the Scott Spark models, you might have noticed that there are many options to choose from.

There are the RCs, 700s, and 900s to choose from, and within the 700 group you have six different models to choose from.

Given all of these models, it is clear to see that each rider requires unique features. It is essential to know your riding preferences before choosing the right specific model.

If you love aggressive cross-country mountain biking, the Scott Spark 730 might be the right choice for you.

It is designed for riders who want to be able to move quickly over a variety of types of terrain, including technical singletrack. If you hope to fluidly transition between a secure climbing mode and full suspension while riding, this is a great model to investigate.

Many competitive racers chose this bike because of its capability for speed on uphills and downhills alike. Even if you aren’t into racing, you could enjoy the feel of consistently being at the front of the pack when you go out on group rides. Besides speed, the bike offers the rider an enjoyable experience on descents with plenty of control.

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