Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Upright Exercise Bike Marcy ME 708

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Pros LCD, resistance levels
Cons Frame, uncomfortable
Summary If you’re looking for a simple exercise bike to help you lose weight, tone muscles, or stay in shape, then the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708 is a good choice.
Our Rating 78/100
Manufacturer Marcy Pro

Although many stationary bikes come with small onboard computers that contain programs users can work out with and use to track their progress, some people just want a simple bike for getting into or staying in shape. Throughout your training, these stationary bikes will assist you to maintain a comfortable and safe posture. Each of our heavy-duty Marcy upright exercise bikes uses magnetic resistance to provide a high-quality indoor bike workout at an affordable price.

While some users find more complex onboard consoles too complicated for their needs, others may just want a bike that provides basic information like how fast they are going, the distance they’ve pedaled, and the number of calories they’ve burned.

The Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike has a small and comfortable design that makes at-home cycling more convenient than ever. With a height-adjustable seat, foam padded grips, and counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps, this Marcy stationary bike will keep you comfortable throughout your workout.

All of the equipment needed to complete the work are included in the assembling kit. It will be easier and faster if you have your own, but they are not required.

If you’re in the market for a simple upright exercise bike, the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708 may be a good choice for you.

Introducing the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708

After reviewing several exercise bikes, including other Marcy models, the ME-708 is the clear choice when it comes to basic exercise bikes.

DIMENSIONS: 32L x 18W x 48HSEAT-HEIGHT: 40” maximum with nine seat height adjustmentsWEIGHT CAPACITY: 300lbsRESISTANCE TYPE: MagneticDISPLAY TYPE: LCD windowNUMBER OF PROGRAMS: 0

This exercise bike allows you it be fully upright during your workout sessions.

The handlebars are within easy reach whether the user is tall or short. The handlebars can support users in an upright position while they are seated and riders who lean forward and need support while they are standing and pedaling during an intense workout.

Riding a stationary bike in an upright position prevents strain on the lower back, which helps prevent back pain and possible injuries. It also allows users to get the same riding experience as they would while cycling outdoors, which works out the entire body.

The seat is made from a high-density foam, so most people should be comfortable while sitting on it. It has nine different height adjustments, so the height ranges from 30″ to a maximum 40″ tall. These adjustments allow both tall and short users to be comfortable while using the bike.

The Marcy ME-708 has a magnetic resistance system with eight preset levels of resistance. This type of system allows for a smoother transition between resistance levels.

As you increase the level, it makes pedaling more difficult, which helps to increase the number of more calories you’ll burn. The tension is easy to adjust by turning the knob located on the bike’s frame just below the LCD. 

Since it is built to be sturdy, people of various body types can use the bike to lose weight or tone their muscles. The frame is constructed from 14-gauge steel tubing, so the bike is rugged enough to hold people who weigh up to 300 lbs. it also has a powder coat finish to resist scratches and dents.

If you keep the bike in another room, it is easy to move because it has wheels to help transport to between locations.

What We Like

Even though the model ME-708 is a basic stationary bike, it does provide the type information people want while working out. The LCD display measures 2.25,” and the readout is in large print to make the numbers easier to read.

The readouts let you know how fast you’re pedaling, the time, how many calories you’ve burned, and it has an odometer reading, so you know the distance you’ve pedaled. The console operates on two AAA batteries.

Introducing the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708 Pedal Review

Since it has eight present resistance levels, you can increase the intensity as you’re working out to burn more calories and then decrease it to cool down as your session ends. Based on some positive reviews, the bike is very quiet, so if you’re watching television or listening to music, you will easily hear it.

Many shorter reviewers found the bike to be just the right size for them because they could sit upright comfortably during their workouts. The taller reviewers found it to be comfortable as well since the seat is adjustable to fit someone of their height.

What We Didn’t Like

Although the seat serves its purpose, many users found it to be uncomfortable because it doesn’t have sufficient padding. While the issue is correctable by adding a pad to the seat, it would be more convenient if improvements were made to the seat, so it has more padding already on it.

While the frame of the bike is built to be sturdy, the casing is made from plastic, which can crack or break. Of course, a plastic casing makes the bike lighter and easier to transport from one room to another or across a room to keep it out of the way while it isn’t in use.

The resistance doesn’t always transition smoothly from one level to the next, which can make working out on the bike harder to do. Sometimes the pedaling motions are jerky, which can disrupt the rhythm of the user during their workout.

While there is a knob to change resistance levels, it would be easier to switch between levels at the touch of a button.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a simple exercise bike to help you lose weight, tone muscles, or stay in shape, then the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708 is a good choice. It provides the basic information you need to track the progress toward your fitness goals, like calories burned and the distance you’ve ridden.

It also has different resistance levels you can use to get your heart pumping and get a good cardio workout. At around $100, you can stay at home to workout instead of going to a busy gym and paying a membership fee only to wait for your turn on a stationary bike.


This Marcy exercise bike can help almost anyone lose weight or stay in shape no matter their size. It is built to hold up to 300 lbs. and, with the seat height adjustments, both short and tall people are able to exercise on it.

As long as you’re not expecting too much out of it, such as being a spinning bike, the model ME-708 can help you meet your fitness goals by providing a good workout in the comfort of your home.

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