XDS Women’s Cross 300 Hybrid Bicycle Review

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XDS Womens Cross 300 24-Speed Step-Through Hybrid



Frame, durability, lightweight


Brake adjustment


For the price you get a top quality 24-speed bike that has all of the features that you would find on much more expensive hybrids.

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When you're looking at women's hybrid bikes, the biggest features you need are a lightweight, durable frame, and enough gears to help you perfectly dial in your speed based on the terrain you're tackling.  The right gearing can help you easily clear country trails, maintain consistent speeds on city asphalt, and give you the power needed to climb those steep hills.

Most people think you need to spend a huge amount of money to get this perfect balance of features.

While hybrid bikes aren't always the cheapest type of bike to buy, especially when they are built with high-quality parts and proven construction, it's possible to find great bikes at competitive price tags -- as long as you know what to look for.

We have found one of those diamonds in the rough with the XDS 24-speed hybrid, and have ranked it among our top 3 most recommend hybrid bikes for women being sold right now.  We'll break down what we think about the bike to help you figure out whether or not it's right for you.

Introducing the XDS Women's Cross 300 hybrid bike

FRAME: 44cm Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Hybrid Frame

BREAKSET: Alloy V Brake

SHIFTERS: Shimano 24-speed shifter

MEASUREMENTS: 42 x 17 x 70 inches

TIRES: Wheel Size 700c

EXTRA FEATURES: Shock absorbent RST Suspension Fork, Derailleur: Shimano Front C051

PRICE: Check latest price on Amazon

XDS may be a brand that isn't as well-known as other brands, like Schwinn for instance, but they are building a great reputation in the industry and are becoming known for manufacturing high-quality bikes.

The Women's Cross 300 is built with a 44cm frame, using lightweight alloy metals, painted white with classic black accents and has been designed with a focus on moving quickly and comfortably down city sidewalks.  Even though the focus has been on city sidewalks, XDS understands what "hybrid" means and gave you the features needed to navigate over rough terrain and rocky hills with ease.

There is a lot to love with the Cross 300, starting with the suspension that's been fine-tuned for both city and country riding.

This is one of the few bikes we've found that has been catered to a woman's needs, making it easy to mount and dismount, with a great frame design that helps you keep the perfect posture even during those long rides.  You won't have to deal with the aches and pains when you're on the Cross 300.

The features that XDS built into this bike made it easy to choose as one of our top recommendations for a woman's hybrid bike.  With 24 gears, you can easily find the perfect gear for the terrain you're on, and the comfortable pedals allow you to maintain your speed.

Here are some of the features XDS has built into the Women's Cross 300.

  • Aluminum frame, white with black trim
  • 24 speed Shimano shifter
  • Durable alloy construction as rust resistant
  • RST shock absorbing suspension fork
  • Shimano derailer
  • Alloy double wall rim for extra strength
  • Lightweight bike frame with hybrid design
Schwinn Hybrid padded seat
Schwinn hybrid bike gears

how does this bike perform?

Results have been really great with this bike and it definitely outshines many of the other hybrid women’s bicycles on the market.

What makes the Cross 300 different than nearly every other hybrid bike on the market is how it is designed to transition seamlessly from cruiser bicycle to true road bike.

The lightweight frame and the 24 gears that it gives you provides the best riding experience possible, whether you are on the beach or on the pavement. The Velo Comfort Trekking synthetic leather saddle seat makes your ride easy and comfortable.

what do customers say

While looking through customer reviews, we noticed that there isn't a huge number of reviews, but the ones that customers have submitted are near 100% positive.  This is one of the few bikes that has received a perfect 5-star rating online.

Customers that purchased the bike mentioned getting compliments on it from their friends and hardcore fans of other brands, showing that XDS is onto something big with the Cross 300.

One of the biggest selling points mentioned in most of the reviews was the price tag.  They were surprised that they were getting the level of quality in this bike for the price that they paid. 

It's hard to find a high-quality women's hybrid bike, especially at this price tag, and you can tell by how many of the different customer reviews recognized that fact.

Another benefit of the Cross 300 that was noted in the customer reviews is how easy it was for them to assemble the bike.

What to watch out for before buying this bike

We want to warn you about one aspect of this bike that will need your attention before you ride: the brakes.

For some people, the brakes were adjusted perfectly when they received the bike.  However, for others, the brakes needed to be "broken in".  Because of this, you're going to want to take it slow for your first few rides, checking and testing the brakes as you go, and then adjusting them to where you want them as you break in the bike.

If, after a few rides, you still aren't able to get the brakes dialed in, you'll want to check that you assembled the bike properly, or take a quick trip to your local bike shop to have them check over the brakes for you.

Most people reported having the issues fixed after a few short rides and making the small adjustments after they finished riding each time.

XDS Womens Cross 300 24-Speed Step-Through Hybrid

Buying Advice

Since buying a bike, especially online, can leave you wondering about getting the right size and frame for your body type, we recommend that you visit Amazon's bike sizing guide.  It will help you figure out which size and dimensions are right for your body type, and know that the bike you're buying is going to be comfortable for you to ride.

You can see Amazon's bike sizing guide by clicking here.

my recommendation - should you buy this bike?

This is one of the best women’s hybrid bikes on the market today.

The price really is incredible for what you get – like the lightweight aluminum frame, the 24-speed shifter, rust resistant alloy construction and front fork with RST technology to make your ride as smooth as possible on every terrain.

I can easily recommend this bike as one that you should seriously consider if you are looking for a great women’s hybrid bike.

For less than $$$ you get all of the features that you would find on much more expensive (read, $$$$+) hybrids. Plus, you get free shipping with this bike which actually saves you quite a bit of money, making it even more attractive.

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  1. Hello I am looking for a bike i can eaily put in my car (take the wheels on and off or folding) and that I can put a toddler seat on (temporary need but still a most). Thoughts on this bike for that?

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    The XDS Women’s Cross 300 Hybrid Bike
    I purchased this bike last May 2020 and really enjoyed it till the motor cut out on me on a hill which then I fell cutting my knee open and hurting my back the bike actually fell on me. As I ride occasionally on flat I didn’t notice that this bike was having some issues.So fully charged one day I took the bike out it died 2 Kms into journey on a 20 km ride I was not happy .
    I took it back to the bike shop they held it there trying to fix it eith guidance of the supplier with no luck. It then got shipped to global leisure to fix they but a new motor in it.
    I got it back after 2 MONTHS OF WAITING
    then took it for a ride 10 mins into the ride going up a hill it dies again .
    My bike is again at the bike shop off to Melbourne again for the supplier to fix.
    We have ask for a refund from the bike shop as we do not want the bike any
    Ore but the supplier is giving the shop snd us the bum steer on how they will fix a lemon. Just think I paid $2400 fir this bike and the bike shop gave had it longer in the work shop than I have risen it .
    So it’s off to consumer affairs to sort these people that don’t know how to look after their clients.
    My advice to you don’t buy this bike it’s got issues

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