Things That Make BMX Bikes The Perfect Trick Bikes

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Are you curious about BMX bikes? Want to know more about them and how are they different from the regular bikes? Well, you have landed on the right page. This short article will give you a brief idea about what BMX bikes are, their history, their types and what makes them the perfect trick bike. 

So, read on.

BMX Bikes - Best Trick Bike

BMX bikes are known as off-road bikes all across the cycling world, primarily used for performing tricks and racing. BMX, when expanded, means Bicycle Motocross. Although it is a small acronym, BMX has much more to it.

Types of BMX Trick Bike

BMX bikes are categorized into two kinds which are further subdivided into various types. The two main categories are BMX Freestyle and BMX Racing. Furthermore, based on the differences and requirements, BMX categories are created over time, providing the vital characteristics satisfying riders and their conditions.

Street Riding

Public places, areas with many obstacles, city or town squares are the most popular places to perform BMX tricks. This BMX has a heavy frame with excess reinforcement to bear the impact. The street riding BMX also has rear brakes.

BMX Rider

Park Riding

Have you heard about the local skate park? It is one of the oldest methods ever existed since the 60s’ which gained popularity for BMX riders. A standard form of the street ride is park riding in BMX freestyle with quarter pipes, numerous ramps, bowls, boxes, rails, half pipes, and stairs. They are heavier than race bikes, with great strength. Park riding BMX have a complete brake set up and a different kind of handlebar.

professional bmx biker


Have you seen the X Games? Well, verts are just that. Halfpipe with vertical extensions and upward transition giving it a short-form ‘vert’. It is commonly used for BMX competitions where a 27 foot vertically extended tall vert is seen, like in X Games. A few tweaks and modifications as per the rider’s needs give rise to Vert BMX bikes. Their frames are strong, with tires being smooth.

Disaster trick BMX bike


Dirt jumps that are self-made are trails occurring in long lines having many jumps like 8 in a row in between. Be it one big jump or multiple series of jumps; the course provides all. A freestyle bike is modified with a jump-oriented build prioritizing long-lasting speed, a lightweight body and fully gripped tires. 

girl riding a bmx bike


One of the unique styles amongst the BMXs in the flatland. As the name suggests, unlike other BMX tricks, this is not about twisting and mid-air flipping; in fact, it is about sticking to the flat ground. A small and compact frame is made for flatland BMX to provide the rider more trick performing clearance by pushing the top and bottom tubes close together. Based on the rider preference, the bike setup of flatland BMX is attached.

Terry Adams BMX Legend

What Makes Trick Bike Different?

When compared to the standard road bikes or mountain bikes, this BMX work entirely differently. There are only a few differences to an eye of an untrained observer, while if you check keenly through the eyes of a biker, there are numerous changes. The primary differences are stated below.

  • The build of the BMX bikes is very light in weight
  • The durability of the BMX bike is extreme and long-lasting
  • The wheels of the BMX bike are powerfully built
  • There are very few components in a BMX compared to any other bike
  • Generally, these BMXs’ do not have brakes

History Of BMX - Trick Bike

Back in the 1970s, there was a new storm in the bike market when a different kind of bike started appearing on the market. This storm took over millions of youngsters by its fame and craze, providing an opportunity to ride a bike in a different, new and innovative way. 

The synonym of this storm was BMX, an easy and cost-effective alternative to motocross. As the storm progressed, it planted great ideas amongst South California’s cyclists to modify their bikes in ways that could ride both the dirt and the urban tracks. The old Schwinn’s bike, Sting-Ray, was the BMX build's inspiration with a lightweight body, solid tires, and well-enhanced springs.

BMX Trick Bike History

This began the evolution of BMX, which could ride super-fast across the motocross terrains while performing tricks in the air. Almost all Californian young adults found this innovation a cost-effect alternative to the regular expensive motocross bikes. In 1972, there was a huge explosion of BMX bike popularity through a documentary aired on a motorcycle - On Any Sunday.

This inspired the whole of the United States to build their modified BMXs’ when big bike manufacturing companies came out with official BMX models, which became the driving force of official BMX Sport. This began the never-ending era of BMX Bikes.


You can check out our ultimate guide for BMX bikes for a detailed description of all the above significant differences of a BMX, which makes it unique. It is these differences that make the BMX the best trick bike. The rider can efficiently perform tasks on these bikes, fulfilling the motto of its invention.

If you are looking out for a BMX bike brands, you can check out our page for thorough analysis, comparison and finally, buying options as well.


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