Track Your Stolen Bike With Simple GPS Technology 

 July 12, 2017

By  Max Shumpert

People's bikes get frequently stolen in the United States and other parts of the world . One can use GPS technology to trace the bike, since it's close to impossible to track down your stolen bike manually, people are often more encouraged to steal them.

In fact, bike stealers are almost always left unpunished, but they no longer have to go unpunished due to new tracking technologies that emerge every day.

You have three bike tracking options to choose from which are RFID radio tags, visible GPS devices, and invisible GPS devices. The most efficient tracking device would be the invisible GPS device since stealers don't even know you have one on your bike.

While the other devices are still discreet, a bike stealing expert can easily detect them and remove them accordingly. The invisible GPS tracker is entirely undetectable and will have you locating your stolen bike in a matter of minutes.

Best Invisible Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

Sherlock is the ultimate anti-theft GPS tracker for your bike, so you'll never lose a bike every again.

The device is completely discreet since all you have to do is install Sherlock into the handlebars of your bike. This means the bike stealer would have to take the bike apart to locate the anti-theft device.

It's essential to activate Sherlock once you park your bike because the device won't work otherwise.

sherlock anti theft device

With Sherlock, you have limitless tracking, so it can track your bike to any location since there is no range limit. Sherlock uses GPS localization technology to pinpoint exactly where your bike is located.

Sherlock is also easily recharged with a micro USB cable that comes with the device. It's essential you fully charge your Sherlock tracker before activating it, so it runs on maximum energy.

When you buy Sherlock, the device comes with two years of free internet connection which is included in the overall price of the product.

The device is extremely lightweight since it weighs 50 grams and doesn't alter the design of your bike whatsoever. In fact, Sherlock is intended to fit both curved and straight handlebars, so it works for all bikes.

Sherlock also comes with a Bike Passport and tracking app that you can download to your smartphone. By using the app, you can turn on the GPS of the device and locate your bike.

Best Visible Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

The Boomerang function as a GPS system that's mounted on your bike's frame and bottle cage. Since the device is placed in such a visible place, all you need is the right tools to remove it to steal it.

The only tool that can remove Boomerang is a torsion screwdriver. The chance of the bike stealer having a torsion screwdriver is slim, but if they do then your bike is lost.

Boomerang Anti-theft device

To use Boomerang, you need to download its specific app that shows you exactly where your bike is located. If your bike happens to move even the slightest inch, the app will notify you so you can check up on it.

Even the sight of a Boomerang on your bike may deter people from stealing it.


Finding the right GPS tracking system for your bike can prove to be difficult especially since they cost a lot of money. You should consider spending some money on an excellent tracking device especially if it's protecting an expensive bike.