The 3 Most Unique World Famous Cycling Races

Every year the biking season starts fresh with brand new and aged cyclists ready to make an impact.

While cycling itself is on the same level as tennis regarding popularity worldwide, its televised and watchable races are something that has lasted a century.

We’ve compiled a few of the best races to check out during early spring and summer that are both incredible and long standing.

The Tour De France

  • Duration: Approx 2,300 Miles
  • Terrain: Mixed Roads
  • Rider Opportunity: Pros Only

Geo Lefevre in 1901 decided to change the cycling world forever when he helped found the Tour De France. One of the oldest and longest races in the cycling world few have the same level of fame.

Tour de France race under the Eiffel Tower.

Known for producing some of the most famous cycling celebrity athletes, it is a test amongst trials. It takes riders through a variety of locales, villages, settings, and beautiful countrysides. Those that win have the ability to say they are truly one of the best in the world.

The Dirty Kanza

  • Duration: Approx 200 Miles
  • Terrain: Prairie & Gravel
  • Rider Opportunity: Open To Amateurs

The Dirty Kanza is a frustrating but rewarding experience. It is one of the few races entirely open to the United States that actually pushes the limits of even the most endurance focused cyclist. Held in Kansas prairies, it’s a long, arduous two hundred miles long ride on rough surfaces that requires balance, attention, and willpower.

The DIrty Kanza bike race.

The fact that it is held during the warmer months of the year mean that you will likely be dealing with heat, bugs, and an all around difficult ride. For those that want to test their skills on a lower level, there is a half version of the race that lets riders go half the distance if the full stretch is too much.

The Milan-San Remo

  • Duration: Approx 184 miles
  • Terrain: Streets Near The Water
  • Rider Opportunity: Pros only

One of the more exciting races on the global cycling scale and every bit as extravagant as the Tour De France is the Milan-San Remo. It is regarded as one of the most intense races due to how short it is.

The Milan-San Remo bike race.

Set near the beautiful coast of Italy, it’s a one day only event that is won neither by the fastest biker nor the one with the most personal will. The race itself comes down to a cyclist that can navigate efficiently and manage their energy levels while still being quick. The race is always won by speed cyclists due to the shortness of the contest.


If you’re looking for a race that is intense and you can try your hand at to be one of the greats, the Kanza amongst a flurry of other amateur friendly races might be the best place.

If you are just a casual observer, take the time to check out the Tour De France on The Milan-San Remo. Between the intense competition and the beautiful locations, you will surely have your interest piqued.


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