Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Folding Bike

Price Around $$$ – Available on Amazon.com
Pros Lightweight, multiple gears, easily foldable
Cons Price (?)
Summary The bike combines all the core features and engineering one needs in an effective commuter bike that can handle the daily load and demands that come with true commuter riding.
Our Rating 87/100
Manufacturer Dahon

True commuter folding bikes are known for two things: being very small and compact, and being very simple in order to make it all possible in the first place. Dahon revolutionized this concept when the first started manufacturing the Mariner, and continue on today.

Initially, folding commuter bikes were seen as little more than seated scooters that sacrificed riding performance in favor of being small and lightweight. Not so with the Mariner. Although it’s small in stature, this bike rides as well as its bigger cousins, and maybe even better in some aspects.

The Mariner manages to cram in as many features and components as it possibly can, without affecting its folding capability, or adding a ton of extra weight. The result is an amazingly smooth, efficient, and durable commuter bike that could easily take you even further if desired.

It’s no surprise the the Mariner is the most popular folding commuter bike in North America. The bike is simple to use, comfortable, and comes at a fair price.





DHV107 Caliper Brakes


7 speed shifter


31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches


26 pounds


Rear wheel rack


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The Dahon Mariner D7 proudly carries on the tradition that the company established years ago when they first started to make a name for themselves in the folding bike industry. It has all the qualities one needs from a folding commuter bike, packing plenty of performance into a small package. You can visit Amazon’s website for getting the bike.

With commuter bikes, the goal is to be light, fast, and simple to use. This has to cover not only how it rides, but how it folds up and stores as well. Dahon has taken a deliberate approach to addressing every single aspect of the Mariner, in order to ensure a superior folding bike that makes commuting as easy as possible.

Dahon Mariner Folding Bike

The Mariner’s frame serves as a foundation of sorts. It’s crafted from reinforced aluminum alloy that gives the bike all the support it needs in high stress points, while also absorbing some of the shock along the way.

Even with the extra strength and reinforcement, the bike comes out weighing a very light 26 pounds overall, making it easy to pick up and carry when you’re on the subway, train, bus, or when walking around.

The folding mechanism is in the center of the frame, secured by a single easy-release latch. The seatpost and handlebars collapse via the same type of lever to help it fold down even more, with the end result being a bike that is a fraction of what it was just 15 seconds prior.

When seated, the Mariner places you in a comfortable, upright position, which is further aided by ergonomic grips, and a soft, wide seat seat. Extended adjustability allows you to tailor the bike’s fit to your size.

The drivetrain of the Mariner gives riders a choice of 7 total gears. This isn’t all that common with folding commuter bikes, which often leave you with a single speed to get around on. The bike’s 7 gears are more than enough to help you navigate inclines, flats, and quick starts at crosswalks and stoplights.

A Neos derailleur seamlessly guides the chain during gear switching, which is controlled by crisp and precise SRAM-brand shifter. Both the shifter and brake levers are in optimal locations for easy access in a moment’s notice.

DHV-107 caliper brakes are found at both the front and back wheels, and offer adequate stopping power for both sudden stops and controlled stops, keeping you safe in busy urban areas that always offer plenty of surprises.

The bike’s wheelset consists of 20-spoke alloy wheels, coupled with 20-inch semi-slick tires that give the Mariner traction on wet and dry pavement with ease.

For those who are worried about getting wet or muddy on the way to work, Dahon has got you covered. The Mariner includes fenders on the front and rear tires, deflecting any messes that may otherwise end up all over you when riding over puddles and such.

The bike also includes a rear luggage rack that is capable of securing small loads on the way to your destination.

As we said, Dahon made sure to address every need that a commuter bike has. The result is what we believe is the best folding commuter bike on the market.

Dahon Mariner In Action


We pretty much love everything about this bike, as it fully embodies what a folding commuter bike should be.

The light weight makes the bike very easy to carry, which is an extremely important aspect to a commuter bike. The actual folding process takes hardly any time at all, taking away the burden that might otherwise be annoying for those that have to perform the task numerous times on a commute.

The multiple gear drivetrain is a major advantage of the Mariner, giving it more of a full size bike feel that’s often lacking with similar bikes.


We don’t say this very often, but there’s not really anything we would like to see changed on the Mariner. The higher price may be a turnoff to some however, but we think it’s more than worth it.


This bike can be even better with some well-placed accessories. A water bottle cage, lights, and a mini air pump are highly recommended.

The Dahon Neos derailleur is lightweight and performs well. The shifting isn’t particularly smooth, and it doesn’t match the performance of high-end Shimano 7-speed derailleurs. It is, nonetheless, adequate for the majority of city commuters.

Also, unless you want to spend time fully assembling the bike on your own, it’s worth it to simply pay the extra fee and let Amazon handle the assembling for you.

Dahon Mariner Folding Bike


It’s not exactly a secret; the Dahon Mariner D7 is the king of folding commuter bikes, and it’s easy to see why. The bike combines all the core features and engineering one needs in an effective commuter bike that can handle the daily load and demands that come with true commuter riding.

If you’re serious about getting the very best for your commute, or simply want a superior folding bike that can give you a great rider anywhere, the Mariner D7 is the obvious choice.

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