Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 Folding Bike Review

Phantom Electric Folding Bike

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Looks like a real MTB, durable, gear system, easily foldable




This bike is built to handle the rigors of demanding city commutes on a daily basis, without compromising on comfort and overall quality.

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Electric bikes are sort of an enigma to some. The idea of using a motor on a bike may seem a little strange at first, but it’s actually a simple way to give a bike a lot more versatility, and make things easier on the rider whenever t needed.

Electric bikes aren’t new, and neither are folding bikes. Electric folding bikes are a bit fresh on the scene, however. What was once considered a fringe bike type has quickly started to spread in its popularity, as more riders discover how they can benefit from both of these characteristics.

The Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 is the newest version of an already respected and established line of electric folding bikes. The Phantom X2 meshes the toughness and standard features of both mountain and hybrid bikes, and places a motor on it for good measure. Oh, and it folds up too.

The result is a very capable and reliable electric folding bike that is built to handle everything from long commutes, to bumpy roads, and all things in between.



Aluminum frame


AVID DB1 Hydraulic Disc


SRAM X7 Twist 8 Speed Shifter


54 pounds


30 Mile range at up to 20 MPH


Kickback stand

The Phantom X2 is impressive the moment you lay eyes on it. The aggressive frame design, subtle coloring, and heavy-duty components all stand out immediately. The motor and the battery are the next things you notice, but you might not even realize what they are initially.

The Phantom X2 has the appearance of a full suspension bike at first glance, but further examination reveals the chainstay and top tube meeting point to actually be a middle hinge folding mechanism that lets you quickly cut the bike’s overall size in half. Pop off the front wheel using the quick release lever, and it’s now even smaller.

Motor of Prodeco Electric Folding Bike

The frame is forged from aluminum, which does help to offset the weight some, but not enough to make this an easy to transport bike. Still, it can at least be compacted down to where you can store it in a trunk, in a closet, or anywhere else that can keep it out of the way when not in use.

The battery pack sits behind the seat on a luggage rack of sorts, where it’s easily accessible anytime you need to get to it.

A magnesium front fork provides the shock absorption by way of hydraulic CXT suspension that offers plenty of travel, with the option for a quick and easy lockout for those times when you need better pedal efficiency on flat surfaces.

The bike’s Velo Plush sport vented saddle is very comfortable, and gives you the proper support when seated for long periods with or without pedaling. A ProMax flatbar handlebar gives the Phantom X2 precise steering at any speed, and adds to the overall comfort.

SRAM components are used to make up the drivetrain that offers 8 total speeds. The gearing ratio is noticeably efficient on each gear, and makes it easy to gain speed or start off from a stop with ease. The current gear remains engaged when the motor is turned on.

The Phantom X2’s wheelset features extra reinforcement on the rear wheel to better support the weight from the battery and engine. The included Continental tires are high-profile and very durable, ensuring solid traction on pavement surfaces.

A 500 watt motor powers the bike for those times when you need a break from pedaling, or even an all-day break. You can get up to 20 mph in the highest gear, and travel up to 38 miles on a single charge of the Samsung lithium battery pack.

The motor is surprisingly quiet when engaged, which is a stark difference from many other electric bikes. Most people around you won’t even know that it’s on.

Kickstand of Prodeco Phantom x2


Not to be too caught up in appearances, but we love how this doesn’t look like an electric bike. The Phantom X2 actually more resembles a full suspension mountain bike at first glance. The electric motor aspect is fairly downplayed.

This bike is built to handle a lot, on a regular basis. The plush front suspension, soft seat, and reinforced build makes the Phantom X2 the perfect commuter bike for those that rely entirely on their bike to get around. The motor can save your strength when needed, and help keep you cool as well.

Although this is an electric bike, the drivetrain works very well when you’re doing things the old fashioned way. The gear setup is perfect for urban riding, and you won’t feel like you’re lacking gear options when dealing with changes in terrains and riding environments.

The folding aspect of the Phantom X2 is almost understated in a way. The mechanism makes quick work of the process, which is nearly effortless.


The weight of the bike is a bit of an issue, but this is an electric bike after all. You can still break it down to a more travel conducive size, but you’re going to need some extra strength if you are lugging it around with you during the day.


If you’re going to be using the bike a lot in urban traffic, and especially with the motor engaged most of the time, we recommend buying some rearview mirrors to install on the ends of the handlebars.

Also, be aware that the luggage rack is really only for the battery housing, so if you rely on luggage racks, you may want to look into having a front basket installed, or using a backpack instead.

Electric Folding Bike


The Prodeco Phantom X2 is precisely what a folding electric bike should be. It doesn’t gloss over normal bike performance just because it has a motor, and utilizes a smart design that makes the bike much easier to ride on a daily basis.

This bike is built to handle the rigors of demanding city commutes on a daily basis, without compromising on comfort and overall quality. The Phantom X2 is well worth the price, and it easily our favorite folding electric bike available.

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