2023’s Best Bike Phone Mount: Top 5 Phone Holder Picks For Your Bicycle

Many bicyclists hit the road or trail to break free from their hectic day to day schedules. Even if you don’t use your phone while riding, you never know when you’ll want to snap a picture of a stunning sunset, need to call for help when you have a flat or check an online map.

We have created a comprehensive guide on mounts for bikes and chosen our favorite phone bike mounts. Whether you’ve got an Android or an iPhone, there’s one for you.

In A Hurry? The Test Winner After 7 Hours Of Research:

editors pickQuad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone

Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone

Why is it better?

  • Weather resistant poncho
  • Lightweight
  • Dual-stage locking mechanism

90/100our score

Our Buying Guide

It is not comfortable for anyone to pick a call, keep it in hand or even keep it in your tracks. Thus a Phone Mount comes in handy for easy long-distance rides. No reason to interrupt your cycling and remains always in front of your eye and in your reach.

There are several kinds of phone mounts available in the market even for different models. Phones are delicate and thus it is necessary to find the best phone mount suitable for your model which can provide excellent grip with shock resistance.

However, finding the perfect phone mount can be a tedious task. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

At Bikes Reviewed, we are dedicated to serving you with the best-rated products with surety. All these products have gone through comprehensive research and the opinions of real customers using these mounts.

How We Picked

We began with online analysis by going through the best universal mounts available in the market. Then we sprang to the manufacturers’ website of individual phone mount models and understood the complete product with their capabilities and design to fit your phone.

More than 6 mounting device sources and their features were researched by our experts. They spent over 7 hours thoroughly analyzing these devices after comparing them with each other. It is after this process of comparison and analysis that we selected the 5 best phone mounting devices.

Our team has also considered 100+ reviews to understand the customer’s point of view for all the devices. It is only after we understood and weighed each and every pros and cons, strength, that we bring our top 5 picks in front of you through this article.

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Researched sources

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products compared


products compared

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

By Max Shumpert: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding bike phone mounts available for those who are interested in combining cycling with technology. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the top bike cell-phone mounts currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone


Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →


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Rokform - Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount


Rating: 81/100 View Latest Deal →
VUP Bike Front Frame Bag


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Best Universal Bike Phone Mount

Universal mobile mounts are ideal for any rider who likes to get the “latest and greatest” model as soon as it’s released or if you already have a case on it. 

A universal bike handlebar mount can also be a smart purchase if you’re sharing it with a friend or family member who has a different brand than you.

1. RAM-B-149Z-PD3U Bicycle Universal Phone Mount

  • Spring-loaded holder features adjustable side supports that provide a secure fit for a variety of phones and other devices; easily insert and...
  • Includes U-bolt base that accommodates rails from .5" to 1.25" in diameter and a short length, B size RAM double socket arm; ball and socket...
  • Device Holder Dimensions: Height Range: 4.75" - 5.75", Width Range: 2.19" - 3.25", Max Depth: .72"; Clamp Range: .5" - 1.25" diameter

RAM Mounts make a variety of mounts for bicycles, but this one is a favorite because it is made out of a light-weight powder coated marine grade aluminum.

With two spring-loaded clamps, which adjust to fit the width of your phone, at the top and bottom of the mount, your phone fits snug in the universal mount. 4 side holders (2 on each side) add a little extra security and keeps it from moving side to side when you ride.

The cradle clamping dimensions range from 4.75″ – 5.25″ high and 2.25″ – 3.25″ wide. As long as your cellphone meets the compatibility specifications, the RAM mount should work with one that’s in a case (such as Lifeproof or Otterbox).

This RAM model is designed to be used with the following phones: Apple iPhone (3G, 3G S, 4), Blackberry Bold & Storm 2, HTC Droid Incredible, Evo 4G & G2, Motorola (Droid Pro, Droid 2, Droid X), Nokia (N8, N900, X6), Samsung Galaxy (S, Wave), and Windows 7 Smartphone.

The universal mount is easy to install , and the u-bolt base accommodates any rail between .75” and 1.25” in diameter.

2. RAM-B-149Z-A-UN7U Universal X-Grip Phone Mount

RAM Mounts X-Grip RAM B 149Z U BOLT Universal Phone Mount
  • Kit includes a zinc coated U-bolt base, double socket arm and universal X-Grip cradle with tetherBlack cover caps to be placed over the exposed...
  • English (Publication Language)

Like the B-149Z-PD3U model, this stainless steel and rust-proof RAM phone mount is a great option for anyone who wants a universal mount. The spring loaded holder easily adjusts to the size of your device for a secure fit every time. 

This RAM mount has an X-grip cradle (similar to those found in DJI phone / tablet cradles used for the drone controller) and although there are only four ends that hold your cellphone in place, the rubber coated tips create a firm and stable hold. If you need a little extra security (which can be perfect for mountain biking), it comes with a tether.

The cradle dimensions have a width of 1.875” to 3.25” and a height between 2.25” and 4.25”. The depth is 0.875” which means it should accommodate most compatible phones that have a protective case.

We think this is one of the best because it works with more phones than the other RAM mount. The compatible devices include: Apple iPhone (3, 3G, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, iPod Touch and iPod G1 to G5), Samsung Galaxy (S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, and S7).

This universal mount is easy to install and the u-bolt base accommodates any handlebar rail between .50” and 1.25” in diameter.

Best Frame Bag Phone Mount

If you don’t want a cell-phone mount on the handlebars of your bicycle, a frame bag is a great option. Not only do frame bags free up a little space but they typically have a little extra space for carrying keys, money, or credit cards.

Frame bags are also some of the best waterproof cell-phone mounts available and are perfect for all types of riding styles from road to trail. 

Although many frame bags allow you to look at your screen while riding, it may affect your peripheral vision and overall focus while riding; always be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

1. VUP Bike Front Frame Bag

VUP Bike Front Frame Bag, Universal Bicycle Motorcycle Handlebar Bag, Top Tube Bike Bag with 360° Rotation Cell Phone Holder for iPhone 11 Pro/XS MAX/XR/X/7/8 Plus, Galaxy...
  • LARGE STORAGE & DURABLE: Roomy storage fits most essentials for keys, wallet, snacks, battery, small bike pump, cable lock, repair tools, spare...
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Designed with tough and stretchy 360° rotating phone holder silicone pad, the length and width of the phone holder can be...
  • UNIVERSAL HANDLEBAR BAG: The handlebar bag with two 8.28" Velcro is long enough for most style or size of bicycle and motorcycle. Just fasten the...

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to put your cellphone and your keys, this frame bag is a great option. We love this high-quality, water-resistant, and padded bag because not only does it keep your device safe but it can double as a bag for your tools.It is built up with waterproof 600D polyester with, strong frame, and can offer the best safety from extreme environments.It is spacious and has enough room for cycling essentials and your personal belongings.The bag is easy to open and close with a zipper, and a 360-degree rotating phone holder pad made from silicon on the bag makes it easy to use and read your screen while riding.We also love that the holder can be stretched to fit all types of phones hence it is not limited to iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Garmin, Google Nexus, and HTC models.The frame bag is easy to install and remove when velcro straps around the handlebar tube and the top tube on the frame. The straps will grip your handlebars securely and will stay put.

Best Bike Mount For Android Phone

Even though universal phone mounts are designed to work with most types of phones, some of the options may be a little lacking for Android users.

Sometimes it’s best to use one that is specifically designed for Android.

1. Rokform – Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount

Rokform - Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount, Mounts to ANY Handlebar Measuring from 7/8" to 1-1/4", Secures Phone Via Quad Tab Twist Lock Mount and Built-In Magnet Mount...
  • SECURE: Dual Retention Locks, Magnetic Security & Safety Lanyard to keep your phone secure over even the roughest roads.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjusts to the perfect angle for easy view of texts, calls and GPS
  • UNIVERSAL: Mounts to any handle bar or bar that is 7/8" to 1-1/4" (22.2mm - 31.75mm). Motorcycle, Bicycle and Quad Compatible!

Rokform is known for its patented Roklock dual retention lock system and is one of the best magnetic phone mounts. We have chosen this high-quality phone mount as one of the best for Android phones.Whether hitting mountain trails or heading out on the smooth pavement on a group ride, these well-known and trusted features of rockform bike mount keep your cellphone safe and secure.For added security, you can use the lanyard that’s included.The mount is lightweight and made out of T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum. The materials make it one of the most durable universal mounts available (which is a great choice for all types of riding).The added reason why we choose this mount is the flexible viewing angle. Once you’ve installed the mount you can tilt your device from -20 to 55 degrees for convenience, accessibility, and ideal and comfortable viewing while riding.It can be mounted to any type of handlebar that is 7/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches.

Best Bike Mount For iPhone

iPhones are some of the most fragile phones out there, and even if you have a protective case, you want to find a mount that is specifically designed to fit an iPhone.

While many universal mounts are suitable for some iPhones, it’s best to find one just for iPhones.

1. Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone

  • Polycarbonate core with impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell
  • Dual-stage lock is strong enough to lift up to 150 pounds
  • Twist and lock to view apps and detach just as easily

Although several phone mounts work great for a variety of iPhone models, this quad lock mount is specifically for iPhone 7 and 8. 

What’s included in the Quad lock Kit? It has a Bike Mount Pro, a narrow, protective case for your iPhone, a weather-resistant poncho for it, and mounting hardware. 

We love this quad lock bike mount because it’s lightweight, sturdy, strong, and keeps your device secure with a patented dual-stage locking mechanism.

It’s easy to install and operates on handlebars or stems with widths between 25 and 40 mm. The mount’s low-profile design is perfect for all types of riding from mountain biking to commuting.

Image Source: Berm Peak Express

What Is A Bike Phone Mount?

A phone mount for a bike may not be the “must have” accessory that comes to mind when you’re outfitting it but given our need to always stay connected, it’s a great addition.

A bike phone mount is a small device that easily attaches to the handlebars of your bicycle and makes it easier to use your phone while cycling.

Types of phone mounts for bikes

Whether you’re a recreational bicyclist or train for competitive cycling, a phone mount can keep your device front and center and just a touch away. 

One of the great things about a phone mount is that they don’t take up too much space but protects and secures your cellphone during any kind of bicycle ride.

Why Should You Use a Bike Phone Mount

Even when you protect your smartphone with a shatter-resistant case, they are not immune to irreparable damage. Cycling can be bumpy, and you never know when you might wipe out.

Rather than carrying it in the pocket of your jersey, where it can get drenched with sweat, wouldn’t you rather keep your phone safe and dry? How many times have you felt it on the verge of falling out of your pocket?

If you need to take a hands-free call, look at your GPS, or even listen to your personal anthem while riding, a mount is a great place to secure it.

Bike mounts can also keep you safer while riding as cycling and talking or texting is never a wise idea. 

Here are the Main Benefits to Consider

  • Safety: We’ve all heard of distracted driving while behind the wheel of a car. The same types of accidents are possible on a bicycle. cycling requires staying alert, focused, and aware of other motorists on the road.

  • You can make a call while keeping your hands free. Holding a cellphone in one hand and riding your bike one handed limits your control and increases your risk of an accident.
  • Comfort: No more risks of your device overheating in your pocket or trying to ride comfortably with it tucked away in your clothing.

  • If you’ve ever tried to ride with your iPhone in the back pocket of your shorts, you know how it can affect your posture and comfort on even the shortest of rides.
  • Accessibility: You never know when you’ll need to use your cellphone. Got a flat and need a ride? Received an urgent text from a family member? Forgot to send out an important email at work?

  • Keeping your device in a mount makes it easy to access every time. Easy access also makes it less dangerous to answer or use it while riding.

    Like all phone (and bike) accessories, there are various types of phone holder bike mounts. 

    Each one is designed to protect the device and make it accessible to the rider, but some mounts may be better suited for you, depending on how you like to ride (i.e., roadmountainhybrid).

    Before you buy one, consider the most common types.

    What is a bike phone mount

    Bike Phone Case

    Bike phone cases are a great idea, particularly if you don’t have a shatter or water resistant case. 

    They are usually padded and waterproof, so your phone is safe if you encounter a brief rainstorm or when you kick up gravel on a mountain bike trail.

    The cases mount on the handlebars and allow you to use your front and rear cameras; this is a convenient feature when you want to shoot video while riding or take a selfie.

    Universal Bracket

    A universal phone mount might be a more suitable option, particularly if you have a variety of devices, if you might be getting a different model, or if you already have a protective case.

    Universal mounts are adjustable, flexible, and typically work with phones of any size.

    They are usually made of silicone and have a rubber grip to ensure a flexible but secure hold on the phone while you ride. Aaron from MotoNation says that flexible grips also dampen vibrations which is important in reducing potential damage to your phone.

    Frame Bag

    If you’re looking for a little extra storage on your bike and a safe space for your phone, you might be an ideal candidate for a frame bag. 

    Frame bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually mounted to the frame (top bar) of your bicycle.

    Best Bike Phone Frame Bag

    Although frame bags may not make your phone as easy to access as mounts that are mounted directly to your handlebars or stem, it will stay safe and weatherproof. 

    While frame bags are great for your valuables, most bags don’t offer a great amount of protection. If you want to use a frame bag, it’s best to put your phone in a protective case before storing in the bag.

    How To Install A Bike Phone Mount

    If you want to know how to mount a phone to your bike, it’s best to read (and hang onto) the directions that come with it. Although installing a mount is relatively straightforward and easy, you can always browse the Internet for “how to” installation videos.

    It’s important to note that the installation instructions will vary depending on the type of mount you have for your bike. Even if it’s easy to install, don’t throw out any of the instructions.

    What To Consider When Choosing A Phone Bike Mount

    Before you go out and buy the first one you come across, there are some things to consider to ensure you’re getting the best mount for your needs.

    Handlebar Diameter

    Whether you own the best budget mountain or road bike, the diameter of handlebars ranges between 1 to 1 ¼ inches. Since these are standard diameters, most will adjust to fit within the range of the dimensions. 


    Like most phone accessories, you will want to find one that is compatible with your specific model. If you think that you’ll be changing the model or make of your device in the near future, you might want to consider a universal mount.

    Keep in mind if you have an iPhone or Android, you’ll want to make sure that you select a mount that fits the right model (as both iPhone and Android vary in sizes based on the models).

    Best Bike Phone Mount

    Type of Mount

    Although most phone mounts are similar, there are pros and cons depending on the needs of the user.

    Bike Phone Case

    A bike phone case is a great option if you don’t have a water or shatter resistant case. Bike phone cases are ideal for bicyclists who like to ride on all types of terrain and the cases are nice to have if you encounter inclement weather.

    Universal Mount

    This is an excellent choice for any rider who already has a protective case for their phone. It’s also a great option for anyone who updates theirs regularly or when carrying different makes and models.

    Frame Bag

    If you want to keep the area on your handlebars clear but still want your phone close by, a frame bag might be your best option. Although a frame bag will protect your device, they usually provide minimal protection.

    If you decide on buying a frame bag, it’s a good idea to make sure to put your phone in a protective case.


    Getting caught in a downpour is a chance that ever bicyclist takes when going for a ride. Even if you have rain gear, it can be hard to keep your phone from getting drenched.

    Whether you like to do a little puddle jumping or just want to keep your phone from getting wet during humid weather or during a brief rain shower, a phone case and a frame bag are your best choices. 

    If you opt for a universal frame, the frame itself can handle moisture but make sure you have a waterproof case.


    Regardless of your riding style, you want your mount to be durable and able to withstand any kind of riding condition. Most are made from aluminum or a durable plastic. These materials are lightweight, shatter resistant, and won’t rust if they get wet.

    Although a high-quality phone mount should keep your phone safe and secure, you will want to make sure that the phone mount is the right fit for your phone. If the mount is too big or too small, you’re likely to lose your phone while riding.

    Low Profile

    As you shop around for a phone mount, you might notice that some see to stick out a little higher than others. Although this can be convenient, especially for accessibility, it can make it easier to get caught up on things. 

    A low-profile mount, or one that sits close to your handlebars, is less likely to get snagged on something as you’re loading your bike on the rack.

    A lower profile phone mount is more likely to be a little more stable. Less shaking is particularly nice if you’re shooting video of your ride or trying to read directions.

    Minimal Turning Parts

    When selecting a phone mount, its design should be a little bit flexible, but if you prefer the rocky terrain over the smooth blacktop, you might want one that doesn’t move too much.

    Many phone mounts allow you to easily switch back and forth from landscape to portrait modes. While this feature is nice, you may need to double check and even tighten parts on a regular basis. 

    If your mount loosens up after you install it, you may have the wrong size. Double check the installation instructions and make sure you installed it correctly. Some mounts come with foam fillers to keep them more secure and less likely to move around.

    If you’re not interested in the “upkeep” of adjusting a phone mount, look for one that has minimal turning parts.

    Simple Bike Phone Mount

    Quick and Easy to Attach and Detach

    Fewer things are more annoying than having a bike accessory that is a pain to remove or install. Even if you’re not planning on removing the bike phone mount on a regular basis, you want one that is easy to attach and detach. 

    Ease of Use

    Similar to quick attaching and detaching of the mount, you want to select a mount that is easy to use overall. 

    Even if you have a little bit of experience working on bikes and don’t mind tinkering with accessories, who wants to waste precious riding time making sure the mount fits perfectly?

    Most phone mounts have a basic design and should be easy to use for a bicyclist of any experience level. If you aren’t sure which type is the right choice for you, take a look at our recommendations; we’ve chosen some of the easiest to use.

    Common FAQs

    Selecting The Best Bike Phone Mount To Protect Your Phone

    Even if you like to go for a bicycle ride to clear your mind, it’s always a good idea to bring your phone as a safety measure. Maybe you want to listen to a playlist, track your progress, make a video, or even have the ability to safely and easily answer a call while riding..

    Carrying your cellphone in your jersey or in your pocket isn’t the safest place to store it. Best Phone mounts are ideal for securing it for easy accessibility and visibility.

    Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, or like to ride in all kinds of weather, there are bike mounts for any kind of phone and any type of riding style.

    editors pickQuad Lock Bike Kit


    Why is it better?

    • Weather resistant poncho
    • Lightweight
    • Dual-stage locking mechanism

    90/100our score


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