Best Road Bikes in Australia – A Complete 2021 Guide

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This article contains the important details to consider as you select top road bikes in Australia (for you).

Are you a professional rider? Or do you use your bike just to commute?  Based on your use, we'll get you dialed in to the best bike for you.

With the restrictions being lifted (see AUSCycling), it's time to get a bike and lifestyle that will keep you fit, healthy and happy.

Below is a quick introduction and highlights of the 10 bikes we think deserve your attention.  The review is aimed to target you key objectives.  If you are looking to get very serious about cycling, start with our highest recommended bikes.  

If you are just looking to get in shape and move your body, go for the more economical recommendations.

Today you can get a lot of bike technology at a lower price point.  It won't be this year's latest gadget but often that's not needed or even noticed long term.

Read on!!

In a hurry? The test winner after 130 hours of research:

editors pick
CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

Why is it better?

  • Carbon frame with with Squoval shaping
  • DT Swiss wheels bring no-nonsense performance
  • Shimano Ultegra semi-compact drivetrain

our score

Our Buying Guide

Daily Biking can solve a lot of health issues and help you stay in shape. You can find a variety of bikes in the market, be it fitness, commuting bikes, mountain climbing bikes, road bikes. Thus, choosing the right kind of bike might be a little overwhelming.

As the world slowly moves back to normal, getting a  best road bikes can make a significant impact on your life.  Whether that be through joining a community group of riders or just improving your cardiovascular system.

However, finding the perfect one can be a tough chore. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

At Bikes Reviewed, we are committed to helping you with the best-rated products with a focus on safety. All these products have gone through extensive research and the opinions of real customers using these bikes.

How We Picked

We began with online research by going through the best road bike brands and models available in the market. We jumped to the manufacturers' website of individual bikes and understood the entire process of making the bike, the components used, the materials used and the time spent to achieve precision and comfort while riding.

More than 20 road bikes and their features were researched by our experts. They spent over 130 hours thoroughly analyzing these bikes after comparing them with each other. It is after this process of comparison and analysis that we selected the 10 best road bikes in Australia 2021.

Our team has also considered 3500+ reviews to understand the customer point of view for all the bikes. It is only after we understood and weighed each and every pros and cons, strengths, Unique Selling Propositions that we bring our top 10 picks in front of you through this article. 

What is a Road Bike?

Road bikes are meant for paved surfaces and have speed and efficiency as the top priority. This bike type is selected when a rider is either trying to compete or trying to cover long stretches during their commute.

The number of gears, the weight of the frame, and the agility of the braking systems are all major considerations.  These bikes range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands dollars.

What distinguishes a road bike from others?

What defines a road bike and the points which distinguishes them from all the other bikes are mentioned below:

  • The seat position of the rider is at a lower level for better utilization of hamstrings and glutes unlike other bikes.
  • There is a provision of drop bars for multiple positioning of hands. On the contrary flat bar road bikes are also available.
  • The tires of these road bikes are thinner than BMX bikes , Mountain or Hybrid bikes. The tire size is generally 23mm, 25mm, or 28mm in width.
  • Since these road bikes are meant for paved and smooth surfaces, they do not have suspensions in them.
  • The road bikes are designed with multiple gears. These gears make it convenient to climb a hill, descend the hill or simply ride on flat ground.

With all the above features together, the road bikes can easily and comfortably cover long distances.

Top 10 Best Road Bikes in Australia 2021 Comparison Table

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike Rating: 98/100 View Latest Deal →
Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Di2 Road Bike Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Di2 Road Bike Rating: 94/100 View Latest Deal →
Émonda SLR 6 eTap Émonda SLR 6 eTap Rating: 92/100 View Latest Deal →
Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike Rating: 89/100 View Latest Deal →
Orbea Gain M20I USA E-Bike 2019 Orbea Gain M20I USA E-Bike 2019 Rating: 87/100 View Latest Deal →
Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike Rating: 85/100 View Latest Deal →
Émonda ALR 5 Émonda ALR 5 Rating: 82/100 View Latest Deal →
Look 785 Huez Disc 105 Bike 2021 Look 785 Huez Disc 105 Bike 2021 Rating: 80/100 View Latest Deal →
Pinarello Paris Disk 105 Road Bike Pinarello Paris Disk 105 Road Bike Rating: 79/100 View Latest Deal →
Madone SL 7 Madone SL 7 Rating: 75/100 View Latest Deal →

Best Australia Road Bikes 2021 in Australia

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike - Top Pick

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

Why is it better?

  • One of the most versatile bikes out there
  • Dirt-free on transport
  • Very easy to fold and carry

This R-Series is an all-rounder bike with high performance for all kinds of riders. You can easily trust this bike and ride it easily. It is light in weight, tires are thin with 28mm width and disc brakes give confidence to the rider.

The geometry of the bike enables mountain and road riding. It is very stable and sturdy too. 


  • Lightweight bike with easy handling and complete comfort
  • Squoval Max tubing enables the ratio of weight with aerodynamic
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8070 is fitted with11-speed electronic groupset
  • Instant electronic shifting
  • All types of gears are available to control the speed in uphill, downhill and flat roads
  • It comes with Reserve 35 carbon tubeless-ready wheelset 
  • The tires in this bike are Vittoria Rubino Pro TLR tires

What We Like

  • The bike handling is extremely good 

  • The frame is very convenient and comfortable for the rider

  • The group set of gears is very good and provides great speed

What We Don't Like

  • The quality of the wheelset is not very good

Quick Facts:

  • An impressive pedigree with light and stiff road racing bike
  • A responsive racing geometry for long climbs and steep walls
  • Carbon frame is a great plus point
  • All-round versatility achieved with Shimano
  • DT Swiss wheels giving excellent performance
  • Cervelo’s legacy continues for elite race bikes

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Di2 Road Bike

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Di2 Road Bike

Why is it better?

  • Increased downtube diameter for added torsional stiffness
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 system for smooth shifting
  • Thru-axles increase responsiveness

This bike Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Di2 is designed for long rides. The endurance geometry makes it happen. A new frame design from Bianchi has made it look great. The disc frame of the bike ranges from 57 cms to 61 cms.

This disc frame is raised by 5 mm to provide optimal stiffness and weight. The saddle rail clamp can be adjusted as per rider’s height and convenience.

The stress on the neck is less because of its tall aero headtube. This bike gives comfort all through the long rides. 

The vigorous vibrations on rocky, bumpy roads are controlled by Bianchi's Countervail (CV) technology. The muscle fatigue of the rider is reduced by 80% with this CV technology.


  • This endurance bike has a great frame set of CV Disc Carbon Frame
  • The bike comes with Shimano Ultegra Di2 22-Speed drivetrain
  • Shimano BR-R8070 Hydraulic Disc Brakes are attached to the bike
  • Complete Carbon Fork is provided by Bianchi in this bike
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 Graphene 700x28c tires are used in the bike
  • The wheels are Fulcrum Racing 418 Disc Wheels

What We Like

  • The frameset of the bike is capable of vibration damping

  • The amazing feature of clever quick-release through the axle is appreciated

  • There is 32 mm of tire clearance

What We Don't Like

  • It is a low sprinter
  • Lack of precision while riding

Quick Facts:

  • The power to stop immediately is covered by flat mount disc brakes 
  • The downtube diameter is enlarged to enable torsional stiffness
  • The saddle rail clamp is adjustable 
  • Super smooth performance is assured with Shimano Ultegra Di2 system

Emonda SLR 6 eTap

Émonda SL 6 eTap

Emonda SLR 6 eTap

Why is it better?

  • Benefit of aero tube shaping
  • Ultra smart and smooth SRAM Rival AXS 
  • Lightweight carbon wheels and an included power meter

This is an amazing carbon frame road bike which is super light in weight. It has aero tube which will take you up the hill swiftly and on roads give great speed.

It has a strong, intelligent and smooth drivetrain of SRAM wireless electronic Rival AXS. If you love speed then this bike is for you.

The super light carbon wheels give you the desired speed and the power meter makes it happen.


  • Compared to the earlier generation this bike is 183 grams less
  • A lightweight frame of 33 grams 
  • 10 different models are launched
  • SL Models have aerodynamic shape but heavy frame
  • SLR has carbon fibre frame making it 30% stronger than rest of the bikes

What We Like

  • 3 variants of bikes are available - Sydney Light Rail, Super Light and Sport Bike

  • There is a huge range of groupsets 

  • Full Dura Ace 9000 group is there in the bike

  • Great Endurance Bike among others

What We Don't Like

  • It is a lightweight bike only if assembled rightly
  • The power of brakes is less

Quick Facts:

  • Aerodynamic tube gives it speed for roads and hills
  • The drivetrain is not expensive - SRAM Rival eTap AXS and customizable shift logic with AXS Precision is taken care by the 12-speed cassette 
  • It can score high hills, flat roads and steep slopes
  • Comes with a power meter

Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike

Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike

Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike

Why is it better?

  • Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.
  • Dedicated customer service team available online
  • 2 year Warranty on Parts (including suspension forks).

[amazon box="B07GXCKYRW" title="Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike" tracking_id="bikesreview0f-20"]

This is a great dynamic cycle designed for commuting, fun and fitness too. The Reid Rapid Flat Bar Road Bike has a very simple design.

The frame is made up of light weight alloy. Vertical compliance can be felt with steel forks. You can smoothly cruise this bike with 2x7 speed Shimano drivetrain having your back.

 The brakes are powerful, they are  Promax Dual-Pivot Caliper Brakes. The tires are 700x23 c having alloy rims of double side. They are very light in weight. It is a speed giving comfortable commuting bike.


  • The drivetrain is reliable, easy and durable thanks to 14-speed Shimano Tourney 
  • The alloy double wall rims with Quando quick-release hubs make the wheels strong while keeping them light 
  • Brakes are of Promax Dual-Pivot Caliper making it powerful
  • It comes with Steel Fork Kenda 700 x 23 c Road Tyre Reid Race Saddle
  • It has a Reid Bar tape

What We Like

  • It is best entry level road bike in Australia

  • Bikes are 85% assembled at the time of delivery

  • The Reif Frame and Rigid Forks have lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • No noticeable cons found

Quick Facts:

  • It is an Australian make
  • Bikes are 85% assembled at the time of delivery; final setting should be done 
  • Customer service available to solve queries
  • Frame and Fork get complete Lifetime Warranty 
  • Apart from suspension forks, all parts of the bike get 2 year warranty

Orbea Gain M20I USA E-Bike 2019

Orbea Gain M20I USA E-Bike 2019

Orbea Gain M20I USA E-Bike 2019

Why is it better?

  • Frame Integrated Battery and Low Profile Hub Drive Motor
  • Shimano Hydraulic brakes offer excellent power
  • Shimano Ultegra Groupset keeps your bike running

This bike has created history. It was the first e-road bike launched back then. The bike was a normal road bike with drop handlebars. In 2021, they came out with a new frame design taking in a few looks from the Orbea OMX performance pedal-powered bike.

The bike weighs within 25 lbs all thanks to its Gain M20i feature. It has a Ebikemotion drive system. This best electric bike enables you to touch the extra steep grade swiftly. It has different length crank arms.

The handlebars are dependent on the frame size while the brakes are hydraulic disc brakes providing immediate stopping. 


  • The motor weight does not pull down the weight if the pedal assist is not engaged
  • It is a super light e-bike
  • The ride is stable as the chassis balance the extra motor mass
  • While on slopes the Orbea M20 long wheel base gives stability
  • There is a tire swap that comes with the bike which provides a smooth ride on rocky roads
  • The tire clearance is 40 mm
  • The battery is of 250 w and easily chargeable

What We Like

  • It is the best road bike for the money

  • Responsive bike and light in weight

  • Tire clearance is a boon

  • It has all the required specs

  • There is a head unit to control the motor

What We Don't Like

  • Battery drains quickly
  • The assist gets detached at 20 mph

Quick Facts:

  • The battery is frame integrated and low profile hub drive motor gives it a normal road bike look
  • Ebikemotion drive system is a boon
  • Amazing modulation and braking reflexes by Shimano hydraulic brakes 
  • The Shimano Ultegra groupset is responsible for smooth running of the e-bike

Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike

[amazon box="B078J1VDMG" title="Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike" tracking_id="bikesreview0f-20"]

It is a great bike with 2 size options 53 and 56. It comes in black and neon shades with 21 speed and 700 c wheels. The frame is made up of aluminium alloy.

The Trinx-Hi-Ten steel fork gives perfect handling and stability. Shimano A050 rear derailleur, shifters and cassette are used. Alloy is used to design double walled wheels. 


  • Frame is great and light in weight
  • Trinx Hi-Ten Steel Road fork is known for precision handling
  • Dural brakes make it very convenient for the rider
  • A great bike for beginners

What We Like

  • The gear shifting is smooth

  • The delivery of the bike is fast

  • The alloy frame is strong and sturdy

  • The gear shifting is smooth with Shimano A050

  • Great companion for long distance rides

What We Don't Like

  • The seat is not very comfortable
  • The bike needs to be completely assembled

Quick Facts:

  • For a low-cost bike it is very light in weight
  • Best Australia road bike - entry level
  • 3 kinds of color combination are available
  • Best for endurance rides thanks to its geometry
  • The Tempo is durable. It apparently requires no change in component or even tires even after a long time usage.

Emonda ALR 5

Émonda ALR 5

Emonda ALR 5

Why is it better?

  • It climbs fast, corners on rails, and descends with confidence
  • Invisible Weld Technology and shaped tubes for sleek looks
  • Disc brakes offer better braking performance

A bike with a posh frame set is Emonda ALR 5 Disc. It is light in weight and very responsive. The sleek smart look is its USP. It is fit with Shimano 105 drivetrain for high performance.

It comes with hydraulic disc brakes for reflexive stopping in any terrain and any weather. You can use this bike for races or casual rides too.


  • The frame of Trek Emonda ALR 5 has an aluminum frame of the grade Ultralight 300 Series 
  • The Shimano 105 front and rear derailleurs make the gear shifts smooth and swift along with the Shimano 105 shifters
  • Shimano 105 direct mount V-Brakes is fit in this bike
  • Emonda Carbon Fork is fixed in this bike
  • Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite 700x25c are the tires used in this bike with Bontrager Affinity Rims

What We Like

  • It looks amazing and sleek

  • The ride is super light and swift

  • The quality of the bike can be known by its feel

  • The bike is light in weight

  • The finishing is commendable on the bike

What We Don't Like

  • Handling is not very precise

Quick Facts:

  • This is a genius make with carbon looks and handling
  • Invisible Weld Technology 
  • Swift climber, smooth glider
  • It climbs fast, corners on rails, and descends with confidence
  • Disc brakes are brilliant 
  • Extra clearance amongst tires

Look 785 Huez Disc 105 Bike 2021

Look 785 Huez Disc 105 Bike 2021

Look 785 Huez Disc 105 Bike 2021

Why is it better?

  • Carbon Frame that is lightweight, responsive
  • Look LS2 Carbon seatpost reduces vibrations for smooth ride
  • Shimano RS 171 Wheels paired with Vittoria Zaffiro Slick II tires

Look 785 Huez Disc 105 is one of the best road climbing bikes. It is made up of a carbon fibre frame weighing very light. The can easily work great while riding hilly terrains and can be compared with best mountain bikes. 

The cables are internally routed with disc brakes that are flat mount. Shimano 105 2x11-speed drivetrain is used in this bike. The wheels are of Shimano RS 171, the seatpost is carbon made.


  • Most efficient ride for uphill and downhills
  • Flatmount and speed release enhance the bike’s ride
  • 785 HUEZ Disc provides reflexive brakes on slopes
  • It comes with lifetime warranty for both frame and fork

What We Like

  • Lightweight bike with disc brake

  • Brilliant looks

  • Handling is great

What We Don't Like

  • It weighs a little high compared to other bikes

Quick Facts:

  • Carbon frame that is lightweight, responsive, and has the right amount of stiffness
  • Shimano 105 drivetrain performs exceptionally well in all conditions
  • Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes provide confidence-inspiring stopping power
  • Look LS2 carbon seatpost reduces vibrations for a smoother ride
  • Shimano RS 171 wheels paired with Vittoria Zaffiro Slick II tires

Pinarello Paris Disk 105 Road Bike

Pinarello Paris Disk 105 Road Bike

Pinarello Paris Disk 105 Road Bike

Why is it better?

  • Asymmetric frame for enhance strength at the bottom bracket
  • Reintroduction of a race-winning classic with modern updates
  • Clearance for 30mm tires opens up terrain options

Pinarello designs the Paris Disk after the flagship Dogma F12. It is an reintroduced bike and endurance bike despite having the F12 racing technology.

This bike can surely go for races and perform like a beast. It has shorter reach and longer chainstays. It offers stiffness and lightweight of a carbon bike in Pinarello with its T600 carbon.

 It is built with Shimano's 105 R7000 groupset. It comes in 9 different sizes.


  • Pinarello has a racy edge and a greater endurance platform
  • The T600 carbon frame gives more power and stiffness
  • The bike provides aerodynamic smooth rides with its asymmetric frame 
  • It is equipped with Think2 System electronic groupsets integration
  • Fit with Shimano's superb 105 disc 11-speed groupset
  • It has a clearance of up to 30 mm tyre width

Take a look at the best high-end road bike Tommaso Imola. it is a great endurance bike that can be used everyday.

What We Like

  • Super light in weight and very responsive

  • Brakes are super responsive even though they are light

  • It weighs around 14 pounds

  • Comfortable bike

  • Looks smart

What We Don't Like

  • The cost of the frame is expensive
  • Water enters the frame during wet rides

Quick Facts:

  • Bike is a reintroduced version of a racing bike
  • Highly comfortable and made for endurance rides
  • The bottom bucket strength is enhanced with asymmetric frame

Madone SL 7

Madone SL 7

Madone SL 7

Why is it better?

  • Advanced aerodynamic performance and all-around ride quality
  • Quick and reliable shifting
  • Road-smoothing IsoSpeed decoupler and powerful hydraulic disc brakes 

Madone SL 7 Disc is designed for aerodynamic performance. It provides smooth and swift shifting of the electronic drivetrain.

It is super sleek and fast. It comes with aero carbon wheels. It also has a IsoSpeed decoupler for smooth riding.

It is designed with hydraulic disc brakes that are super powerful and work in all conditions.


  • It is strong, light and stiff
  • KVF fork are fit in this bike to reduce the drag
  • To reduce the weight moulded carbon dropouts are used
  • To obtain an optimal aero race position, H1.5 fit was developed
  • Compliance can be adjusted with IsoSpeed
  • Braking performance is great with disc brakes

What We Like

  • The bike components are thoroughly checked

  • Bikes are light in weight 

  • They are super fast

  • Electronic Shimano completes the racing package

What We Don't Like

  • No noticeable cons found

Quick Facts:

  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic drivetrain will not let you miss any shift
  • Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed will boost your ride
  • This bike provides all kinds of aero advantages and provision to clip on aero bars for triathlons and time trials
  • Extra clearance is offered by the disc brakes 
  • There is an integrated mount for the Bontrager Flare RT tail light

Types Of Road Bikes

Types of Road BIkes

Endurance Bikes

These bikes are used for long distance riding and are thus built light in weight. These bikes are ridden in an upright position. The road bike handles are stable. Endurance bikes are best for beginners.

Gravel Bikes

The gravel bikes are meant to ride on rough terrains. They offer immense comfort and durability. They are the same as endurance bikes with a little modification.

The Gravel road bikes have disc brakes with extra clearance for wide tires. The gear ratios are lower too.

Aero Bikes

These bikes have an aerodynamic design which is built for speed. These are used for racing purposes on flat and long routes.

Weight and comfort of the bike are not a big concern for the rider, speed is what matters the most. The main motto here is speed.

Lightweight Bikes

As the name suggests these bikes are very light in weight and thus very fast. They are used to climb the mountains and hilly terrains.

Their wheelbase is not as long as an endurance bike, nor their tube is wide as an aero bike. They are designed to easily ascend and descend the mountains.

Touring Bikes

These touring bikes are meant for long distances. They are designed in such a way that you can carry your luggage or equipment.

As the name suggests it is meant for touring. For the sake of stability and sturdiness, these bikes are made up of steel frames. They are heavier than the other bikes.

Flat Bar Road Bike

These bikes are the basic kind of road bikes or bikes with speed. The only difference is they do not have drop handlebars. They have flat handlebars and are light in weight.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Road Bike

Frame Material

It is important for you to know that the weight, the ride, durability and price of the bike depends mainly on the frame of the bike. There are different materials used for bike frames. Take a look.


It is widely used in all high end and basic level bikes. The aluminium frame makes the bike lightweight and stiff.

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is an expensive material for frame work. It is generally used  in road bikes. The road bikes with carbon fibre frames are very expensive.

Carbon Fibre


This is the best material for the bike's frame as it is durable like steel and light as aluminium. It is rust free too. But the bike is expensive as designing the frame with titanium takes a lot of effort and time. 


Steel was initially used as the bike frame but was replaced as it is very heavy. Today it is used in touring bikes or custom made bikes. 


The seating posture is very crucial in a road bike. As long hours are spent riding the bike, the position must be right. So, after a lot of research, fixed bike sizes of men and women are finalized based on their height and weight. Check the fixed sizes of the bike which are universal.


There are 12 gears on the road bike’s rear and two chainrings on the front. Gears are basically used to control the speed of the bike. Mainly while uphill riding, gears are used. In normal touring or basic bikes 3 chainrings are present in the front.


There are 2 kinds of brakes in a road bike - Rim Brakes and Disc Brakes

  • Rim brakes : There is a caliper on the edge of the wheel rim. A cable system is attached to it and the brakes. When the brake is applied the stopping force acts on the rim and the bike stops.
  • Disc brakes : There is a rotor near the middle of the wheel. Disc brakes are connected to it. When you apply the brake the rotor is stopped. Hydraulic and Mechanical are 2 types of disc brakes.


  • Helmet: For your safety
  • Lock: A sturdy lock for bike’s safety
  • Lights: For better vision during dusk, early mornings, evenings and night rides
  • Bell: Loud bells for road safety which also fits easily on the handle bar.
  • Basic repair kit: For any kind of emergency a spare kit is a must. It generally has multiple tools, hand pump, spare tire too


In the USA, road bikes can easily cost you from $700 to $10000 based on the make, weight, purpose, durability and comfort.

The recreation bikes can cost you somewhere between $800 to $1000. Going forward the aerodynamic, professional road bikes and racing bikes are priced.

Other Components

There are many components that go in a cycle which can be replaced whenever required. Few of them are saddles, tires, pedals, and much more. They can be customized according to your preferences when you are looking for road bike upgrades.

Saddles generally depend on your personal preference. Make sure you do not go for too soft saddle, it will sink you into the seat. Correct fitted, firm, and lightly padded saddles are to go for. The will offers you comfortable bike seat and support for long rides. 

Coming to the tires, you need lightweight tires if your preference is racing. While riders who like to commute should opt for wider and heavier tires. Picture resistance tires are highly suitable for longer rides and can tackle hard terrains easily. 

Depending on your riding style, you can also choose clip-on pedals. They are efficient in terms of energy and are comfortable to pedal for long distances. 

Common FAQs

Which road bike is best for a beginner?

The best entry level bike as per us are the Reid Rapid Flatbar Bike and Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike.

How much should you spend on your first road bike?

You can spend about $1000 to $2000 on your first bike

Does cycling give you a flat stomach?

Cycling burns nearly 300 calories per hour. Combining cycling with a proper diet will surely give you a flat stomach. 

Does an expensive bike make a difference?

The expensive bikes are generally designed with better components, they are lighter and they provide perfect stiffness too. 

Is it bad to cycle every day?

Cycling daily improves cardiovascular health and easily lifts up the mood. It boosts the energy level and keeps you fit as well.

Are road bikes worth it?

If you are a professional cyclist, if you are passionate about cycling then surely it is worth it. But if you are neither of the two and are buying just for casual rides and once in a while rides, then bikes costing $1000 would do the job. 

How many gears should a road bike have?

A road bike generally has 27 gears. It is designed with a triple, double or compact crankset.

Wrapping Up

Make sure that all your requirements are clear before buying a bike. Take a test ride if you are buying it from a shop to know the feel and grip of the bike. If you are going for an online purchase then ensure all the necessary parts, features, specifications you are looking for are present in the bike.

Keep this road bike buying guide in mind while choosing a bike!

Happy Riding!

In a hurry? The test winner after 130 hours of research:

editors pick
CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

CerveloR-Series R Disc Ultegra Road Bike

Why is it better?

  • Carbon frame with with Squoval shaping
  • DT Swiss wheels bring no-nonsense performance
  • Shimano Ultegra semi-compact drivetrain

our score

Take a look at the Cervel R Series to understand the bike much better. 

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