What To Look For In A Folding Bike?

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Today the bike market is filled with a plethora of bike types since folding bikes came into existence two decades back. There are bikes with varied choices and a wide range of prices for prospective buyers and their budgets. There is so much look for in folding bike and to choose from that your mind would go boggling.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you out with how to choose the proper folding bike. To buy the right suitable folding bike, there are typically three primary features to check out for. Read on to know them.

The frame size of folding bike

The size of the frame is the primary feature to check for. Generally, these foldable bikes come in one standard size. But, if you need it to be different from the standard, you will have to customize it accordingly. The foldable bikes are low in height but adjustable to accommodate tall riders. Another major thing to consider is if the handlebars and seat can be adjusted as per your height.

How do I choose a bike frame size?

Based on your bike usage, it is advisable to select your wheel size. If your purpose of buying a foldable bike is for city commutes, you can go for small and compact framed bikes. But if you are looking out for long-distance rides, you should go for a wider gear set and larger wheels.

Do folding bikes have frame sizes?

Generally, folding bikes come in one frame size and not more. If your height is average and not very tall or too much above average, then these bikes are a perfect fit for you. But if you are tall, you will have to compromise significantly or customize your bike extensively, as apart from standard frame size, no other sizes are available.

Wheel Size of folding bike?

The wheel size is the second most important feature to consider when buying a folding bike. Wheels affect your overall ride and are thus very important. Bigger wheels are smooth to ride, but smaller ones are easier to steer. The wheel size impacts the overall size and functionality of the folding bike. Smaller wheels are great for day-to-day commuting, while bigger wheels are essential for long rides.

What size wheels do folding bikes have? 

There are only two-wheel sizes available in foldable bikes – 16” or 20”. Foldable bikes with 20” wheel size are best to speed along. But you might face difficulties while folding the bike due to the larger wheel size.

What size foldable bike should I get? 

Depending on your folding bike usage, you can choose your wheel size. As mentioned earlier, compact wheels are best for city commutes while larger ones for long rides. So based on your requirement, you can choose the wheel size. 

Suspension of folding bike? 

Mechanisms adding weight to the bike are known as suspensions. As we had mentioned earlier, smaller wheels give a smooth ride compared to larger ones; the suspensions can help have a smooth ride with both wheels by countering the friction. Pressure and weight will also get added to it. Go for a suspension-proof folding bike if you are looking out for a smaller wheel bike.

Which suspension is best for cycling? 

It entirely depends on your purpose of bike purchase that decides the suspension for it. Hardtail or rigid suspension bikes are the best fit for mountainous trails. Regular folding bikes will suffice the requirement of city traversing. But if you are looking out for steep hill climbs, downhill and rocky terrains, then full-suspension bikes would be the better choice.

Purpose of buying a folding bike

The purpose of buying a folding bike is the last criterion. Smaller bikes are your answer for leisure rides, short rides, daily commutes or around the city. For active, adventurous and longer rides, bikes with larger wheels are best. Again small-framed bikes are great if you carry your bike on public transport or tours abroad. 

Tips to choose the suitable model of folding bike

Go for expert advice

Talk to the experts like us at Bikes Reviewed. We will guide you through buying the most efficient and cost-effective bike as per your requirements. You can get insight into various models and bike types through our website and review articles. You can check out our blog page for different articles related to bike reviews.

Connect with other cyclists 

This is when you can use modern technology to contact like-minded people with similar interests in bikes. This will help you discuss all the pros and cons of a particular bike, make or user experience before buying one.

Consider your riding style 

Gauge yourself and understand your riding style. Each one of us has a unique way of riding a bike. When you need to ride bike for long distance you need to consider comfortable bike seats. So check out the bikes that suit your sitting, standing and riding positions. 

Look for durability and simplicity 

Durability and simplicity are two main parameters on which you should base your buying. This will help in the longevity of the bike. Simple bikes are always easy to maintain and thus the most efficient and economical choice.


Consider going through this article again before buying a folding bike to make it your right choice. If your moto is to do exercise, read the full article on best foldable exercise bike 2022.

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