What is a Cruiser Electric Bike?

E-bike cruisers are built with comfort in mind, upright seating position, and saddles that are both padded and supported with springs. E-bike cruisers often will have a wide tire foundation (balloon or fat), and the pedal foot position is forward and relaxed given the pedal assist that comes with the motor. 

Power Delivery in Cruiser Electric Bikes

Cruiser electric bikes come with one of two types of power delivery system – power on demand, or pedal-assist. Both types have their own pros and cons.

Power on demand usually uses a throttle, button or any trigger-like device to activate the motor. This way, you can ride normally by pedaling and simply switch on the motor when you need to pedal less but keep moving. Most cruiser electric bikes allow you to control the speed of the bike. 

Pedal-assist motors provide power as you move the pedals. This type of e-bike motor does not get take over completely but enhances your pedaling power. You can add around 20% to 300% of pedal effort as you ride these bikes, depending on the design of your bike and the setting you choose. 

Heavy-duty pedal-assist motors have a torque sensor. This matches the electric power with the amount of torque required to turn the gears. In turn, this quickly matches the increasing speed with your increased pedaling. You may also come across cadence-sensors in cruiser electric bikes with pedal-assist technology. This will also match the speed to your pedaling while you ride. 

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Types of Batteries in Cruiser Electric Bikes 

Every electric bike has one or more batteries to store electricity which is used to run the motor. Besides this, the specifics of every battery will vary noticeably. For instance, some e-bike batteries are removable and can be easily replaced with a full-charged battery if the current one gets completely depleted. In contrast, the other type of battery is fixed to the frame and difficult to remove. Before deciding to buy the battery, you should consider whether you need removable or non-removable batteries as each have their own pros and cons.

For instance, a non-removable battery does not take up space on the rack and gives your beach cruiser bike the desired sleek look. Removable batteries, on the other hand, may stand out noticeably on the bike but these are more convenient as you can charge them in a different location.

The next factor to consider when buying battery for an electric cruiser bike is the size. The size of a battery determines the electric bike’s range and maximum speed. You can compare batteries by checking their voltage and watt-hour ratings. This will tell you which battery pack has more power and can hold the charge for a longer duration. Some electric bikes may have lead-acid batteries while others may be more advanced lithium-ion batteries. Remember, lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and hold charge for longer. They are also less vulnerable to damage from temperature changes.

Range of Cruiser Electric Bikes

There are several factors that influence the distance you can travel on your electric cruiser bike on a fully-charged battery. Most electric bikes can run between 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. However, some advanced and improved batteries provide riding range of up to 100 miles.

Some of the common features that affect the range of batteries include:

  • Battery size 
  • Rider and equipment weight 
  • Speed
  • Terrain

Remember, you can still ride your cruiser electric bike even if the battery charge gets completely depleted by pushing the pedals as usual. This way, you can charge the depleted battery once you reach a suitable location.

Motors in Cruiser Electric Bikes

The motor is another important factor to consider when buying any cruiser electric bike. There are basically three types of motors used in today’s electric bikes. Each type of motor has its own advantages and drawbacks. Make sure to review the specs and features of each type before deciding to buy any type of motor for your cruiser electric bike.

The three types of motors for electric cruiser bikes are:

  • Front Hub Motor – Front hub motors are the simplest and most affordable. However, with a front hub motor you may feel that the bike is being pulled forward, instead of being propelled forward smoothly.
  • Mid Drive Motor – A mid-drive motor comes with a torque sensor. It offers the most natural technique of pedaling and dynamic riding. You can easily swap out rear and front wheels without worrying about replacing complicated e-bike components on the hubs. This is the most expensive type of motor available for cruiser electric bikes. 
  • Rear Hub Motor – A rear hub motor is a more popular option and is considered to be virtually maintenance-free. You may have to buy a different set of chainrings, brackets and cranksets as compared to a conventional bike. You may also find pedaling a rear-hub motored electric cruiser bike less natural initially.


A cruiser electric bike is made with a low seat and low handlebars because it is made mainly for leisure riding. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to buying a cruiser electric bike. You can find electric cruiser bikes with varying specifications, such as different types of batteries, motors and technology. Make sure to check every feature thoroughly to determine whether the bike is perfect for your needs.

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