What is a Beach Cruiser Bike good for?

A cruiser bike is good for recreational cycling. They are often called beach cruiser bikes as they are popularly used to ride on the beach. This is one of the most popular types of bicycles in production and are designed especially for recreational and leisure cycling. A cruiser bike is easy to identify by its relaxed riding position that is possible with the special frame geometry.

Cruiser Bike Design

The design elements of the bike are focused on comfort, rather than performance. These elements include a low-slung and large, padded saddle-seat and raised handlebars with a long wheelbase. These bikes are often fitted with wide and durable balloon-style tires that let you have a more stable and comfortable ride.

Cruiser bikes have a significantly simple design that is devoid of complicated parts of equipment. These bikes usually have a strong and robust frame, aesthetically pleasing frame design and usually a single-speed drivetrain with coaster brakes. However, today many cruiser bikes sport brake levers and gear systems.

What is a Cruiser Bike good for?

A cruiser bike is good for leisure cycling. They are naturally durable and can withstand tough, unsteady terrain, such as soft sandy beaches and dirt-ridden mountain trails. They are mostly designed to ride on relatively flat surfaces, without harsh inclines.

Cruiser bikes are good for riding on sidewalks, beach boardwalks and paved roads. These bikes are popularly used for short-distance daily commute and recreational cruising.

If you are into riding at a slow pace and soaking up the sun, then a beach cruiser bike is perfect for you.

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What are the different types of Cruiser Bikes?

Though most cruisers have similar design, there are several sub-types available in the market. The frame geometry is the main differentiating factor among cruiser bikes. It is important to check that the shape and size of the bike feels comfortable before buying a cruiser bike.

Popular types of cruiser bikes include:

1 – Beach/Classic Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser Bike

Classic or Beach Cruiser Bikes are the basic types of cruiser bicycles. On this bike, the rider sits in an upright position with the saddle positioned directly above the pedals. Classic cruiser bikes look quite similar to hybrid bicycles but come with thicker “balloon tires” for added comfort.

Beach or classic cruiser bikes are ideal for commuting to work and for leisure riding, on roads and beaches alike. 

2 – Low Rider Cruiser Bikes

Low Rider Cruiser Bikes are usually inspired by the early Schwinn Stingray bicycle design. Their frame is inches above the ground, with the saddle usually positioned very low, which gives the bike its name. These bikes are built to be aesthetically pleasing and to provide comfort while riding. Usually, you will find the bike fitted with a banana seat between the wheels as opposed to right above the pedals. This makes the pedals positioned a little in front of the rider, similar to a recumbent bike.

3 – Stretch Cruiser Bikes

Stretch Cruiser Bikes are similar in design and shape to low rider cruisers. This often leads to confusion between the two. The main difference between a stretch cruiser bike and a low rider cruiser is the extra added length of the former. Stretch cruiser bikes have a longer wheelbase so it is more stable when tackling corners or sharp turns.

4 – Chopper Cruiser Bikes

Chopper cruisers are designed to resemble the chopper motorcycles and are incredibly popular among children who aspire to be motorcyclists one day. Chopper cruisers usually have an ape-hanger handlebar which is elevated above the seat level. The seat of chopper bikes are usually fixed above or just in front of the rear wheel.

Who should use a Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes are ultimately suitable for any cyclist looking for a slow-paced, comfortable and enjoyable bike ride. If you, as a cyclist, like to cruise around town and enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace, such as downtown or the beachfront, then cruiser bikes are great for you.

These bikes are fitted with extra padded seats and wider, flared handlebars to help you ride with a good posture and enable core strength development. Owing to their relaxed riding position, cruiser bikes are also suitable for serious or people with injuries which cause discomfort during conventional upright cycling. You can also buy mini cruiser bikes if you want to interest your child in cruise cycling.

Who should not use a Cruiser Bike?

Though cruiser bikes are made for anyone who enjoys a leisurely ride, they are not meant for every cyclist. 

For instance, cruiser bikes are not ideal for long-distance cyclists who are used to going on an intense ride. Despite being quite durable, cruiser bikes do not perform too well on uneven terrain, as they usually have only one gear. Uphill ride on a cruiser bike can be quite strenuous and you cannot expect much shock absorption from these leisure bikes. More so, if you are an avid cyclist who cycles to maintain good health is better off with a mountain or trail bike.


Beach cruiser bikes are good for recreational cycling and highly recommended if you need a comfortable, easy-to-ride daily commuting vehicle or a good bicycle for leisure riding. If you are looking to cruise around the sandy beaches at a leisurely pace and enjoy the wind blowing your hair then a cruiser beach bike is the right choice.

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