Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B901 Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

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Pros Sturdiness, assembly, flywheel, price
Cons No computer
Summary This professional-quality bike allows you to have a smooth ride. It is well-built and ready for thousands upon thousands of miles.
Our Rating 87/100
Manufacturer Sunny Health & Fitness

Our expert team bought the SF-B901 indoor bike to fully test and assess its various features – flywheel, resistance, handlebars, seat and more. Keep reading this article to know if this exercise bike is the ideal fit for you.

If so, you should get the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

For the ambitious indoor cyclist on a budget, this no-frills, robust indoor bike does the job and gives a great workout. It’s like the bikes in the class, but you never have to leave home to get a great workout.

Unlike the others, the Sunny indoor bike is as simple as it comes. It can support up to 275 pounds (the least of all the bikes we tested), and its gray steel frame with red accents looks antiquated, like something a parent could buy in a John Hughes film. The bike is powered by mechanical resistance and does not have a digital display; thus it does not require electricity to operate.

Some are upright, while others are recumbent, and yet others are a mix of the two. Sunny Health and Fitness also offers indoor cycle trainers with heavy flywheels (40 pounds and up). The Sunny Mini Cycle, a bring-your-own-chair pedaling machine, is their most unusual cycling device.

The drivetrain (the mechanism that connects the wheel and pedals) of the Sunny bike comes in two variations: chain drive and belt drive.

The chain is less priced and seems to have a larger following. The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Trainer Exercise Bike with Heavy 49 LB Chrome Flywheel is a no-frills bike that gets the job done and gives a good workout to the motivated indoor cyclist or the beginner who wants to see if they like having an indoor cycling bike without spending a lot of money.

It’s a spin-style indoor bike, like other popular at-home bikes like Peloton, SoulCycle, Echelon, and Schwinn elliptical 430 , with a small seat, pedals positioned directly beneath the feet, handlebars that encourage the user to lean forward, and a knob between the handlebars that you turn to adjust resistance.

Any bike you choose must fit in your home wherever you intend to cycle. Measure the area you will use, then compare it to this bike’s stats:

  • 20-inch width0-inch width
  • 46.5-inch height
  • 48.5-inch depth

Furthermore, be sure that this indoor bike has the right dimensions for your body. The maximum weight for the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 is 275 pounds. Users should have an inseam between 41 and 28.5 inches. Be sure to take your measurements before ordering.

Set-Up Process:

It took approximately 30 minutes to set up the Sunny Health & Fitness indoor bike, and it wasn’t too tough. The manufacturer already assembled the primary frame of the exercise bike, and the wheel was already attached.

The front and back stabilizers (parts that keep the bike in place), pedals, handlebars, and seat were all left to do. The assembly instructions included illustrations and thorough directions, which aided in moving the process along swiftly. Even if the instructions don’t say so, it’s best to get the help of another person when putting it together.

It’s a fairly hefty bike, weighing about 100 pounds, and a few steps during building necessitate lifting the main unit.

It comes with the basics you need, without bells and whistles.

Features Overview

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 is much like the bikes you find in spin classes. 

The most important features include:

Bike Specification:

  • Product Name: Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • MPN: SF-B901
  • Weight: 97.2 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 46.5 x 18 x 46 in.
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 3 years for structural frame, 180 days for components and other parts

Features Overview:

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 is much like the bikes you find in spin classes. 

The most important features include the following:

  • Smooth Flywheel
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Comfortable Seat

Each feature works together to create a bike that looks and feels professional. Read on to get a further explanation of the features, and a look at the pros and cons.

Smooth Flywheel

The flywheel system is an important part of any exercise bike.

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother your ride will be. With a 40-pound flywheel, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 gives you an unusually smooth ride.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Break System Review

Furthermore, this flywheel makes it more comfortable to go long distances. That’s what makes this bike great for experienced and long-distance cyclists. This flywheel system makes jerky movements and those out-of-control feelings of things of the past.

Adjustable Resistance

Throughout your ride or from workout to workout, you may want to adjust the resistance on your bike. This bike makes the switch easy with a tension and resistance knob. Turn it left for more resistance and right for less. Find the level that’s right for you.

Below the resistance knob is a push-stop tab. This feature is vital for safety. You can push it anytime you feel the need to stop immediately.

Adjustable Handlebars

Posture is important with indoor cycling, so you must get the right settings before you pedal. The seat and the handlebars on this bike adjust to give you the perfect workout every time.

Sunny Health & Fitness also designed the handles to be ergonomic for easy holding. You can even prop up your tablet in the designated area to read a book or watch a movie while you pedal.

Comfortable Seat

The seat on this bike is fully adjustable to help you find the right position for your workout. You can move it forward and back, also up and down. However, the adjustable nature of the seat is one of many   things that make it comfortable.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Seat Review

The seat on this bike is padded to give you extra support where you need it most. It’s covered with leather as well. It’s an excellent seat for long rides and endurance workouts.

Other features:

The drivetrain on this bike is smooth and reliable.

Furthermore, the crank system is built to endure even the most robust workouts. It’s a solidly built execise bike that you can rely on repeatedly.

Sunny Health Fitness knows that not everyone has a dedicated space for an indoor bike. That’s why this bike has transport wheels that make it easy to move. It also has a 90-day warranty to ensure you love your indoor bike.

So, how do all of these features come together in real life? Let’s look at what works with this bike and what we don’t like.

What We Like

To get a variety of perspectives, we looked at qualified reviews to find what people love about this machine. With more than 2,000 reviews, this bike has a 4.2-star rating out of five on Amazon.

The Sunny’s indoor bike’s sturdiness is the first reason it has earned its high rating.

Sunny’s bikes are highlighted with pink, crimson, and other bright hues, moving away from black or all-gray.

Many reviewers note that it is well-built. Unlike some bargain brands, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 looks and feels like it is meant to last. As the weight of the wheels is under 100 pounds, it makes the wheels lighter and increases the durability of the wheels.

Sunny bikes are ideal for studio apartments and other cramped living quarters. For example, the Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike, may be folded for storage and transportation.

Better yet, this bike has proven to last for cyclists who ride thousands of miles per year and pedal vigorously. Even larger users find that this bike withstands anything they throw at them.

Other users note that the assembly of this bike was easy. The instructions are clear, and it was simple to put together.

The 40-pound flywheel is fantastic, especially at the roughly $$$ price point. Many more expensive bikes need better flywheels. For the money, it’s hard to beat the quality of ride this bike provides.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Review

What We Don’t Like

As great as the SF-B901 is, it’s not without its downsides. First, and perhaps most obvious, is its lack of any computerization. This bike doesn’t track any of your data. However, some cyclists appreciate simplicity.

If you use wearables and apps to track your fitness, you may not mind the lack of a computer on this bike.

Another downside is that it does require some minimal maintenance. Like other bikes, you need to regularly oil the machine to keep it running properly. You may also need to replace the felt pads from time to time.

Few consumers comment that this brand’s bikes are noisy, even when resistance is mechanical rather than magnetic. This noise can be a problem if you want to enjoy your favorite movie without headphones while you cycle.

It features a flywheel that weighs 26 pounds. There are no warranties included with the purchase.

Is the Sunny bike a good investment?

The Sunny SF-B901 is a good option if you don’t want to spend on bikes like Peloton that you’re not sure you’ll use much, or if you are fine to start a fitness program without a few bells and whistles.

It won’t give you the same immersive experience as connected bikes (even if you ride in front of a TV or prop up a tablet), and it has a few flaws that might put some people off. However, if you don’t expect it to perform similarly to more expensive bikes and don’t mind doing some little maintenance, this Sunny bike could be a terrific choice.


With the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901, you don’t have to leave your home to get a great spin in. It is an absolute pleasure.

The brand Sunny would become more competitive if they began including handy programming consoles on their bikes. 

If you don’t mind the lack of electronics, this might be a great bike. Order yours today to get started on your bike soon.

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