Schwinn 130 Upright Bike Review

Schwinn MY16 130 Review


Dual-screen LCD, seat, frame


Pedals (if you have bigger feet)


The Schwinn 130 has all the features most people want on a fitness bike, and that’s the reason we recommend it as a starter bike Schwinn.

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Instead of spending money on a gym membership, you can purchase an exercise bike and stay at home to workout.

However, there are different types of stationary bikes to choose from with many different features, so having some knowledge about their features can help you choose a fitness bike.

When you’re riding a stationary bike for fitness, there may be several features you would expect it to include, such as:

  • A display that gives the user data to track their progress while working out.
  • Different levels of resistance to increase the range of workout intensity options.
  • Preset workout programs to challenge users.
  • A USB port to download workout data and for playing music while working out.
  • Comfortable seating.

These features and several more are available on most modern exercise bikes, including the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike.

Introducing the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

After reviewing many different stationary bicycles, it was clear that this Schwinn fitness bike is one of the best choices on the market.

The following information can help you choose an exercise bike that suits your needs.

DIMENSIONS: 41 x 22.4” x 55.6”SEAT: Contoured padded seatSEAT-HEIGHT: 41” at a maximum height from seat to floorWEIGHT CAPACITY: 300 lbs max user weightRESISTANCE TYPE: Magnetic eddy current brake resistanceDISPLAY TYPE: LCD windowNUMBER OF PROGRAMS: 22

This fitness bike provides a good cardiovascular workout so you can stay in shape and lose weight if that is your goal. It also helps to strengthen a user’s core muscles as they help stabilize a rider’s position on the bike.

There are many features for keeping track of your progress during a session on the bike. The dual-track two LCD window display provides information about 13 feedbacks including:

  • Heart Rate Zone Indicatoreart Rate Zone Indicator
  • RPM
  • Pulse
  • Riding Distance
  • Resistance Level
  • Intensity Meter
  • Goal Achievement

The bike also has 20 levels of eddy brake resistance so users can adjust the intensity of their workouts to challenge themselves. Gradually increasing the resistance as you’re exercising helps to increase your heart rate, so it reaches its optimum zone.

There is also has a high-speed, high-inertia flywheel that makes the pedaling experience smoother. As you pedal, you may notice this machine is quieter than most stationary bikes due to its weighted flywheel design.

This model also has a comfortable design that can help you sit longer and focus during your session. The bike has a contoured padded seat, so users of all sizes are comfortable during a workout. If the seat isn’t comfortable enough, users can easily switch it out using the seat post system.

The handlebars are angled so the rider is in an upright position, which makes can prevent injuries or strain on the lower back since they are sitting in an ergonomically correct position.

You needn’t worry about stability because the bike’s platform is stabilized by two levelers. A large crossbar also provides additional stability while you’re working out. It also has transport wheels to make the bike easier to move between rooms or to keep it out of the way in a bedroom.


  • A stable workout platform is provided by a sturdy frame and a high-speed, high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.
  • Eddy current brake resistance has 20 settings for a variety of workout intensities.
  • Comfortable large padded contoured seat.
  • Handlebars that may be adjusted for a more comfortable riding position.
  • When employing a heart rate program, ergonomically placed grip heart rate sensors allow for a pleasant riding stance.
  • Pedal cranks in one piece with regular pedals and toe straps.
  • For your tablet or magazine, there’s a media shelf.
  • Speakers included into the console with an MP3 input and USB charging.
  • A three-speed fan that can be adjusted to keep you cool while exercising.
  • Water bottle holder to keep you hydrated while exercising.
  • This bike has transport wheels so it can be conveniently moved for storage.


  • Frame: 10 years
  • Mechanical: 2 years
  • Electronics: 1 year
  • Labor: 90 days

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping fees for the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike vary based on where you buy it and how you want it delivered. Some shops, such as, will, nevertheless, offer free shipping.

The Schwinn 130 Upright Bike includes a fully detailed assembly instructions as well as the majority of the essential components already assembled. Only a few elements, such as the console, seat, handlebars, posts, stabilizers, and pedals, will need to be attached. While it may not appear to be much, you must take your time and carefully follow the directions. One person should be able to complete the process in around an hour.

What We Like

It’s difficult to find anything negative to say about the Schwinn 130 Upright Bike. You are getting an exercise bike with a lot of features for this price. There are many things to like about this Schwinn fitness bike, including its dual-screen LCD and console system.

It features a main screen that is 3″ x 5″ and the secondary screen measuring 1″ x 5″, both of which display information that tracks your progress during your workout.

Schwinn MY16 130 Computer Review

The layout of the console makes it easier to change some of the bike’s settings like the resistance level. It also allows you to choose from one of the 22 preset exercise programs, including:

  • Nine profile programs.
  • Eight heart rate programs.
  • A quick start program.
  • Two fitness programs.
  • Two user-generated programs.

The console also contains a USB port so you can export the data from the system to online fitness programs like Schwinn Connect or MyFitnessPal. Users can listen to MP3s via the port, and it also acts as charging port.

Its padded seat has a wider design, so users who have a larger physique are comfortable while they are sitting on the bike. For users who find the seat uncomfortable, it is easy to remove and replace with a seat they find more to their liking.

The stationary bike’s sturdy frame is built to hold up to 300 pounds, so a variety of people can use it to get or stay in shape. The bike adds to your comfort with an onboard three-speed fan to keep you cool during an exercise routine.

What We Don’t Like

Many people with larger feet may find that the pedals don’t work well for them.

The pedal shafts are not angled, so some people may find it difficult to keep their feet in position as they pedal. Also, some people may find that the pedals too close to the crank, so they may hit their feet on it as while they are pedaling.

While the seat height is adjustable, the seat does not move forward, so some people may need to slump, while others may strain to reach and grasp the handlebars. For tall people required to slump, this position can lead to back pain. For shorter people who strain to reach the handlebars, they may have difficulty using the heart rate monitor.

Buying Advice

The Schwinn 130 Upright Bike has all the features most people want on a fitness bike.

Users can choose a preset program for working out or customize their own to provide the challenges they need to get in shape or maintain their physical fitness level.

The controls are within easy reach, so it is easy to change the bike’s intensity level. Users can also keep cool by switching on the onboard fan.

Schwinn 130 upright bike review


This bike is built to be comfortable while working out so you can reach the fitness goals you’ve set. Users can monitor their progress and transfer data to programs that help people achieve their fitness goals.

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