Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike Review

Razor MX500 - Electric Dirt Bike

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Brakes, motor, frame, speed


Price, battery

Summary The MX500 electric dirt bike is an amazing off-road warrior that will tackle all sorts of unfriendly terrains with relative ease. It is the perfect present for your outgoing son who has shown a keen interest in dirt ride biking as a pastime.

Our Rating 80/100
Brand Razor

There is no denying that kids love motorbikes. However, this love can suddenly turn into hate if you end up buying an inferior machine that doesn’t live to the child’s expectations.

When it comes to acquiring electric dirt bike 12 years and above, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be swayed by the outward appearance. Rather, it is important to scrutinize the core features and specifications of the bike before deciding to buy.

In this review, we take a close look at the Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike to determine just what you can expect from its performance. Is it worth spending on or should you look elsewhere?

Maximum Speed15mphMOTOR: 500W variable-speed motor FRAME: Sturdy Steel construction with authentic geometryBRAKE TYPES: Front and rear disc brakesBATTERY: 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable batteriesWHEELS: 16-inch front, 14-inch back wheelsTIRES: Pneumatic, Knobby tires


The Razor MX500 boasts a strong steel frame with an authentic dirt bike geometry that is inspired by Supercross styling. It lives up to its motocross appearance when it comes to performance and can easily support a rider weight of up to 175lbs.

This off-road beast has dimensions of 56 by 24.5 by 36 inches when fully assembled, and comes with a long, spacious seat to keep your kid comfortable. Riser handlebars also add to the ideal posture of the rider when speeding through different surfaces.

It weighs in at about 98lbs, which is quite heavy for a toy dirt bike. This, however, helps to keep it steady on uneven ground.

Although Razor recommends the bike for children aged 14 above, it can be used by younger riders depending on their height and weight.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t advise that you allow any child below 9 years to use it. This is simply because the bike has a lot of power that the kid won’t be able to handle appropriately. And having the 98lbs machine falling on him can leave a nasty injury.

Your little rider will also enjoy the cool combination of black, yellow, and red color shades that the bike comes in. It is a menacing machine that raises the stakes when it comes to off-road biking adventure.


This bike is fitted with both front and rear disc brakes for enhanced control of the ride. The hand-operated brakes will allow your pocket prodigy to bring the bike to a stop on a dime on sharp bends, offering the level of rider confidence that is required. 

They also do a good job of enhancing your kid’s motor skills as he develops into an avid dirt bike rider.

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The Razor MX500 utilizes a powerful 500W motor that will push the bike to a maximum speed of 15mph.

The high-torque motor offers a super-charged riding experience on the bumpy and dirt terrain; scaling mountains and inclines will be a walk in the park for your promising champion.

Your child can also use the variable speed throttle on the handlebar, which dictates the pace of the ride. The speed will increase from slow to moderate and finally fast as you switch between the “1, 2, 3” speed variables. 


This bike is equipped with a three 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, resulting in a powerful battery system of 36V.

When fully charged, the battery should allow up to 40 minutes of high-octane outdoor fun; just what your son needs to spend that excess energy.

What may not impress you about the battery is that you might find yourself spending more time charging it that your boy will be riding.

This is because once it runs out of power, it will require up to 12 hours of continuous charging to fully recharge.

This will definitely feel like forever for your enthusiastic child who’s just catching the dirt bike-riding bug.

Even for a child who wants to catch his breath, waiting all that time before getting back on his bike can rob your son of his day in the outdoors.

Needless to say, you might notice a slight hike on your utility bill; charging anything for 12 hours straight, after all, is no small feat! I suggest setting limits for using the bike to help control this.

For instance, your boy should only ride it on the weekends.

Something to keep in mind when you have freshly purchased the electric transporter is that the battery doesn’t come pre-charged.

So, you want to charge it for 12 consecutive hours before your son can goes on his maiden ride outside.


With a 16-inch wheel at the front and 14-inch wheel at the back, this bike allows for maximum power transfer when taking on all kinds of unforgiving terrains.

Large pneumatic knobby tires on the wheels are ideal for speeding through gravel roads, as well as grass fields.

Your kid will have a field day in the outdoors without the wheels showing any signs of wear even after rigorous use.

What Do We Like?

One of the features that impressed me on this dirt bike is the nice frame geometry that allows for a comfortable ride. The large pneumatic tires and suspension ensure that your little rider will have a breeze riding on the bumpy trails.

The strong battery system allows for ample playtime that any newbie enthusiasts will appreciate. The battery will last almost 250 rechargeable cycles before starting to show signs of decline.

The powerful motor is also a great addition to the bike.

The variable speed ensures that your child can take things easy as he learns his way around the bike handling and turn it up a notch as his rider confidence improves.

The MX500 is a versatile off-road monster that offers high-grade performance on all sorts of terrains.

Whether your boy is riding on grass, gravel, dirt, or rocky areas, expect the same amount of fun. I wouldn’t, however, advise riding it in muddy areas as this can mess up the lowly positioned motor.

This bike features a nice retractable stand that comes in handy when you want to park the vehicle. Whether it is in the garage or out in the trail, this simple component proves to be quite a convenience.

There’s also a 90-day warranty period for you to replace any faulty components on the bike. The rear wheel is a notable culprit as far as most of the customer reviews I’ve come across suggest.


  • Powerful motor
  • Strong battery
  • Nice geometry
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy construction
  • Variable speed throttle
  • Stable disc brakes

What Don’t We Like?

The greatest let-down on this bike should be the 12 hours of charging time that the battery requires to get back to a full charge. This is simply an eternity for any excited rider who has only had 40 minutes of fun on the bike.

The cost of the bike is no music to many parents’ ears either. The MX500 has a premium price tag which requires a hefty investment for anybody looking to get it for their kids.


  • Long battery charging time
  • Expensive

Advice to Buyers

The MX500 will make the perfect Christmas present or birthday gift if you want to bring an eternal smile to your hyperactive youngling. However, its price tag is not for the faint-hearted.

At just a little less than $600, you’ll be spending quite a handsome amount on this dirt warrior. However, if you can raise the cash, there’s no doubt your son will always be looking forward to the next biking session in the backyard.


Overall, the MX500 is an amazing electric dirt bike that brings a whole new level of fun to kid’s playtime.

It has a formidable build with several handy specifications that make for a comfortable and exciting dirt trail riding experience.

The speed is great for any rider who is just getting started and several safety features ensure that there is little to no risk factor.

Despite the high-performance that this bike offers, I must say that the price will cause you to reassess your decision to buy one.

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