Nicola Graham

Nicola Graham

Nicola Graham


  • Cycling enthusiast since 2018.
  • Developing into track cycling.
  • CEO of Simplify Change, Business engagement & adoption consultancy.


Nicola Graham, also known as cycling_nic_nic found her passion for road cycling in 2018. Focusing originally on the social and mental health advantages that focused cycling provided, she soon became obsessed with the sport and discovered a passion for competing in Criterium and Track racing.

Whilst still early in her cycling career, her enthusiastic ambition and desire for improving and conditioning herself on the bike are very apparent, and we look forward to watching her improve in the ranks.

August 2020 Nicola will be involved in a very important Sportif known as Le Cure where she will be cycling the alps in 4 days with a team to help cure cancer.

With her range of beautiful bikes, Nicola brings her personality into her Open Wider bike with a custom paint job, and can often be spotted singing or whistling to the deer around Richmond Park, United Kingdom.

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